Uwe Boll Creams Critic in Match; "BloodRayne" Still At 5%

by | September 7, 2006 | Comments

Notorious German director Uwe Boll has taken on his first critic in the boxing ring, as promised – and you can view the video online!

Boll, the filmmaker and German tax law utilizer behind such video game adaptations as "Alone in the Dark" (01%), "BloodRayne" (05%), and the forthcoming "In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale," had grown tired of the critical ridicule he’s garnered virtually every time he’s released a movie.

No, this is not what you’ll be seeing in the video. It’s not even close.

Now it’s Boll’s turn to dish out the ridicule — in the ring. Ok, so he’s no prizefighter, but compared to his first challenger, "Oso" (also known as Spanish webmaster Carlos Palencia of Cinecutre.com), Boll’s a light heavyweight champ. Beware before viewing the clip – this is not, I repeat not, good boxing.

Also on Boll’s upcoming ticket are AICN’s Jeff Sneider, Rue Morgue Radio journalist Chris Alexander, and web critic Nelson Chance Minter. Hope they’re doing their homework and hitting the speedbags, ’cause Boll’s got a solid right hook.