Best Horror Movies of 2018 by Tomatometer

It was the best of horror movies, it was the worst of horror movies! The genre renaissance of this past decade continues unabated into 2018, with no shortage of streaming screams and theatrical terrifiers to slake your thirst for thrills, chills, and blood spills. With our list of Best Horror Movies of 2018 by Tomatometer, we present every scary movie so far this year that’s hit theaters and/or is available online, and with at least 10 reviews, ranging from mainstream (Hereditary, A Quiet Place) to indie (Mom and Dad, The Endless). Alex Vo

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Applecart (2017)

Adjusted Score: 51141%
Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.
Synopsis: A caring mother loses her grip on sanity during one terrifying night in the woods.... [More]
Directed By: Bradford Baruh


Blood Fest (2018)

Adjusted Score: 50015%
Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.
Synopsis: Fans flock to a festival celebrating the most iconic horror movies, only to discover that the charismatic showman behind the... [More]
Directed By: Owen Egerton


Us and Them (2017)

Adjusted Score: 60015%
Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.
Synopsis: Three disenfranchised British lads, intent on making a grand and brutish statement on economic inequality in the United Kingdom, use... [More]
Directed By: Joe Martin


The Lullaby (2017)

Adjusted Score: 40798%
Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.
Synopsis: A 19-year-old woman falls into a deep depression after the birth of her first son. In her paranoia, she begins... [More]
Directed By: Darrell Roodt


The Little Stranger (2018)

Adjusted Score: 71205%
Critics Consensus: The Little Stranger's reliance on atmosphere may satisfy audiences in the mood for sophisticated horror fare -- while frustrating those seeking more visceral thrills.
Synopsis: During the long, hot summer of 1948, Dr. Faraday travels to Hundreds Hall, home to the Ayres family for more... [More]
Directed By: Lenny Abrahamson

Adjusted Score: 71314%
Critics Consensus: Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich delivers all the proudly distasteful B-movie antics genre fans might expect from a film about murderous Nazi dolls.
Synopsis: A man sells a nefarious-looking puppet at a small-town convention for some quick cash. Terror soon strikes when an ancient... [More]


Suspiria (2018)

Adjusted Score: 80800%
Critics Consensus: Suspiria attacks heady themes with garish vigor, offering a viewing experience that's daringly confrontational - and definitely not for everyone.
Synopsis: Young American dancer Susie Bannion arrives in 1970s Berlin to audition for the world-renowned Helena Markos Dance Co. When she... [More]
Directed By: Luca Guadagnino


The Cured (2017)

Adjusted Score: 73420%
Critics Consensus: The zombie apocalypse genre is crowded with clichés, but The Cured sets itself slightly apart with some extra BRAAAAAAAAAAINS and thematic depth.
Synopsis: After years of a zombie plague that ravaged Europe, humanity grapples with how to reintegrate the former zombies into society.... [More]
Directed By: David Freyne


Wildling (2018)

Adjusted Score: 71371%
Critics Consensus: Wildling's feminist themes - and the ferocious Bel Powley performance that brings them to life - are often enough to make up for its narrative deficiencies.
Synopsis: After a childhood in captivity under the care of a man who taught her to fear the outside world, a... [More]
Directed By: Fritz Böhm


Summer of 84 (2018)

Adjusted Score: 73269%
Critics Consensus: Summer of '84 suffers from an overreliance on nostalgia for its titular decade, but a number of effective jolts may still satisfy genre enthusiasts.
Synopsis: Teenager Davey Armstrong is a conspiracy theorist who begins to suspect that a neighboring police officer is a serial killer.... [More]


Still/Born (2017)

Adjusted Score: 67218%
Critics Consensus: Still/Born puts an intriguing psychological spin on its supernatural horror story, elevated by standout work from star Christie Burke.
Synopsis: When a woman gives birth to twins, only one child survives. She begins to suspect that something supernatural has chosen... [More]
Directed By: Brandon Christensen


Terrifier (2017)

Adjusted Score: 50698%
Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.
Synopsis: A maniacal clown terrorizes three women on Halloween night.... [More]
Directed By: Damien Leone


The Ranger (2018)

Adjusted Score: 77087%
Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.
Synopsis: A group of Punk-styled friends, fueled by a hallucinogenic drug called Echo, runs afoul of the law and an unhinged... [More]
Directed By: Jenn Wexler


Mom and Dad (2017)

