Best TV Shows of 2024: Best New Series to Watch Now

Welcome to our guide of the Best TV Shows of 2024, featuring every Certified Fresh series as they come in week by week!

In April, Baby Reindeer, Under the Bridge, Fallout, The Sympathizer, Mary & George, Ripley, We Were the Lucky Ones, Renegade Nell, and Sugar.

In March, it was mutant mayhem as X-Men ’97 debuted, representing the strongest Marvel release in a while. There was Manhunt, focusing on the chase after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. David Benioff and D. B. Weiss re-surfaced with 3 Body Problem. After Peacock chose not to renew, Netflix brought back Girls5Eva for a third season. And a legendary comedian gets his documentary: Steve! (Martin) a Documentary in 2 Pieces. 

For February, we said goodbye to Larry David (and R.I.P. to Richard Lewis) with the final season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. The Tourist returned for Season 2 for Netflix, and the streamer couldn’t let a good Valentine’s go to waste without a romantic offering, limited series One Day. And the FX-on-Hulu epic adaptation of Shogun got in just before the end of the month, becoming the new best-reviewed series of the year.

January took flight with Masters of the Air, the long-awaited companion series to Band of Brothers and The Pacific. True Detective made a big return with Night Country, amping up the supernatural scares. Donald Glover and Maya Erskine navigated mayhem and matrimony in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. And Michelle Yeoh and Sofia Vergara debuted The Brothers Sun and Griselda, respectively.

Girls5eva: Season 3 (2024)

Adjusted Score: 102208%
Critics Consensus: Sustaining a high note with enough finesse to go platinum, Girls5Eva's third season is just as daffy and jubilant as the first two.

Adjusted Score: 105187%
Critics Consensus: A bracing work of autofiction by creator and star Richard Gadd, Baby Reindeer can be a punishing watch but richly rewards viewers with its emotional complexity and excellent performances.

Adjusted Score: 111426%
Critics Consensus: Visually sumptuous and enriched with cultural verisimilitude, Shōgun is an epic adaptation that outdoes the original.

X-Men '97: Season 1 (2024)

Adjusted Score: 107130%
Critics Consensus: Pulling off the x-traordinary feat of staying true to its beloved predecessor while charting a path forward for the franchise, X-Men '97 is simply x-cellent.

Adjusted Score: 101042%
Critics Consensus: Bawdy, irreverent, and ruled by Julianne Moore in top form, Mary & George is a regal treat for fans of frothy court intrigue.

Adjusted Score: 98088%
Critics Consensus: Equal parts infuriating and suspenseful, American Nightmare is an instructive chronicle of institutional bias making a horrifying crime even worse.

Adjusted Score: 98085%
Critics Consensus: The Tourist continues to twist and turn towards an unguessable destination, with Jamie Dornan and Danielle Macdonald's palpable performances making the journey wholly worthwhile along the way.

Adjusted Score: 94348%
Critics Consensus: Equal parts harrowing and life-affirming, We Were the Lucky Ones is a sensitively told tale of perseverance given tear-inducing heart by its wonderful ensemble.

Adjusted Score: 96697%
Critics Consensus: Reflecting on Paul Simon's current life as much as it looks back on his illustrious career, In Restless Dreams proves to be a movingly complete portrait of an artist.
Starring: Paul Simon
Directed By: Alex Gibney

Fallout: Season 1 (2024)

Adjusted Score: 107694%
Critics Consensus: An adaptation that feels like a true extension of the games, Fallout is a post-apocalyptic blast for newcomers and longtime fans alike.

Adjusted Score: 96491%
Critics Consensus: Finally closing the door while not making a big deal of it, Curb Your Enthusiasm bows out as cranky and shaggy as ever.

Adjusted Score: 107301%
Critics Consensus: Frighteningly atmospheric and anchored by Jodie Foster and Kali Reis' superb performances, Night Country is a fresh and frosty variation on True Detective's existential themes.

Elsbeth: Season 1 (2024)

Adjusted Score: 97162%
Critics Consensus: Carrie Preston's standout character from The Good Wife makes for a great detective in this amiable and clever spinoff.

