Poll: Who's Your Favorite New Star Wars Character?

by | December 21, 2015 | Comments


The wait is over! After a long 10-year hiatus, Star Wars hit theaters once again this weekend, bringing back a more mature version of the beloved original characters — like General Leia, Han Solo and Chewbacca — and introducing a whole new generation of characters.  With so many new faces joining both the First Order and the Resistance, we ask you: Who couldn’t you get enough of in The Force Awakens? Vote for your favorite on the poll below, and tell us in the comments section what you see them facing in the upcoming episodes.

  • Colton G

    1. Kylo Ren/Ben Solo
    2. Rey (Skywalker?)
    3. Finn
    4. BB-8
    5. Poe Dameron
    6. Maz Kanata
    7. General Hux
    8. Captain Phasma (literally did nothing the entire film…but she looks cool)

    • HurricaneJedi

      yeh, I have not thought about this much till now but my list would be the same as yours. And the thing is, I love the new characters apart from Phasma, how she crumbled was a bit annoying but right up till Hux, they are all great. I love the relationship between Hux and Kylo.

      • Colton G

        And it sucks, because I’m such a big fan of Gwendoline Christie (being that Game of Thrones is my favorite TV show right now) and I was hoping Captain Phasma would be amazing, but sadly, she didn’t do anything. They said she was going to be in Episode VIII, but she’s still going to be taking a back seat to most of the new characters and also Luke and Leia will get more screen time (I assume) in VIII. Also, do you think Rey is Luke’s daughter? There are SO many signs pointing to that in the movie, but they didn’t really confirm it. I mean, Anakin/Luke’s lightsaber calling to her is a big sign, her having flashbacks of Luke and the Knights of Ren is a big sign, and when Kylo read her mind and said he saw the “island and the ocean” which is where Luke was, was another sign. I’m like 95% sure she is, but they need to show more flashbacks in Episode VIII.

        • Always Texan

          I think that’s why they stopped the movie where they did – Luke would presumably know he had a daughter, so if he’d spoken at the end he’d have said so.

          • Sam Mwai

            kul and smart

        • EB

          The signs suggested more than she was Han and Leia’s daughter more than Luke’s. Plus, Luke is a jedi. He can’t have sex… unless he wants to go evil like Anakin.

          • Colton G

            If she was Han and Leia’s daughter, they would’ve been more ecstatic to see her. What signs suggested she was their daughter?

          • Stephen Williams

            Anyone thought she might be related to Kenobi?

          • Lewis

            I really hope she is. Being Kenobi’s granddaughter makes her interactions much more interesting. Luke knew Ben and would care for her still, a fight between Kylo Ren (basically a Skywalker) and Rey (Kenobi in this case) would bring more depth to Kenobi guys cleaning up shit after Skywalkers. And most of all, if she is not Kenobi, I can’t explain Obi-Wan’s voice (both) in her vision.

          • Skyfall

            I need to go back to rematch the film just for that vision sequence….. I was too busy laughing about how she mustve taken too much acid to pay attention. That or the alcohol was starting to work lol

          • Erick the Redd

            You could argue Obi-Wan’s voice is there because he has been the one responsible for either training the Skywalkers (Anakin and Luke in Ep. 4) or leading them on the path to be trained (to Yoda in Ep. 5). So even if he’s not related he could still view it as his responsibility to guide her, as he has always tried to do with the Skywalker family.

          • Lewis

            That would be lame. Obi-Wan was one of my favorite characters, and he was the best part of the prequels, so I hope his family line is not lost. Only Skywalkers is boring. And Kenobi fighting Skywalker gives more depth, than brother/sister or cousin/cousin.

          • EB

            Her mechanical brilliance. The fact that Han wanted to leave her the blaster AND bring her with him on the Falcon. The fact that Kylo Ren seems to know/sense her. The fact that Abrams was mirroring the Old Trilogy (this was almost a remake of New Hope), so it would make sense that like Luke and Leia, Ren and Rey are brother-sister. The fact she can tap into the force suggests she is related to the Skywalkers (and if Luke is a Jedi, he hasn’t had sex… meaning it must be Leia). Also, Leia hugs Rey when she sees her… yet she hadn’t met Rey prior to her being rescued from the Death Star planet. Obviously, Rey would have been abandoned to protect her. Thus, Han and Leia wouldn’t necessarily blab that she is their daughter. But the hints were there.

          • Erick the Redd

            There is no evidence that Luke even knows of the no sex rule, or that he kept it around when he started reforming the Jedi. As far as we know, he only knows his Jedi father had kids. All his other masters are now ghosts, there is no reason he HAS to listen to every point they make. And clearly the force is passed down generationally, maybe he views that as a good thing, to help create more Jedi.

          • Sofía Alarcón Segovia

            This. Another thing to keep in mind is that in ANH Obi Wan had no qualms about telling Luke that his father was Jedi. He said it like it wasn’t a big deal for Jedi to have children. To be sure, this was years before the prequels, which is where Lucas first introduced the idea of Jedi celibacy. But canonically, you could rationalize it by saying that it was just an arbitrary rule enforced by the Jedi Council during the time of prequels- that it doesn’t really need to be a requisite for a Jedi.

          • The old prequel Jedi Order didn’t do sex. Why would Luke reform the Jedis and keep such a stupid rule?

          • EB

            Well, how about the fact that his father was the only Jedi known to have sex… and it drove his father to insanity and the Dark Side. That seems like a damned good reason to keep the rule.

          • NikolaiG

            Jedi’s have sex. From the start Lucas has said so. I looked it up.

    • Jonathan Reynolds

      The spoiler in your comment is really unnecessary…

      • Colton G

        Why would someone be on an article about their favorite characters from the film unless they’ve SEEN the film?

        • Jonathan Reynolds

          Who cares why. The point is that your spoiler adds nothing. It can only ruin things for people who haven’t seen the less than a week old movie.

