The Comeback Kid Does It Again - "Rocky Balboa" Grossed $6.4M on Wednesday

by | December 21, 2006 | Comments

According to, "Rocky Balboa," Sylvester Stallone‘s sixth and reportedly final installment of the franchise, grossed an impressive $6.4M on Wednesday. This is one of Stallone’s best single day debuts of his career as the top-billed star.

Stallone was so overjoyed with the result that he wrote in to movie gossip site, with which he done a series of interviews leading to the film’s Wednesday debut, to thank the fans: "…we did a little over six million, which has all the financial film analysts in this country in bewilderment and awe. You made an old lion roar proud today. Thank you."

Stallone’s last certifiable hit in the States as a leading star was 1994’s "Cliffhanger," which grossed $84M in its entire theatrical run. With the holidays coming up, "Rocky Balboa" could reach or surpass that amount.

The budget for "Rocky Balboa," is a very modest $25M. It could easily turn a profit by the end of the coming Christmas day and become one of the unlikely commercial successes of the holidays. With a Tomatometer of 77%, "Rocky Balboa" is also Certifed Fresh and one of Stallone’s better reviewed films. Stallone starred, wrote, directed, and produced "Rocky Balboa," thus resurrecting his own career with the franchise that started it.