Which X-Men: Apocalypse Character Are You Most Excited About?

by | May 16, 2016 | Comments

They survived Days of Future Past, endured the Dark Phoenix Saga, and withstood becoming a Brett Ratner film. Now, the X-Men will face their greatest threat yet in Apocalypse, the blue demigod who threatens to tear the world apart. In this megabattle of mutant might, vote now on who you’re most looking forward in seeing on the big screen!

  • TheStarskye

    Obviously Nightcrawler. Because I’m a chick, and I dig the fuzzy.

  • aNYagenda

    It doesn’t seem to be necessarily bad casting. Looking at the pictures of the actors on the review page they are all reasonably attractive but COMPLETELY different looking then their on screen characters. Why does the guy playing Apocalypse go from a handsome 30 something actor to resembling an 50 year old recovering alcoholic?

    Theres something wrong with the makeup efx.
    Other then apocalyses unfortunate appearance, everyone else looks like a broadway musical version of the x-men. And thats a shame. AOA was a great crossover with a lot of great material to work with, but not if they’re going to turn it into a joel shumacher fiasco.

    “…and withstood becoming a Brett Ratner film.”

    The first two singer x-mens were pretty much the only other comic book movies that
    I’ve liked. He’s a decent director (although possibly also a sexual predator),
    but I’m just not feeling this new candy-corn aesthetic that he’s running with.

  • YoungPrime

    Where’s the “none” option in this poll? Seriously I’ve been tired of Fox and Singer’s version of Marvel movies for some time now so it’s safe to say that I won’t be supporting this or any other FoXmen movie any time soon. Plus the critics are only confirming what I could already tell from the lame trailers. REVERT BACK TO MARVEL!

    • Clint3po

      So your Avatar shows that you dig a franchise that is permanently seated in the 15 – 20% range and is a laughing stock of how to make a franchise but you are going to give a series that has had more certified fresh entries than not a hard time?
      I feel confident saying that Transformers is truly the worst big budget franchise today and has been since part 2. At least X-Men has rebounded more times than your films have been fresh.

      • YoungPrime

        Speak what you actually know jackass! I support the TF IDW comics only so quit grasping at straws.

        Them Bay-Turtles must have you Fox-flunkies looking over your shoulders….Meanwhile Fox-marvel’s track record is currently at 8 rottens out of 14 while the MCU doesn’t have a single rotten. TRY HARDER!

        • ian291

          I agree the X-men franchise is very hit or miss, but at their best they are better than marvel, and they paved the way for and showed us how great comic book movies could be.

          • YoungPrime

            No, I thank Blade for paving the way. Are we done here?

          • Cakeface

            With the exception of the ones they didn’t really want to make for risk averse reasons (Ant-Man and what will probably be Doctor Strange), the Disney/Marvel movies have the cheese factor dialed up to a solid 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. It feels like you’re watching a Spielberg film.

          • YoungPrime

            So on a site where the movie in question is trying to upgrade from bad to mediocre (currently 52%) what exactly is your point…….?

          • Cakeface

            I just made my point up above. It was in response to your praise of the Disney/Marvel movies. They get good critical reviews because they are tailor made by Disney for that purpose, among others… Disney’s true masterstroke is its ability to appeal to mainstream “progressive” sensibilities. It has the right amount of “girl power”, the right amount of diversity, the right kind of lightweight political discourse, etc. In the end though they reek of cheese. The best fight scene in Civil War, the airport fight, felt like an amusement park ride. It was ridiculous. How anyone over 12 could have enjoyed the movie is puzzling. Yet these movies are the standard that you’re holding other superhero movies up against. Because they have fresh tomato ratings.

          • YoungPrime

            Bullshirt! The 1st 4 films of Phase 1 weren’t even made by Disney and since there hasn’t been any real changes in the tone of the MCU after the acquisition you just sound the typical bitter Fox-flunkie with no real leg to stand on! The critics picking this crappy FoXmen film apart weren’t saying anything that wasn’t already being discussed when the first trailer aired. So go ahead and dismiss them all….It only begs the question of why you’re on this site in the first place….