          • Colton G

            Actually, part of the reason that he’s in my number one spot is BECAUSE he’s the son on Han and Leia (2 of the most iconic film characters of all-time). So, I wouldn’t say that it doesn’t add anything.

          • Anyone truly concerned with spoilers really should avoid message boards PERIOD. Especially when it’s a message board intended for people who saw the film.

    • OrioleWay

      Completely agree with your order. The addition of a strong female protagonist was genius, and needed as the Star Wars universe was pretty lacking in that area. Kylo Ren is a bit more interesting, though, as he has more depth at this point in the story. It will be interesting to see what they do with his character going forward, Adam Driver appears to me to have the acting ability to take the character wherever the writers want it to go.

  • 1. Rey
    2. BB-8
    3. Finn
    4. Poe
    5. Kylo Renn
    6. Maz Kanata
    7. General Hux
    8. Captain Phasma (hope she gets to do more in Episode VIII)

    • BluntSmoka

      How do you put a droid over Finn

      • It’s because BB-8 is fun and adorable.

        • sam vetter

          BB-8 totally won me over. When i first saw him in trailers, I thought I’d hate him. The concept of a ball-droid seemed so dumb. But he won me over in his… her? first scene, lol.

      • Lee Woolsey

        Because BB-8 is that damn awesome!

  • Ben08

    Rey’s cool. I can see why she’s in first. BUT, I just like Finn’s story more. He was a Storm Trooper that turned to the “light side”. How cool is that??? Oh, and Poe Dameron comes a close second, just from sheer coolness.

    • Always Texan

      Poe didn’t have enough screen time, and they could have taken at least a minute or so to show him getting off Jakku.

      • Ben08

        Yeah but we weren’t supposed to know he was alive. I thought they did a good job with Poe.

        • Matt Deveny

          I’m still wondering how the heck Poe got off Jakku. Was there some space-capable ship nearby that Finn and Rey completely missed? There were no other surviving ships unless you’re saying he had some super secret communication device coming out of prison.

          • Erick the Redd

            Early on in the movie we see Rey sitting and eating, and she looks up in the sky and see’s a ship leaving Jakku. I think its safe to say the planet isn’t so far off the grid that he couldn’t find a way off.

    • sam vetter

      yep, all great characters done very, very well. The first movies were great, but didn’t have nearly as much character potential as we have starting now here. It makes the anticipation of the future films that much more exciting. THIS is what we were supposed to feel after the first of the prequels which instead seemed to make many of us just feel disappointment and fear that the next two movies would be equally as dreadful.

      It is great to have minds racing with possibilities and excitement again!

      • LeMaster

        They were terribly done. Finn had no character development and no motive behind his actions. He had no real reason to be written into the film.

        • starwarrior

          I have to disagree with you there, Finn slowly stops running away from his problems and decides to face them head on in the end, getting him injured (development). His motives also turn from getting away from the First Order to helping and trying to save Rey (motivation).

          • isimi kehinde

            Thank you, someone who understands complex character development. People don’t seem to understand that his so lack of definition made him a more intriguing character, make him less predictable than the other characters.

          • Lee Woolsey

            Well that’s a subjective thing, sure he had less character and that makes it easier for an audience to imprint emotions on to him, as was the case with Luke in the originals, but that doesn’t inherently make him more intriguing, if you prefer it then fine, but I didn’t think there was a whole lot to him after the first act, his character didn’t grow a whole lot after that, Rey and Kylo did. Of course there’s plenty of space for him to develop in episode 8, and John Boyega is clearly a pretty good actor and his performance definitely adds some extra depth to Finn, so I’m still optimistic as to what direction he can go in future films.

          • isimi kehinde

            i think you misread me, Finn had a strong character (funny, a little introspective but very unsure), but his incentive was what seemed sporadic (for the lack of a better term) and that to me made him a more intriguing compared to the others, who were all rather defined by their motives, or impending fates.

        • DustyKnuckles

          His motives were clearly moral. He no longer wanted to be a par to the First Order and we plainly see his emotional development in that regard, starting with him seeing his friend die and then being hesitant about killing the villagers. In the history of Stormtroopers, there has never been one who has defected. He is unique in that regard.

          • LeMaster

            It wasn’t a good motive because it wasn’t unique. Stormtroopers were going down everywhere. Nothing made his situation different than the others. I think what would have helped was his superior explaining his perhaps historical emotional and situational issues with Kylo. But instead she told Kylo he had no prior issues. What a waste of an opportunity to shed light on his current actions.

          • Justin Neal

            He was on his first mission and didn’t want to slaughter a bunch of kids. Enough shed

        • Lewis

          People so easily forget two big things, when criticising Force Awakens:
          1) It is the 1st out of 3. The Original Trilogy was planned, but not confirmed. And here we 100% will have 3 films, so we will have more character development in the future.
          2) The film had a very dificult task: pick up threads last seen ~30 years ago, develop them to some conclusion AND add new ones. With this in mind, I think it is the most wise descision to “copy” A New Hope. This way we see new characters going through same shit as old ones. History repeats itself.

        • jason

          Finn = most goddamn annoying character of Force Awakens

          • Erick the Redd

            Good points made in your argument, I’m so glad you don’t dislike him JUST to be contrary since everyone else likes him, and that you have legit reasons for finding him annoying, and that you laid them out so perfectly here.
            And no, I’m not asking you to show me your generalized reasons for dislike so you can continue your “point”, it won’t matter to me.

    • Lee Woolsey

      I think it’s definitely a cool idea, and I think Boyega was really good, but after that, Finn didn’t seem to have a whole lot else to do from a character standpoint, he drives the narrative but he doesn’t seem to grow much after the first act, whereas the same can’t be said for Rey who has a very clear, well defined arc over the course of the film.

      • DustyKnuckles

        Are you sure? It was clear that by the second act, he had misgivings about joining the Resistance and then once Rey was kidnapped he made the decision to throw his hat in with them. You see latter that he clearly has found his place. That was clear development.

