The Most Anticipated TV & Streaming Shows of July 2023

Vol. 2 of The Witcher season 3 and Futurama tie as the most anticipated shows in July, followed by Justified: City Primeval. Read on to find out what else made the list.

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Rotten Tomatoes’ social media followers and poll respondents voted Vol. 2 of The Witcher season 3 and the return of Futurama for season 11 as the top TV and streaming titles they’re looking forward to in July. Limited series Justified: City Primeval came in second, and third place saw a four-way tie with Twisted Metal season 1 and the second seasons of Foundation, Good Omens, and Lincoln Lawyer competing for hearts, minds, and eyeballs. The Horror of Dolores Roach landed at fourth, and season 4 of animated adult comedy Harley Quinn came in fifth.

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No. 1 (tie)

79% The Witcher: Season 3 (2023) (Netflix)

#1 on Facebook, #2 on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube
Premieres: Thursday, July 27

If Witcher fans on social media weren’t paying attention ahead of its June season 3 premiere, they certainly are now following the release of the first five episodes of Henry Cavill’s final season as monster hunter Geralt of Rivia. Volume 2 of the season drops at the end of July.

How to Watch: by subscription on Netflix

86% Futurama: Season 11 (2023) (Hulu)

#1 on YouTube, #2 on Facebook, #4 on Instagram, and #5 on Twitter
Premieres: Monday, July 24

Created by Matt Groening, the Emmy-winning animated series returns a decade later to continue the story of Philip J. Fry (Billy West), robot Bender (John DiMaggio), and cyclops Leela (Katey Sagal). Season 11 welcomes back its original voice cast for a 20-episode run.

How to Watch: by subscription on Hulu

No. 2

91% Justified: City Primeval: Season 1 (2023) (FX)

#1 on Instagram, #3 on Facebook, and #4 in Rotten Tomatoes’ poll 
Premieres: Tuesday, July 18

Speaking of big returns, Timothy Olyphant steps back under the hat of gunslinger Raylan Givens. Still a U.S. Marshal, Givens runs afoul of violent sociopath Clement Mansell (Boyd Holbrook) and finds himself horsetrading with ambitious Detroit defense attorney Carolyn Wilder (Aunjanue Ellis). Vivian Olyphant makes her onscreen debut as Raylan’s 15-year-old daughter Willa.

How to Watch: airing on FX | by subscription on Hulu (original series Justified is also available to stream on Hulu)

No. 3 (4-way tie)

100% Foundation: Season 2 (2023) (Apple TV+)

#1 on Twitter, #4 on YouTube
Premieres: Friday, July 14

Based on the influential novels Isaac Asimov and created and written by David S. Goyer (Batman Begins), the series follows brilliant scientist Dr. Hari Seldon (Jared Harris) and his followers as they plot to save humanity during the fall of the Galactic Empire. The series also stars Lee Pace and Lou Llobell, and season 2 welcomes Ben Daniels (The Exorcist series) as Bel Roise.

How to Watch: by subscription on Apple TV+

88% Good Omens: Season 2 (2023) (Prime Video)

#3 on Instagram and YouTube, #5 on Facebook
Premieres: Friday, July 28

Based on Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s international best-selling novel, Good Omens explores the friendship between fussy angel Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) and fast-living demon Crowley (David Tennant). Season 2 ventures beyond the original source material and introduces Jon Hamm as archangel Gabriel, who has no memory of who he is or how he landed on the doorstep of Aziraphale’s bookshop.

How to Watch: by subscription on Prime Video

91% The Lincoln Lawyer: Season 2 (2023) (Netflix)

#2 in Rotten Tomatoes’ poll, #3 on Twitter
Premieres: Thursday, July 6

Season 2 is based on The Fifth Witness, the fourth book in author Michael Connelly’s The Lincoln Lawyer series. The show stars Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller, who runs his LA law practice out of his Lincoln.

How to Watch: by subscription on Netflix

67% Twisted Metal: Season 1 (2023) (Peacock)

#1 in Rotten Tomatoes’ poll, #4 on Facebook
Premieres: Thursday, July 27

Anthony Mackie stars in this video game adaptation as dystopian delivery man John Doe, who wanders the American West dodging violent marauders, including a killer clown named Sweet Tooth (performed by “Samoa Joe” Seanoa with voice by Will Arnett).

How to Watch: by subscription on Peacock

No. 4

80% The Horror of Dolores Roach: Season 1 (2023) (Prime Video)

#3 in Rotten Tomatoes’ poll
Premieres: Friday, July 7

Based on the Spotify podcast series of the same name, the series stars Justina Machado as Dolores Roach, who returns to her Washington Heights neighborhood after 16 years in prison. Dolores works as a masseuse to get by, but resorts to shocking extremes when her newfound stability is threatened.

How to Watch: by subscription on Prime Video

No. 5

96% Harley Quinn: Season 4 (2023) (Max)
Harley Quinn season 2 key art

Animated series Harley Quinn (Photo by DC Universe)

#5 on Instagram and YouTube
Premieres: Thursday, July 27

Is it season 4 already? Time flies when you’re a gal having fun. Kaley Cuoco voices Harley, the supervillain making a name for herself in Gotham who has a few scores to settle. Voice cast also includes Lake Bell, Alan Tudyk, and Ron Funches.

How to Watch: by subscription on Max

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