          • Cakeface

            That’s only the first 4…. Which were not great. The rest haven’t been either. And I just said all of the Xmen movies have sucked after the first two (which weren’t as good as they could have been, Rogue playing Jubilee? No Gambit or Morph? And their powers were all horribly goofed up). I’m sure this one sucks too. I just don’t need the critics to tell me that and if I did I’d make to actually read their opinions on it rather than looking at a contextless aggregated score (a “score” lol, how dumb). But now you’re just detracting from the point I made. It doesn’t matter why I’m here (but since you begged; I got sucked into wanting to look at the character pics from the front page banner whilst checking to see what TV shows were on tonight). The MCU movies are not a good standard to hold anything up against just because a bunch of critics were brainwashed into liking them. They are tacky ultra-cheesy renditions of the comics they’re based upon. Full of hokey one-liners (Vision- “Well I WAS born yesterday…”) and 2 dimensional heroes and no good villains. No, I don’t think the source material is scared. It’s stock full of retcons and dubious plot holes, among other things. But at least it didn’t come off looking like a 7 year olds birthday party theme come to life. It’s not JUST Disney tho. I was just pointing out why they suck also despite their great reviews. They also can’t handle villains. Supervillains are awesome. They can’t do them though. Altogether a lot of the movies have sucked from every studio, very hit or miss. The good being the first two Xmen, first two Spiderman, GOTG, Antman, Deadpool, probably Doctor Strange, and the first two Captain America movies weren’t that bad either. Also worth mentioning that the Daredevil Netflix series is as good as the best of these entries (X-2 and Spiderman 2).

            And on a separate note, The Infinity War is awesome 90’s era Marvel comics greatness but its hard to imagine it happening without all of the other heroes and villains, so many others than just the Avengers and the GOTG. Where is Adam Warlock? They haven’t even introduced him yet, so that means Magus is either far off or not coming? How is he supposed to kick Thanos’s áss then?There is no way you can cram all of this into one movie. No Supreme beings like Death or Ego or The Watchers or the Celestials… There is just too much going on there. Hard to see how they can jump into that without it sucking horribly.

          • HoSiah

            Dang that last paragraph hit the nail on the head…. It’s fun to see comic ideas hit the movie screens, but it can get a little too complicated and under-explained when key/pivotal characters to the story are either missing or will not have enough development to tie them into the story well.

            Also, I feel like Marvel has a really hard time developing and keeping villains around… I think that is something that x-men did the best, having bad guys return throughout their movies and not necessarily being the main villain, but still having an important role.

          • Cakeface

            And everything after the second Xmen movie is garbage. The third film raped and murdered it hard. No amount of retcons and time travel explanations can fix the franchise. It needs a full reboot. Preferably with characters and art direction that resembles the Uncanny Xmen comics this time around.

    • TC_94

      I saw X-Men Apocalypse and it’s a good movie, better than the early riviews suggest, they are being too harsh and a bit unfair…especially considering the fact that the disappointing Avengers AOU and Iron Man 3 have 75 and 79% on RT…Apocalypse is at least as good as AOU, and shares some problems like the villain that some people complained about because it’s difficult to relate to a god…

      • YoungPrime

        That’s YOUR opinion and since you think its so valuable lets see if this current FoXmen film matches even half of AOU’s box office.

        • Mauricio

          It wont, because X-Men is not for masive stupid kids that like Age of Ultron haha. Marvel Studios will never make a film so good like Days of Future Past… I love when Marvel Studios fanboys always cry “Give back the rights to Marvel!” HAHA Fox will not hear you bunch of kids and fanboys nerds.

          • TC_94

            Exactly. X-Men movies are imo more complex, deeper character studies and meaningful messages behind them…MCU is like a factory making crowd pleasing popcorn flicks which are fun but nothing more…The only thing I will watch again in Civil War is that airport scene with explosions and superpowers and that’s it…

          • YoungPrime

            Last I checked XM:Ooze was the film struggling to get a fresh RT score not AOU or any other MCU film so sulk in your bitterness Pool Boy! AOU is not 4tic so learn your place! Meanwhile Civil War should hit a billion by Tomorrow night if it hasn’t already…… Next real CBM up is Suicide Squad. Can’t wait!