        • Erick the Redd

          Thank you. Just because he was still funny people seem to think he didn’t grow as a character, as though he should have decided to save Rey and shut up the rest of the film. I don’t get it, he can grow as a character without CHANGING his entire character.

      • Dracoprimus

        um, how much character growth have YOU experienced in just the last few days?

    • NikolaiG

      Finn is a character without Star Wars precedent, a really interesting character. I’m glad they focused on Rey (to kick start her character) and especially Solo (to give him at least one more big hurrah for old time’s sake) in this film, but I will be very interested to see what they do with Finn in the upcoming movies.

      • Akhibrass

        Yes, without precedent. Have we had a Star Wars hero who was so inept, ineffectual and weak? Oh, yeah, Jar Jar….

    • Erick the Redd

      I prefer Rey but that’s because I prefer Jedi. And Ridley knocked it out of the park. But I will also admit Finn’s story is more unique and very interesting. A defector from the First Order (Empire). We haven’t seen that before, and not to mention Boyega ALSO knocked it out of the park. Love or hate TFA, the one thing you can say is they were able to create brand new characters that you care about to carry on the legacy, and they hit on just about every one.

  • BluntSmoka

    I liked Rey, Finn, and Poe the most in that order

  • Jerry from down the street.

    Kylo Ren was SO disappointing. Remember when he lost to Rey one on one? And when Finn was able to hurt him in a light saber fight? Weakest Sith.

    All the other characters were cool though. Phasma needed more screen time, or dialogue, period.

    • tsbray9

      he’s weak, thats the whole point

    • Micheal Monson

      Yeah, he ISN’T powerful and that is the whole point. He ISN’T the chosen one. He ISN’T special and it is killing him. He is the little brother, the fan boy, he is a Catcher in the Rye – esque tragic character. He is an amazing character and, in my opinion, far more compelling as a character (if not as a persona) than Vader. We compare him to Vader and he falls short but that is the whole point.

      Also, he wrecked Finn after getting hit with a bowcaster which brutally killed everyone else it hit. Remember that Stormtrooper being thrown across the room by the force of it? He was bleeding badly. He knocked Finn down a few times and had to gather himself and pound his abdomen. He clearly didn’t consider Finn a real opponent. Finn nicked him and he ripped him up in return. Also, he was defeating Rey and she only rallied by calling on the Force and due to the fact that Kylo Ren was exhausted and badly injured. At that point he was probably on the verge of losing consciousness anyway.

      Also, it was never said anywhere that he was a good fighter. If most of his training was under Luke, there is every reason to believe he was more on the novice end…. doubly so considering that Snoke wanted him back to ‘complete his training’.

      • Jerry from down the street.

        You’ve won me over. I definitely didn’t give much thought to those things. He’s clearly very gifted with the force. I was just hoping for a Maul 2.0

        • sam vetter

          Oh, dear lord, sorry, I should have scrolled down. I just read this and realized i pretty much repeated what Monson said above, lol. But ya, I totally agree and think that it makes the story that much more cool.

          You put it in much better terms, Michael Monson, thank you! 🙂

    • Always Texan

      He’d also gotten shot in the gut with Chewie’s blaster, which had already been shown several times in the movie to be a pretty powerful weapon, at times killing multiple stormtroopers. So give the guy a break – lets shoot you in the gut and see how well you fight!

    • sam vetter

      That is the whole idea behind Kylo Ren in my opinion. That he is actually fairly weak with the force, but wants to be strong (he almost completely confirmed this when speaking to his father, Han, on the catwalk… Han tells him he wants to see his son but Kylo’s answer is, “He was weak and foolish like his father, so I destroyed him**) and therefore was open to being seduced by Snoke in the first place. He is being promised power, but Snoke isn’t training him, he is USING him. In some respects it seems that Kylo Ren DOES recognize this, and Han even calls him on it. That is why you see so many scenes where he flips out when something that should have been under his control goes wrong… finding the the droid, etc.

      He idolizes his grandfather, but he “fears that he will never be as strong as Darth Vader” (she wasn’t making this up as an insult… she was pulling it straight from his mind) and this is exactly what Rey, who is strong in the force picks up on when she uses the force instinctively when she reads his mind as a push back.

      He is afraid… he admits it himself. He is a spoiled brat, unstable… he ISN’T a HERO GONE BAD. He is a weak, scared young man who is now a mass murderer and probably realizes he can never go back from that and so is open to further seducing and manipulation by Snoke. Everything in the movie indicates it in completely clear terms.

      If you understand what his character is SUPPOSED to be, I’d say he pretty 100% nailed it. If you remember the scene where he is wounded, pounding and beating at his wounded side, blood dripping out… that is something someone who needs to psyche themself up to try to gain courage to fight does… He does it when Rey and Finn can’t even see him, which clearly indicates he is doing it for his OWN benefit, not to scare them.

      This is all my opinion, of course, but it sure does seem to fit with the way it is all portrayed. There is more nuance to his character than there was with Vader, which also in my opinion helps change up the storyline a bit and keep a similar story interesting. We’re seeing the force, which is trying to balance itself, driving reality in almost a complete circle again, but with different actors. But due to the “prophecy” of the force, that the balancing will happen in the Skywalker line, those actors happen to continue to be of the same bloodline.

      I think it’s great. I dunno, curious what others’ take on it may be, but if you re-look at it with that angle in mind, doesn’t it actually make for a rather cool change up in the story? He wants to finish what Vader started, i.e. hunting the Jedi to extinction. Luke is the last Jedi, thus his obsession with finding him. And so on.

