Trailer Exclusive: Possession

The Asian horror remake wave continues!

by | December 11, 2007 | Comments

Lee Pace may be the only man in Hollywood slowly building a career around associations with resurrection (see ABC’s Pushing Daisies). While rebirth certainly factors into his upcoming suspense thriller Possession ,Pace’s new film is decidedly darker than what you’ll find on prime time — Law and Order spin-offs not withstanding. Judge for yourself — here‘s the Possession trailer, exclusively on RT.

Possession tells the story of Ryan (Michael Landes), who’s protective of his errant brother Roman. Ryan’s wife Jessica (Sarah Michelle Gellar) tolerates her husband’s insistence in helping Roman, despite his intrusions on their personal lives. In an attempt to save Roman from what he thinks is a dangerous decision, Ryan races after Roman and the two are in a collision that results in coma for them both. When Roman survives, Jessica faces the tragedy of widowhood and the added trauma of an irksome brother-in-law, who’s overwhelmed by her husband’s memories. After the requisite appearances by priests, moody flashbacks and occasional chest-grasping (“What’s this I’m feeling?!”) the film is set to offer some decent suspense.

The trailer shows off some of the film’s moody lighting, the involvement of the supernatural, and clever camerawork contributed by directors Joel Bergvall and Simon Sandquist, the Swedish team that garnered attention for 2002 suspense thriller The Invisible. Adding to the foreign flourish is producer Roy Lee, the man behind J-Horror (you know, Ringu [aka The Ring], Ju-On [aka The Grudge] etc.), who’s got a reputation for “cannibalizing” J-Horror by taking the reigns on a US remakes himself. Possession, a remake of 2002’s South Korean release Addicted (aka Jungdok) follows this tradition. In recent years foreign horror has been pretty cache and the importation of horror from abroad (Vacancy, The Vanishing,
Funny Games) has proved an exciting asset to US Box Office. That alone makes Possession interesting.

Out on Leap Year (February 29), 2008, you can click here to see the Possession trailer.