          • Best comment here! 🙂 Much agreed!

        • TC_94

          Yes, because we know that Box Office is indicative of quality…lol. AOU was a disappointing movie and X-Men Apocalypse should have at least the same RT score, imo it’s better than AOU. Box office means nothing, we know the fanbase for X-Men movies has always been smaller than MCU movies which is a pity because X-Men movies did it first, they are deeper and more complex characters and stories…

          • YoungPrime

            It normally is when it comes to CBM’s so cut the crap. Bay-formers is the exception NOT THE RULE! And just because YOU didn’t like AOU doesn’t mean everyone else felt the same way. I saw it twice whereas FoXmen won’t get a torrent from me. See how that works.????

          • themuna

            Dude, everyone has their own opinions. I personally like where Marvel has been going as well but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they could handle the entire X-Men series in addition to what they have going on. Just breathe and accept that other people may feel differently than you. People shouldn’t be attacking you but you can also take the high road.

          • YoungPrime

            The MCU has made 14 CBM’s in 8 years! That’s close to what WB, FOX, Lionsgate and Sony have made in CBM’s combined (16 including Suicide Squad) So saying what Marvel can’t do when they almost account for half the CMB’s done in the last 8 years just sounds like yet another lame excuse to hold Marvel Studios back from working their magic. As if expansion isn’t an option.

            Hulk, Spider-man, DD and Punisher have all reverted back in someway and have all been great under Marvel. So the goofballs that are hanging on to Singer’s mediocre crap with lame excuses mean nothing to me. It also helps that “MY OPINIONS” are backed by actual facts….

          • ‘Facts’ – OMG, I’m laughing my @ss off right now!!

          • They are getting some SM hits with you, so you commenting over and over is only adding to the buzz – keep it coming! 😉

          • YoungPrime

            Right because load of negative buzz helped 4tic so much…. To be fair I could see XM: Ooze doing about $100M-$120M since this is a Memorials day flick. But don’t count Wonderland pt2 even if it is crap. Right now the RT scores are 44% to Fox’s 50%.

          • HoSiah

            Which movie do you mean when you say XM: Ooze? And what is 4tic? Just a little bicurious about what you mean…

        • It’s not going to, and that’s never been expected. It sounds like you are stating a movie has to generate $$$ for it to be considered a ‘good’ movie. Sorry, but that’s not the case – especially when it comes to story (which I am siding with him: AOU, IM 1, II and III were horrid because they delved WAY off from the comics, and added unnecessary humor throughout – granted CMCW upped the ante, but those movies were made with kids in mind to make $$$). And yes, it’s HIS opinion, but you seem to have many of them all over the place here as well. I don’t think TC_94 ever mentioned ‘valuable’, but that’s how you’re reading it.

          • YoungPrime

            No it sounds like I’m speaking up for the MCU who continues to break records due to their success. It’s not their fail that Sony or Fox can’t do it with their Marvel films but for the sake of CBM success the quality tends to be very good in order to reach the Billion dollar mark.

            And you’re an idiot if you think Fox and Singer are only making these FoXmen films with only adults in mind. Fox were selling Marvel movie toys up until Disney put a stop to it and would be selling it now if they could so try again.

            Do some real research before you type.

          • Mauricio

            Im glad that X-Men are with FOX, and not with that shitty Disney Company, that makes Captain America a villian since he was a kid. Fuck you Disney.

          • YoungPrime

            50 bucks says that’s just a red herring.

    • Martha – A Pacificadora

      Oh, this stupid cry about Marvel again? ¬¬

    • Mauricio

      Fox will definitely hear a Transformers fanboy and will revert the rights back to Marvel haha. Fox will never give back the rights, so continue crying fanboys/haters!