      Sry for the text block, lol

      • Justin Neal

        I loved what you wrote. Especially because the real villains in life are closer to Kylo Ren than Vader. They are spoiled brats who mask their weakness and insecurities with things and titles to build themselves up. I think Kylo, Hux, and Snoke are really strong representations of different types of people obsessed with power

    • Gregy T

      It showed though that Ren had awesome kinetic power (halting laser blasts, force throwing people( mirroring Vader)) but is just a Suckful swordfighter

      • Justin Neal

        He is a good sword fighter. But he’s been injured with a blaster Chewie and was basically kicking Rey’s ass until she went all JOHN CENA god mode on her. Also, don’t forget that Rey walks around like a mini Darth Maul. She’s skilled with a staff and took out two attackers early with three moves, so it was very easy for her to translate her moves to a half saber when she’s been training with a long staff that requires a higher degree of skill

    • Kylo Ren is not a Sith. He is on the Dark Side, but NOT a Sith.

  • G14

    WOW. Finn stole the show. He made Star Wars modern and relevant w/o goin over the top. Every person I talk to that’s seen the movie mentions him and his momnets. The fact that Rey has that many more votes than him clearly points to a racial bias, Im sorry.

    • Joshua

      No it doesn’t. That idea stems from your own personal experience. Rey is by far the most interesting new character.

      • G14

        Naw, that’s facts, everyone I see online right after they see the movie talk about him, as well as in person, I haven’t heard anyone mention her hardly. Finn put the movie over the top, Rey is someone I could see in the previous 3 movies, nothing new there, there’s nothin interesting about her, she has no internal struggle, her back story is run of the mill stuff, Finn steals every scene he’s in.

        • LeMaster

          What are you talking about? Everyone everywhere talks about how irrelevant Finn is and how worthless of a character he is. There’s no actual reason he should have been in the movie. Obviously you like him because of some personal fixation, but quit trying to make it seem like a fact that he’s the best character when in reality he is the weakest.

          • isimi kehinde

            His so called irrelevance is what made him appealing. While the other stars (sweet characters by the way) had been somewhat defined; Poe was certified pilot for the resistance, and Rey was obviously going to be the one with the force, Finn wasn’t defined which left him as the mystery between the 3 main characters, it made him seem more human,because lets face it, most of us think we know where we are going then realize this isn’t the path i want to take.this made him more relatable and intriguing.
            Also his weakness also made him much more realistic character, the fact that rey could use the force and defeat Kylo (like she has fought him before, although she does have significant skills in weapons use looking at scene where she beat up those guys in Jakku ) made her scenes little less terrifying compared to finn and poe.
            Irregardless of what people picked, each actor came out swinging and wheather their relevance to the plot was stronger or not. They are here to stay and we should all get use to it.

          • G14

            mmmmmmm oh my god stop fuckin lyyyyiiiinnnn

      • DustyKnuckles

        Yeah, but Rey is basically Luke/ Anakin 2.0. She really isn’t that interesting.

        • Justin Neal

          she’s nothing like either. She’s more like Poe or Obi-Wan tbh

    • isimi kehinde

      i would have to agree with you there,finn is the most interesting character there,when it comes to backstory and his moment were funny and charming,rey was great but she cant hold the movie on her own unlike finn and poe…shes quite generic in a sense but an interesting one though. BB is a given..he shouldnt be on the list lol he should top the list.

    • ChrRome

      That’s an ignorant thing to say. Rey was also a great character, and if Finn were winning people could end up attributing it to gender bias in the same way you are attributing race for no reason. For me it was likely Kylo > Rey > Finn > BB8 > etc

      • G14

        Smh. Your list is terrible. Without Finn and his performance the movie would have been substantially weaker. We’ve seen characters like Kylo and Rey a million times, what great moments did they have??? Kylo doesn’t even rank with villains from the previous 3 movies smdh

        • Joshie

          Apparently you watched a different movie…. Kylo out acted and out portrayed his character in every facet.

          • G14

            Mmmmmm oh my god stop fuckin lying

          • wickfordsucks88

            xDDD opinions can be wrong guys, right??? The actor for Finn did a great job, but the script for him wasn’t that great. Kylo > Finn > Rey > Ball Robot

    • sam vetter

      lol, you’re looking for bias where this is none. The fact that people still totally loved him speaks volumes. Don’t be “that” guy who sees nonsense bias where this is none.

      I look at the reasons I like Rey just a few touches better than Finn and literally laugh while shaking my head while wondering how you come up with the idea that because people liked Rey better, somehow it’s racial bias, lol. Why not straight hair vs curly? Outfit bias because ppl thought her clothes were more cool? Staff wielding bias?

      YES, there IS bias, that is what makes a person like one character over another… that is the friggin’ DEFINITION of liking one thing over another. But racial bias, lmao NO, most certainly NOT.

      • G14

        Clearly yes. Even Kylo Ren has more votes than him, if Finn was white he would have the most votes hands down. Rey literally has the same character as other heroines in teen films and books like Hunger Games and Insurgent, she has no personality. You’re blind if you don’t see that, he was the best character that gave the best performance. Sad.

      • DustyKnuckles

        Right!? Lord knows that racial bias has been totally eradicated from this world! It’s not possible at all that some people dislike Finn because he’s black. Not at all.

    • Jason

      Rey was awesome in her own way, but her character was kinda what I expected, Finn on the other hand I was very pleasantly surprised how much I liked him, had a moment there where I was like wtf are u doimg, when he wanted to leave even after she was OK with him deceiving her, other than that he was very fun character, someone I can see filling that han solo humor

      • G14

        I thought she fell into the boring prodigal, inexplicably supremely talented character that plague movies nowadays. Her only internal struggle was losing her family at a young age. Finn was realistic and acted real. The two need each other going forward imo.

    • Richard Coleman

      Finn was my least favorite his looks and personality were unlikable to me. I would be happy if they replaced him with a different actor.

      • Rachel Latham

        Yes, because heaven forbid we have a person that the audience can relate to instead of a underwear model. His personality/acting/character design, ok that is constructive. However, model type looks don’t make the character. If that is your standard go back to watching Baywatch.

        • Richard Coleman

          I thought he was ugly but I’ve liked other ugly actors. His personality wasn’t likable to me it made the movie less enjoyable for me. He reminded me of someone who acts purely on whatever emotional state he is in at the time. There was nothing intelligent, nuanced or interesting about his character for me.