Adjusted Score: 81052%
Critics Consensus: Mom and Dad's gonzo premise serves as an effective springboard for a wickedly dark, bloody comedy - and an appropriately over-the-top performance from Nicolas Cage.
Synopsis: A teenage girl and her little brother try to survive a wild 24 hours during which a mass hysteria of... [More]
Directed By: Brian Taylor


The Clovehitch Killer (2018)

Adjusted Score: 79928%
Critics Consensus: The Clovehitch Killer patiently dials up the tension with a story that makes up for a lack of surprises with strong performances and a chilling wit.
Synopsis: After Tyler finds a cache of disturbing images in his father's possession, he begins to suspect that the man he... [More]
Directed By: Duncan Skiles


Don't Leave Home (2018)

Adjusted Score: 70015%
Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.
Synopsis: An American artist's obsession with a disturbing urban legend leads her to an investigation of the story's origins at the... [More]
Directed By: Michael Tully


The Devil's Doorway (2018)

Adjusted Score: 70363%
Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.
Synopsis: Northern Ireland, 1960: Father Thomas Riley and Father John Thornton are dispatched by the Vatican to investigate reports of a... [More]
Directed By: Aislinn Clarke

Adjusted Score: 82290%
Critics Consensus: Anna and the Apocalypse finds fresh brains and a lot of heart in the crowded zombie genre - not to mention a fun genre mashup populated by rootable characters.
Synopsis: A zombie apocalypse threatens the sleepy town of Little Haven - at Christmas - forcing Anna and her friends to... [More]
Directed By: John McPhail


Halloween (2018)

Adjusted Score: 97637%
Critics Consensus: Halloween largely wipes the slate clean after decades of disappointing sequels, ignoring increasingly elaborate mythology in favor of basic - yet still effective - ingredients.
Synopsis: It's been 40 years since Laurie Strode survived a vicious attack from crazed killer Michael Myers on Halloween night. Locked... [More]
Directed By: David Gordon Green


Apostle (2018)

Adjusted Score: 81704%
Critics Consensus: Apostle resists easy scares in favor of a steady, slow-building descent into dread led by a commanding central performance from Dan Stevens.
Synopsis: London, 1905. Prodigal son Thomas Richardson has returned home, only to learn that his sister is being held for ransom... [More]
Directed By: Gareth Evans


Unsane (2018)

Adjusted Score: 91128%
Critics Consensus: Unsane unleashes Steven Soderbergh's inner B-movie maestro, wading into timeless psychological thriller territory and giving it a high-tech filmmaking spin.
Synopsis: Sawyer Valentini relocates from Boston to Pennsylvania to escape from the man who's been stalking her for the last two... [More]
Directed By: Steven Soderbergh


The Cleanse (2016)

Adjusted Score: 79218%
Critics Consensus: The Cleanse uses its unconventional premise as the framework for a suitably eerie and solidly well-acted horror outing with some surprising emotional heft.
Synopsis: A heartbroken man attending a spiritual retreat discovers the regimen releases more than toxins.... [More]
Directed By: Bobby Miller


What Keeps You Alive (2018)

Adjusted Score: 81791%
Critics Consensus: Smart, stylish, and well-acted, What Keeps You Alive proves it's still possible to spin an engrossing horror yarn without fundamentally altering established formula.
Synopsis: Jackie and Jules are a couple celebrating their first anniversary at a secluded cabin in the woods belonging to Jackie's... [More]
Directed By: Colin Minihan


Overlord (2018)

Adjusted Score: 92569%
Critics Consensus: Part revisionist war drama, part zombie thriller, and part all-out genre gorefest, Overlord offers A-level fun for B-movie fans of multiple persuasions.
Synopsis: On the eve of D-Day, American paratroopers drop behind enemy lines to penetrate the walls of a fortified church and... [More]
Directed By: Julius Avery


Ruin Me (2017)

Adjusted Score: 61971%
Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.
Synopsis: Alexandra reluctantly tags along for Slasher Sleepout, an extreme event that is part camping trip, part haunted house, and part... [More]
Directed By: Preston DeFrancis

Adjusted Score: 88385%
Critics Consensus: The Night Eats the World finds a few unexplored corners in the crowded zombie genre, with a refreshing emphasis on atmosphere and character development.
Synopsis: After waking up in an apartment the night after a raging party, Sam comes face to face with his new... [More]
Directed By: Dominique Rocher


Ghost Stories (2017)