      • YoungPrime

        Fox sure hear those RT reviews…. If the only rebuttal you can muster is “Blah, blah, hater this” and Blah, blah, fanboy that” Then I think it’s safe to put my feet up. How about dem Civil War numbers though…LOL!

        • Mauricio

          Ok, they want to make even a stupid Fantastic 4 sequel, so you think FOX will revert the X-MEN just because the recent film got mixed reviews and a bunch of kids are crying?, when few months ago Deadpool broke rated R film records in box office and DOFP got amazing reviews and do well in box office? HAHA. Keep dreaming kid.

          • YoungPrime

            Kinberg talking out of his rear end in stupid interviews don’t account for anything other than that he’s an idiot. And FYI DOFP barely turned a profit after budget cust, advertising and Marvel’s cut. DP gets it’s props for Tim Miller and RR doing their thing but that’s where it stops!

            No one expected Spider-man to be in the last Cap film yet their they are. And since you’re keen on Fox continuing to make lackluster Marvel films there’s not much left to discuss with you.

    • ‘Safe to say’ (lol). Also, if you were tired, you really made quite the effort here with your comments, so there’s still some X-strength in you 😉

      • YoungPrime

        Duh, I’m an X-men fan dumb@sss! There’s growing number of people would want both F4 and X-men to revert back to Marvel. So if being an irritant if your only contribution to Fox’s cause I think I’m done talking at you.

  • Bruce B

    I have to vote for Magneto because I love Fassbender’s portrayal of him and he’s one of the greatest comic book characters of all time. That said, I’m happy with Quicksilver being in the lead since this version of him is awesome. I’m also pumped for Psylocke, she was always one of my favorite less known characters. Nightcrawler is another favorite, but I’m really apprehensive about him in this film… I don’t like the 80s new wave/scene haircut, and not crazy about him being some emaciated preteen. I’m happy to see Cyclops is back in, and it’ll be neat to see a live action portrayal of Archangel.

    • themuna

      Psylocke would be my favorite is great but I just imagine that they won’t do her justice. Not the fault of Olivia Munn necessarily but I feel like they will treat her like a scrapper instead of refined martial artist and thinker (like they did with Wolverine). Fassbender and Oscar Issac are my favorite actors here so I trust them to do as told though they may not be able to shine through the script either. Nightcrawler’s internal conflict and background make him my most anticipated for this movie just because I think he’ll be more easily portrayed than the others in a packed movie like this one.

    • Ad van Gool

      In this movie, just as in days of future past, definitely quicksilver, he has the coolest scènes, however magneto for best overall performance.

    • meowpooff

      Fassbender is the main reason i watch xman lol

  • Justin Miner

    Quicksilver. Plain and Simple.

  • David Fathom

    Jean Grey, because I don’t watch game of thrones and want to see if I can trust this actress with the Dark Phoenix Saga.

    • SnidgetAsphodel

      Coming from someone who does watch GoT I can tell you she is one heck of an actress. The role is in good hands.

  • Psycold

    Too much S&M for me.

  • Lyle Groniger

    If they make Cyclops likeable and not knocked out/dead in the first ten minutes.. then it’ll be a damn good improvement.

    • Xesthan Rikudo

      I’d also like to see him act more like a leader in future films.

    • Joe Eoj

      OK so straight up as a GoT TV series fan I hate those damn book readers. But as a comic book reader I must say that Cyclops is unlikable. That’s what makes him a sympathetic character.

      So hopefully you think he’s an asshole Lyle.

    • Colette Wheeless

      Agreed completely. Cyclops is one of my favorites but the only movie he had a prominent role in was the first one. I’m really looking forward to (hopefully!) seeing him in action again. Although I will say I thought he was likable enough, haha.

  • Pinkk

    Had to go with Psylock because they actually kept her outfit faithful to the comic. Though still waiting to see Jubilee get more screen time!

  • bell02alpha

    Wooo, Nightcrawler fans go, go, go!