      • G14

        Probably a white one huh Dick?

        • Richard Coleman

          Clearly, there are many white actors much more skilled and nuanced than this guy but his race wasn’t an issue for me. I just thought he had bad personality. He was goofy in a bad way for me. It isn’t personal it’s just people like different personality types.

          • G14

            Your full of shit but it’s your shit

      • Joshie

        Agreed. Perhaps someones who’s resume doest include sweaty and out of breath.

    • Bryton Cherrier

      I was about to upvote your comment until you pulled the race card.
      That was REALLY unnecessary man.

      • G14

        Naw, the numbers way to uneven that’s the only explanation, I could see if it was 30 rey 20 Finn, but 44 to 12, come on man, did these ppl even see the same movie?????????

      • DustyKnuckles

        If race is relevant than it should be mentioned. This is one of the few times we get a black protagonists(not named Denzel or Will) in a hollywood blockbuster and A LOT of people had problems with that.

        • Bryton Cherrier

          You people yourselves are kind of racist for going straight to his race to see it as the problem.

          Man, you liberals don’t look at yourself in the mirror at stuff like this.

    • whipnet

      The race card in Star Wars… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. How pathetic.


      • isimi kehinde

        I understand why the race card was played.
        Remember how people didn’t want to watch the movie because one of the lead characters is black?

        • whipnet

          Those “people” (snicker) were upset because storm troopers are clones of a single man (who was rather brown actually) They’ve would have been just as upset seeing a green man as a storm trooper.

          Have you ever heard of the movie Star Wars? Or are you just a paid troll from the “Black Lies Matter” group of race baiters?

          • DustyKnuckles

            Except it had been established years ago that Stormtroopers were not clones. Stop trying to defend the racist.

          • whipnet

            Really? Where? I’ve never watched the cartoons.

          • wickfordsucks88

            Have you ever heard of the movie Star Wars? Or are you just a paid troll from the “Stormfront” group of race baiters?

            They literally say in the movie that they don’t use clones anymore, hahaha.
            Why are you acting like Star Wars is some great big canon? The only canon is the original trilogy and this movie, and the OT was basically made up as it went along.

            Anyone that believes otherwise is a silly nerd that doesn’t quite get what Star Wars is about.

          • whipnet

            The controversy came much earlier than the movie (the first trailer) I am sure that line was added with haste to help clear things up. Up until a couple of days ago, storm troopers were clones.


          • wickfordsucks88

            Again, the OT is the only true canon (besides the new films) and the stormtroopers are not clones in the OT.

          • whipnet

            Show me where the storm troopers are not clones in the OT, or any Star Wars movie before The Force Awakens.

            I think you are getting confused with the movie Space Balls.

          • wickfordsucks88

            It’s not mentioned at any point in the OT, the stormtroopers are different heights, both Leia and Luke fit into the suits, the stormtroopers have different voices…

            Also tons of other extended universe information that isn’t relevant anymore

          • whipnet

            I am not sure when Leia wears a suit, but thanks for proving my point. As Wired Magazine reviews states that with Force Awakens “Stormtroopers are no longer clones; they’re brainwashed human. And they’re monsters.”

            They were clones up until the end of ROTJ.


          • wickfordsucks88

            Han and Luke*

            Right, Wired magazine is the ultimate authority on Star Wars lore, not the movies themselves. The movies where stormtroopers are different heights, have different voices, where different sized people can fit into the costumes and the movies where the word clone is never uttered. Piss off race baiter

          • whipnet

            It’s hilarious you are arguing this being they made an ENTIRE MOVIE that explains how they are clones….

            Some people just can’t admit they’re wrong. Making up their own facts…. hilarious and pathetic at the same time.


          • wickfordsucks88

            You understand that the prequels came before the OT, yeah? Have you seen the OT? The movies that came chronologically before the new movie. Have you seen them? They are the ones that I am describing and nothing I said was made up.

            I’ll run through it again, one more time.

            Timeline goes like this

            [PREQUELS] -> ANH -> Empire -> ROTJ – > TFA

            In the movies directly preceding the newest movie, Stormtroopers are different heights, they have different voices, the word clone is never mentioned, and people of different sizes can fit into the armor (Han and Luke).

            Clone (noun)

            1. an organism or cell, or group of organisms or cells, produced asexually from one ancestor or stock, to which they are genetically identical.

            So soldiers of different sizes and different voices cannot be clones. They are not genetically identical. Palpatine created a clone army in the prequels to serve his ends. Evidently they were phased out by the time of the Galactic Civil War (Original Trilogy)[see previous evidence]. If George wanted to ret-con the original trilogy to indicate that the stormtroopers were clones, he would have done so in the “special edition” that was released. However, despite adding many things to the OT in the “special edition”, nothing involving clones was added.

            Additionally from the Star Wars wikia: “As the clones’ accelerated aging process began causing their physical skills and abilities to deteriorate, they were replaced by non-clone volunteers and conscripts.”

            Do you understand?

          • whipnet

            Do you understand that Luke did not fit into the uniform? Do you not remember Leia’s line “Aren’t you a little short for a Storm Trooper”? There is nothing in the OT that states they are not clones. If we are told they are clones in II and never again told they are not, why do you assume they are not clones in the OT?

            You are entitled to your own opinion, however you are not entitled to your own facts. Sorry.

            (And you last line is not from the movies.)

          • wickfordsucks88

            A witty remark by Leia intended to poke fun at someone indicates what?

            When episodes 4-6 were re-released again, all of Boba Fett’s dialogue was redubbed over by Temuera Morrison because Boba Fett is a clone of Jango. In the prequels, all of the clone troopers have the same voice actor. Why didn’t George also redub the stormtroopers to have the same voice if they were meant to be clones?

            It’s because they are not clones.