Adjusted Score: 90647%
Critics Consensus: Ghost Stories offers a well-crafted, skillfully told horror anthology that cleverly toys with genre tropes while adding a few devilishly frightful twists.
Synopsis: Professor Phillip Goodman devotes his life to exposing phony psychics and fraudulent supernatural shenanigans. His skepticism soon gets put to... [More]
Directed By: Jeremy Dyson, Andy Nyman


Pyewacket (2017)

Adjusted Score: 83814%
Critics Consensus: Pyewacket builds its atmospheric, patiently encroaching chills on a well-told story concerned more with emotional trauma than supernatural threats.
Synopsis: A frustrated, angst-ridden teenage girl awakens something in the woods when she naively performs an occult ritual to evoke a... [More]
Directed By: Adam MacDonald


Upgrade (2018)

Adjusted Score: 96895%
Critics Consensus: Like its augmented protagonist, Upgrade's old-fashioned innards get a high-tech boost -- one made even more powerful thanks to sharp humor and a solidly well-told story.
Synopsis: A brutal mugging leaves Grey Trace paralyzed in the hospital and his beloved wife dead. A billionaire inventor soon offers... [More]
Directed By: Leigh Whannell


Possum (2018)

Adjusted Score: 91080%
Critics Consensus: Unsettling and absorbing in equal measure, Possum presents a dark character study rich with rewards for fans of chilling genre fare.
Synopsis: A disgraced puppeteer is forced to confront long-buried secrets from his tortured childhood.... [More]
Directed By: Matthew Holness


The Ravenous (2017)

Adjusted Score: 88660%
Critics Consensus: Uncommonly restrained for a movie about a flesh-eating menace, Ravenous offers a satisfyingly nuanced entry in the crowded zombie apocalypse subgenre.
Synopsis: A village in Quebec is terrorized by a flesh-eating plague.... [More]
Directed By: Robin Aubert


Hereditary (2018)

Adjusted Score: 108435%
Critics Consensus: Hereditary uses its classic setup as the framework for a harrowing, uncommonly unsettling horror film whose cold touch lingers long beyond the closing credits.
Synopsis: When the matriarch of the Graham family passes away, her daughter and grandchildren begin to unravel cryptic and increasingly terrifying... [More]
Directed By: Ari Aster


Are We Not Cats (2016)

Adjusted Score: 50786%
Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.
Synopsis: A young man seeks a new beginning after losing his job, his girlfriend and his apartment on the same day.... [More]
Directed By: Xander Robin


Mandy (2018)

Adjusted Score: 101736%
Critics Consensus: Mandy's gonzo violence is fueled by a gripping performance by Nicolas Cage -- and anchored with palpable emotion conveyed between his volcanic outbursts.
Synopsis: In the Pacific Northwest in 1983, outsiders Red Miller and Mandy Bloom lead a loving and peaceful existence. When their... [More]
Directed By: Panos Cosmatos


Revenge (2017)

Adjusted Score: 98795%
Critics Consensus: Revenge slices and dices genre tropes, working within an exploitation framework while adding a timely -- yet never less than viscerally thrilling -- feminist spin.
Synopsis: Jen is enjoying a romantic getaway with her wealthy boyfriend -- until his two sleazy friends arrive for an unannounced... [More]
Directed By: Coralie Fargeat


The Endless (2017)

Adjusted Score: 97698%
Critics Consensus: The Endless benefits from its grounded approach to an increasingly bizarre story, elevated by believable performances by filmmakers Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead.
Synopsis: Two brothers receive a cryptic video message inspiring them to revisit the UFO death cult they escaped a decade earlier.... [More]


Cam (2018)

Adjusted Score: 97176%
Critics Consensus: Smart and suspenseful, CAM is a techno-thriller that's far more than the sum of its salacious parts -- and an outstanding showcase for Madeline Brewer in the leading role.
Synopsis: A camgirl has her principles, until a mysterious woman who looks just like her takes over her channel.... [More]
Directed By: Daniel Goldhaber


A Quiet Place (2018)

Adjusted Score: 114688%
Critics Consensus: A Quiet Place artfully plays on elemental fears with a ruthlessly intelligent creature feature that's as original as it is scary -- and establishes director John Krasinski as a rising talent.
Synopsis: If they hear you, they hunt you. A family must live in silence to avoid mysterious creatures that hunt by... [More]
Directed By: John Krasinski