    I feel like RT should have let us vote for 3 characters like with Civil War though because I feel like that is shifting the results of this poll. If we could vote for 3 I’m sure characters that are always in the X-Men movies while still being very popular characters like Storm and Cyclops would be scoring higher. Also I am surprised no Havok, Wolverine, or Jubilee.

  • NCcatsBALLhard

    APOCALYPSE…Waited soooo long for this!

  • Before watching: Quicksilver (Couldn’t wait to see his new showcase.)
    After watching: Cyclop (He’s so cute yet his character’s still undercooked.)

  • SnidgetAsphodel

    I’m curious what they will do with Cyclops. I’ve seen a few of Tye’s movies and he always nails his roles, so I’m optimistic.

  • Gustavo Caldas


  • Isaac León

    I was excited about Psylocke… The problem is that you only see her like 3 minutes #TeamJeanGrey #TeamQuicksilver #TeamCyclops

  • qarahiyo

    Movie X-Men disappoint me every time. My Xpectation will now and forever be zero.

  • F Mellark

    Quicksilver I already know is awesome, now I’m so very excited for Cyclops.

  • Andrew Scott

    None. Ratner sucks and Singer is a pedo. Although the first two Xmen films were decent, it is clear that Marvel characters are best left to the people that understand them. Namely, Marvel. Favreau’s injection of humour and adherence to the formula set the tone. Fox & Universal just don’t get it. My main title during the 70’s and 80’s was the uncanny x-men, so this has nothing to do with loyalty, it’s about capturing the nostalgia and essence. And the Marvel MCU has done it, without butchering or overly modifying what the comics “felt” like to read as a kid. IMHO, only the first spider man and first two x-man came close, and Iron Man, Ant Man and the Avengers are pretty much dead on. There is no conspiracy, to you illiterate dorks, claiming media manipulation, and there isn’t a lack of understanding the material by the audience. Whether the audience is familiar with comics or not has nothing to do with the fact that everyone who watched Batman vs Superman, the later Xmen films, Green Lantern, etc., can recognize that they are simply not good films. That goes for the final installment of the dark knight. Just terrible. Just because one is a fan of the genre does not mean they will blindly overlook bad acting, script, directing, lack of motivation and terrible effects. I’m a huge comics fan, but Spawn – the comic and movie – sucked. I just saw Xmen apocalypse, and although it was better than I expected, I wouldn’t recommend it to a non-fan, whereas any captain America film could be. The numbers and general consensus back me up.

  • Adam

    No Jubilee button? Really?

    • Tomáš Navrátil

      she’s barely in the movie, so…

  • Maddie 1003 Cinephile

    Jean Grey, because she will be an interesting addition to the mix….. and I do watch GoT

  • Psylocke, Longshot, Dazzler, Spiral, and Marrow are my fave Marvel characters ever – So far, Olivia looks like she’s pulling it off with Psylocke, and that’s exciting.

  • Christopher Fergo

    How the hell are people more excited for Jean Grey than Apocalypse?

    • Tomáš Navrátil

      because Apocalypse seemed like he was going to be a boring flat villain (which it was, I already saw the movie), while Jean Grey is one of the most favorite X-Men characters and to her character was done great i nustice in Last Stand, and now they can repair the damage

      • Christopher Fergo

        There is nothing interesting about Jean Grey until she becomes Phoenix.

  • Jennie Ts

    The movie was good,everyone was good,Quicksilver was freaking amazing….

  • Lyzel Llewellyn

    Give us the epic Uncanny Xmen TEAM stories. The characters we know and love are Storm, Jean Grey, Rachel, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Gambit, and Cyclops. Why all the focus on less complex chars like Prof X, Magneto, Wolverine and Mystique?

    • HoSiah

      The original Uncanny Xmen team was comprised of Cyclops, Storm, Colossus, Banshee, Sunfire, Thunderbird, Wolverine and Nightcrawler
      Prof X, Magneto, Wolverine and Mystique are some of the most complex and popular characters in X-Men….

  • Nick Hamling

    Wolverine… Always Wolverine.

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