            I don’t know if this is veiled racism against the new actor, or you’re simply mistaken on Star Wars lore. Either way, the voice acting is conclusive [[[from the movies]]].

          • whipnet

            You’re still just assuming. Not based on facts.

            Anyway, I only entered this discussion because i was pissed someone brought race into Star Wars in the form of a lame race-card.

            I personally love the new movie (I have seen it twice and going a 3rd time Monday, reminds me of my 7 year old self watching the original Star Wars in 1977) and Finn is DEFINITELY one of my favorites, probably the best actor in ANY Star Wars movie besides maybe Harrison Ford.

          • wickfordsucks88

            What’s the alternative, that George forgot to redub the voices of the Stormtroopers? Even though he purposefully went back and redubbed Boba, because he was a clone.

            I don’t get why the first guy was saying it was racist to vote for Rey the most, but second guy had a point. It was disgusting seeing people attack Finn, and pretending it was for some reason other than their pathetic racism. Sorry that I confused you with them.

            I agree with you on the rest of it, TFA was great and I’ve seen it twice now as well. Although I liked Kylo more as a character, Finn’s actor made the film really enjoyable. Cheers.

          • whipnet

            Using your logic I could say that even though there was a black jedi in the prequels, George Lucas didn’t go back and add black Jedi’s to the OT, then there are no black Jedi’s. 🙂

            Anyway, let’s agree that Star Wars is great and let’s hope they are not intentionally racist. And should be enjoyed for what they are… great, fun stories.

            (And yes Kylo rules)

          • whipnet

            I came back to let you know that I did read where the OT used enlisted men for Storm Troopers, so you were right. I still hope that Star Wars fans, just as Star Trek fans are enlightened enough to see above race and can have discussions about them without the race card being pulled. 🙂

          • isimi kehinde

            no, i am not paid to troll, but thanks for asking, now we’ve got that out of the way, can we talk like adults?

          • whipnet

            I think you mean “talk like racist” Your imagined hate for Fin is comical. Maybe not a troll, but a race-baiter for sure.

          • isimi kehinde

            no, i mean “talk like adults”. stop your assumptions and read it as it is. Now, if you weren’t online a few months or so before the movie came out, a lot of people weren’t going to watch the movie because they saw a black guy with what people back then assumed (which they were right) was Luke’s light-saber and were against it. so yea with that information, i can’t blame people thinking that the poles now is very much directed based on racist thinking.

      • G14

        that guilt tactic don’t work any more.

    • Hyrum Fairbanks

      Droid, please!

    • Frank

      Im gonna have to agree. I think they will give him a bigger role in the next one.

    • Joshie

      Finn was awful….. while looking tired and sweaty in every scene, he also managed to slip unnecessary jokes into situations no ones wanted to laugh during. Someone raised to fight since birth just ups and decides he wants to run away? doesn’t sound like a hero to me. People like you try to slip the race issue into every conversation, thus creating it rather than bypassing it and evolving with the times. Get real man, its Star Wars… Literally the most diverse movie ever created.

      • DustyKnuckles

        Star Wars has NEVER been the most diverse movie ever, are you kidding? The first movie didn’t have any non-whites in it and one women. Gimme a break.
        And he chose to leave because he “woke up” hence the the “Force Awakens”.

      • G14

        “The most diverse movie ever created” That alone makes you the dumbest person in America right now. Finn was a incredibly gifted shot with a gun in hand and on two completely different space crafts. He also killed a man with a light Saber the 1st time he used it. But we’re really spose to believe Rey, who is somehow even more unathleteic than Natalie Portman over powered Ren….okay. Clearly your theater showed you the wrong movie. You need to go get your money back.

      • wickfordsucks88

        What’s wrong with reluctant heroes? Han Solo anyone?

        He developed into a hero by the end of the movie, what’s interesting about someone that was righteous all along?

  • David W.

    I chose phasma cause she looks freaking awesome. too bad she didn’t do anything.

    • NotASquid

      I think that she’ll be more important in the next few movies. They advertised her a ton, so I feel like it has to pay off eventually

  • Jacob Clark

    1. Rey
    2. BB-8
    3. Kylo Ren
    4-T. Poe Dameron
    4-T. Finn
    6. Maz Kanata
    7. General Hux
    8. Captain Phasma

  • Benjamin Magdziak

    1. Rey, she is so interesting and has some of the best moments in SW saga
    2. Kylo ren (without mask) He is the Anakin we where looking for
    3. BB-8, He is just awesome and funny with emotions like a human.
    4. Finn, i have too see more of him in Episode 8, but he is cool and funny
    5. Poe. The same for him
    6. Maz Kanata. She is interesting but i have to see more of here
    7. Hux. The speech…and his cold eyes in this scene…. he is Hitler in young^^
    8. Phasma. She looks cool^^

    Whre is snoke?

    • Rayko

      ^This, especially the part about Rey and Kylo Ren.

    • mxdoe

      I don’t know, some of us found it hard to take Kylo ren seriously without the mask.

      • Corey Ginsberg

        I believe that was intended, with the mask on he was this intimidating figure in which many feared him, but with out his mask he is a frightened child. We are seeing a true origin for a villain, one that isn’t immediately fully developed in the dark side. We saw someone who was incredibly force gifted but, like Rey, still needs training to channel that skill. This new franchise is going to follow the likes of Rey and Ren becoming increasingly more powerful, and because of Ren’s need to become like Vader, and now he’s going to have a gnarly scar on his face, I bet the mask stays on.

        • Erick the Redd

          I doubt it stays on entirely, but I would bet for 90% of his scenes, and then the removal so we can see what Rey did to him and why he now hates her so much.

        • Michael Singer

          That’s exactly the point, he’s PLAYING the part of the “new Vader,” but has no idea how to actually be that yet. The only time that he feels truly confident and menacing is when he can hide behind the mask. And Rey calls him out on it to his face (man that interrogation was great scene).