Adjusted Score: 96170%
Critics Consensus: Chronicling the passage of time with well-observed sweep, One Day is by turns giddy and somber but always swooningly romantic.

Adjusted Score: 103777%
Critics Consensus: Building on the basic premise of its source material, Mr. & Mrs. Smith anchors its spy hijinks in a relationship drama fueled by the chemistry between its charming leads.

Adjusted Score: 95875%
Critics Consensus: Assembled in an eccentric style befitting its subject, this affectionate documentary explores Steve Martin's "Then" and "Now" with an intimacy that will delight fans.

Adjusted Score: 94709%
Critics Consensus: Illuminated by Ewan McGregor's debonair performance, A Gentleman in Moscow is a rewarding and whimsical portrait of a life blossoming under constraining circumstances.

Adjusted Score: 94305%
Critics Consensus: With the formidable pairing of Cush Jumbo and Peter Capaldi providing a scintillating focal point, Criminal Record is a mystery that only gets more intriguing as it unfolds.

Adjusted Score: 94657%
Critics Consensus: The Sympathizer does a solidly satisfying job of adapting its ambitious source material, conveying its core themes even as it occasionally struggles with its structure.

Griselda: Season 1 (2024)

Adjusted Score: 93234%
Critics Consensus: Sofía Vergara impressively disappears into the role of Griselda Blanco in this propulsive gangster saga, which plays loose with the facts but achieves genuine grit.

Adjusted Score: 93717%
Critics Consensus: Dramatizing a flashpoint in American history with hot-blooded performances and contemporary resonance, Manhunt transcends the trappings of wax museum recreation to deliver addicting entertainment.

Adjusted Score: 101080%
Critics Consensus: Bathed in opulent black and white with a reptilian Andrew Scott holding the screen hostage, Steven Zaillian's sumptuous reinterpretation of Ripley draws fresh blood from Patricia Highsmith's insidious social climber.

Adjusted Score: 98023%
Critics Consensus: Soaring high with its immaculate production design and acutely well-observed characters, Masters of the Air can stand proud alongside its sibling series Band of Brothers and The Pacific.

Adjusted Score: 88896%
Critics Consensus: A Pythonesque farce that's on the right side of silly, these completely made-up adventures are an ideal showcase for Noel Fielding's comedic chops.

Adjusted Score: 90024%
Critics Consensus: Renegade Nell has a hero worth rooting for in Louisa Harland, and even if it curiously blurs the line between family-friendly and edgy, it makes a spunky first impression.

Adjusted Score: 90389%
Critics Consensus: By turns emotionally devastating and icy, Expats is a challenging drama made riveting by an ace cast and creator Lulu Wang's deft direction.

Adjusted Score: 88880%
Critics Consensus: While The Brothers Sun's mix of brutality and sweetness sometimes veers into tonal whiplash, inspired fight choreography and a terrific cast keep it a fun family affair.

Adjusted Score: 88315%
Critics Consensus: Unraveling a brutal mystery with a sensitive touch, Under the Bridge occasionally glosses over its most interesting elements but excels as an exploration of cruelty.

Sugar: Season 1 (2024)

Adjusted Score: 90532%
Critics Consensus: A modern noir steeped in the classic tradition, Sugar could use stronger clues to go along with its ample style, but Colin Farrell's cool performance keeps things compelling.

Adjusted Score: 92655%
Critics Consensus: Tackling its ambitious source material with impressive gusto, 3 Body Problem's first season proves a solid start that should leave sci-fi fans eager for more.

Adjusted Score: 81764%
Critics Consensus: A hellzapoppin' musical series swathed in hot, vibrant colors, Hazbin Hotel is worth a booking.

Adjusted Score: 86451%
Critics Consensus: While this Feud might lack the abundance of incident that made its predecessor such a nasty delight, Capote vs. the Swans' luxe milieu and dynamite ensemble will keep spectators entertained.

Adjusted Score: 79486%
Critics Consensus: Commanding the camera's full attention amidst the French countryside, Clive Owen makes for a mesmerizingly craggy Sam Spade even as the series around him struggles to live up to its hallowed lineage.