The "24" Movie Moves Closer to Reality

by | June 8, 2006 | Comments

We’ve been hearing all sorts of rumbling regarding a big-screen adaptation of "24," and now it looks like Fox and the series creators are ready to get the project rolling. Production on "24: The Movie" could begin as early as next spring.

From Variety: "Twentieth Century Fox has closed a deal with series creators Robert Cochran and Joel Surnow, as well as showrunner Howard Gordon, to bring the Kiefer Sutherland real-time thriller to the bigscreen.

Under the most optimistic scenario, feature would be greenlit early next year and lense next spring and summer during the hiatus between season six and a likely seventh season of "24."

Current plan calls for the "24" feature to abandon the real-time conceit of the TV show, making Sutherland’s Jack Bauer, rather than the clock, the star. Such a notion would allow scribes much greater plot possibilities, opening up scenarios not possible on a show where all the action takes place in one day."