    • Tadlicated

      Snoke is probably Jar jar. So i dont think he is new. If you think im crazy, checkout the theories of Jar Jar being a sith lord on youtube

      • NikolaiG

        JJ Abrams discussed with his CGI staff placing Jar Jar’s bones sticking out of the desert in one scene. So Snoke is not Jar Jar. Jar Jar is dead.

        • Erick the Redd

          …not Jar Jar. Jar Jar is ….
          I had to stare at that for about 5 minutes.

      • Patrick

        Snoke isn’t Jar Jar lol but I definitely think he’s an ancient Sith lord that’s been pulling the strings all along.

    • T i Double Grrrrrr

      Good point with Kylo,

    • billbo

      The anakin we were looking for? What? Anakin was far stronger, did what he thought was right and had his judgment clouded by loss. Ren was a whiny brat that lost a light saber battle to a storm trooper and a girl whos never touched a light saber in her life.

      • Joe

        Finn lost a light saber battle to a storm trooper. Ren sliced Finn up good. That was after Ren got blasted by Chewbacca’s crossbow, and plenty of attention was brought to how powerful that weapon is.
        Rey was trained as a child. You’ll have to watch the sequence when she first touched the light saber.
        Luke’s unskinned hand at then end is tied to the flashback of his mechanical hand touching R2.

        • Blumpkin Spice Donut

          THANK YOU!!! Jesus I swear people were paying no attention to the movie at all. I’m so sick of hearing that ill thought out complaint. The adhd generation is certainly making themselves heard.

          • Blumpkin Spice Donut

            Also it was pretty apparent ren wasn’t trying to kill rey considering he offered to train her, and still kicked her ass through the first part of their duel. Again, all while being pretty badly wounded by that bowcaster. Ren is a phenomenal villain, much more fascinating than Vader. Coming from a huge Vader fan I might add.

        • Erick the Redd

          Not to mention you can also take into account his emotions after killing his father. He was mentally and physically not ready to fight 2 people, one of them force enabled. That’s the reason Finn was able to get a small strike in on his shoulder and hold his own for about 20 seconds. Also he was not fully trained either, which they brought attention to after the fight when Snoke says he needs to continue (or did he say complete?) his training.

  • Moviefan23

    This was tough, but I had to go with Rey, followed closely by Finn, BB-8 and Kylo. Her character was great, but I was more impressed by the fact that Ridley carried so much of this huge movie on her shoulders in her first film. You just don’t see that very often.

    • Maury Johnson

      I as a over-weight 40 year old man could have played her role. This franchise carries itself.

      And I sure hope she is not a Skywalker. I am getting a little tired of these orders losing track of the most powerful Force practitioners. What? The Princess is so busy being a General she lost track of her daughter?

      • Colton G

        IF she’s a Skywalker, she is Luke’s kid, not Leia’s.

        • NikolaiG

          SPOILER AHEAD (about Ben). She is either Han and Leia’s daughter (Luke wiped their memories of her; removing memories is an established force power, you can look it up) or Obi Wan’s granddaughter. Either way, she had training as a younger girl before Luke spirited her away to Jakku after Ben went to the dark side. She doesn’t remember that early life because Luke removed her memory of it, though the skills remain.

          • Chris Gomez

            Established Force power? Where is that noted. You realize if its on Wookiepedia or written in a book before Disney bought Lucasfilm it is NULL AND VOID, DIDNT HAPPEN. There is no evidence that Jedi can remove memories from people or other Jedi. We’ve seen Jedi mind tricks used to confuse the weak minded but there has been no instances in the films where someone’s memories are erased. Only C3PO and R2 ( but theyre robots and Im sure a computer was used to do it) I don’t dispute that might be the explanation Rey doesn’t remember her training, but I hate how instead of just telling us that we have to GUESS and SPECULATE. This movie felt like an episode of LOST, more questions than answers.

          • Corps I Am (MSgt Retired)

            Except in LOST the big questions went unanswered forever. Most of your questions will probably be answered in Episode VIII. Of course, it took Lucas sixteen years to start answering all questions surrounding origins and histories. The good thing here is that there is no room in the numbering scheme to squeeze in a Prequel to this new trilogy. They have to deliver most of the answers in the next four years.

          • Danny Keighobadi

            Erm, its the beginning of a trilogy. It had to ask questions. But yeh i agree with your first point.

          • NikolaiG

            I know all about the old canon being tossed out. You need to rewatch the 6 prior Star Wars movies again.

          • Danny Keighobadi

            waaaaiiit wut ben went to the dark side?

          • DougP

            Yes. He took up the name Kylo Ren. Have you not seen The Force Awakens?

          • Mr.RightNOW!

            Leia’s kid but not through Han Solo born like Anakin through the force to counter balance Kylo Ren’s disturbance in the force!

          • David N-T

            There’s a problem with that theory: if Luke mind wiped both her and her parents, why does it appear as if Kylo Ren doesn’t know who she is when he meets Rey? Surely he’d recognize his own sister, unless Luke mind wiped him too, which begs the question of whether or not Luke did it before or after Ren turned to the dark side: if before, it’s a real dick move. If after, well, it doesn’t make any sense: “yeah, you killed all my students and stuff, so I’ll just selectively erase that one memory. Could you try not moving around too much while I go all Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind on you? Oh don’t worry, I’ll let you keep those fond memories of Snoke” Yeah, I think not.

            Theorizers should really just shut up: either they end up coming up with ideas so outlandish that they make conspiracy theorists seem like really grounded individuals, or they spoil the movie. Neither option is good, so please stop doing it or do it in an agreed upon environment.

          • NikolaiG

            If he’s older by a decade he could have been training when she was born, but I do think it’s too complicated to pull off, mind wiping 3 people at least, keeping it from Ben. You could write the story that way, but it would just seem too unlikely. The theories about Rey being Obi Wan’s granddaughter now seem more likely to me. Given similarities people have pointed out. Her behavior on Starkiller compared to Obi Wan’s skulking about the death star, her mind control, the fact that she has an English accent like Obi Wan and unlike Han or Leia (except for one short moment in ANH when Carrie Fisher put on a fake English accent for some unknown reason).


            It would be more dramatic if she were Han’s daughter, because then she would have known her father while he was alive, but would not have realized then that he was her father. There’s something very dramatic and sad about that. But I think you’re right. They won’t go that way.

          • NikolaiG

            After reading theories that she’s Obi Wan’s grand daughter, those now seem more convincing to me. The clues pointing to her being a Kenobi are stronger and force wiping only one memory – hers – makes more sense than Luke having to do it to Han and Leia and perhaps others. I think that’s what’s going on. She’s a Kenobi.

        • Mr.RightNOW!

          She’s Leia’s kid but not through Han Solo born like Anakin through the force to counter balance Kylo Ren’s disturbance in the force!

          • Erick the Redd

            Doubt it. Even with Luke’s “failure” as a Jedi Master/trainer, if the force created this person to offset Kylo Ren I don’t see Luke mind wiping her and leaving her and Leia and leaving her to rot on Jakku. If the force went through that much effort to create a chosen one AGAIN, Luke can’t just ignore that.

        • Maury Johnson

          That would make sense but that means Luke is a lousy representative of the forces of Good. I thought he put all that evil to bed in Return of the Jedi.

          I am going to see the other episodes, I am just going to wait until they are out on DVD as a result of this Episode 7. Maybe the franchise will redeem itself.

      • Fay Brewer

        The order is still is disarray. So it makes sense to me.

      • Moviefan23

        Well, no, the franchise does not carry itself. It’s pretty easy to claim that “anyone can do it” when you don’t actually have to do whatever it is you are yapping about. The prequels were awful and Hayden Christensen proved conclusively that not just anyone can carry a Star Wars movie. So you are wrong on both fronts.

        • Corps I Am (MSgt Retired)

          I’m sure that is not what he meant. You stated yourself, “The prequels were awful.” Yet, on the all-time domestic gross list…

          #7 – Episode I
          #48 – Episode II
          #25 – Episode III

          As awful as they were, we bought tickets to “Star Wars.” The franchise does carry itself.

          • Moviefan23

            My original point, and this article, had nothing to do with box office. When he says that he could have starred in the movie, he is claiming that anyone could carry a Star Wars movie. That is false. Force Awakens has a mid-nineties rating on this site and was added to the Critics Choice best picture list by special vote. Ridley’s performance has received widespread critical acclaim. None of that would be possible if anyone could carry the movie. The prequels wasted Natalie Portman and HC was horrible. And financially this movie will outperform all of the prequels. So I stand by my original point. Ridley did a great job in her first movie and she deserves the kudos she’s getting, a minority of the usual haters and cynics notwithstanding.

          • Corps I Am (MSgt Retired)

            Awakens outperformed all the Star Wars movies on the domestic all-time list as of this morning.

            I see your point, but even with the bad acting, the name “Star Wars” brought the crowd. The biggest problem that plagued the Prequels was the acting. Even the experienced actors had difficulty. I feel that a lot of the other problems would have been forgiven by the masses had the acting not have been so uncomfortable to watch. The acting (aside from Carrie Fisher) is not an issue with Awakens and does encourage a bigger crowd.

          • valorius

            just removing jar jar binks wouldve made the prequels far more palatable.

          • Corps I Am (MSgt Retired)

            I think Lucas realized that, hence Binks’ relegation to the background in Episodes II and III. I just re-watched the prequels over the last two days. Like the Godfather movies, I feel that I have to watch all of them if I want to watch one of them. They are just so uncomfortable and full of distraction.

          • teenygozer

            The biggest problem that plagued the Prequels was the script. It was so bad, even the experienced actors had difficulty choking those stilted words out!

          • Dracoprimus

            the name “Star Wars” might be able to explain the first time showings, but, it wouldn’t explain repeat tickets, THAT’s where a good chunk of the ticket sales are coming from

          • Corps I Am (MSgt Retired)

            Of course, but the money needed to make sequels comes from the initial rush to see a Star Wars movie. The record setting money is from the repeat viewings.

          • Dracoprimus

            I’m still not sure WHAT you are trying to imply. The “brand” only explains the first time views, if the movie sucked, then few people would have gone back for more. Within the first weekend, there were people who had seen the movie 3-4 times, maybe more. THAT’s not explainable by brand name. THAT is because of people enjoying the movie.

          • Adrian Marshall

            Well…I think what you said makes rational sense, but Rationality isn’t the reason people see these movies multiple times. I’ve heard the tales of people that make sure to watch the movies multiple times just due to tradition. I heard on NPR this guy say that he attempted to see PM 18 times because that’s how many times he watched the original. He didn’t make it, but he did suffer through it many times. And if great cinema was why folks see the movies more of Han once, then we ALL KNOW, TESB would be the highest grossing movie of all time.🤓

          • valorius

            he was right, you are wrong.

          • Nahzuul

            Not a very compelling argument, since he gave many reasons and supporting information, while you did not. Thanks for your opinion.

          • Joe Bradley

            Quit whining…….for Christ’s sake… is this what being a fan of a movie franchise is all about? Whining and bitching over different opinions? Jhc!! All of you need to get over yourselves. Your all a bunch of empty cans… like to hear each other rattle. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Move along!

          • Cameron Smith

            Don’t forget to take into account inflation, adjusted ticket sales, and total number of tickets sold. Episode 4 sold almost 2x’s the amount of tickets compared to Episode 1 and over 3x’s compared to Episode 3. I think that should count towards something. Ya know.

          • Corps I Am (MSgt Retired)

            The most fair comparison is to adjust for inflation, of course.

            The cool thing about A New Hope is that it held the number one domestic spot for twenty years (1977-1997), un-adjusted. In other words, even with ticket prices raised over the course of that period, 1977 ticket prices maintained Star Wars’ position until Titanic. And Force Awakens is finally going to knock Titanic down by the end of this weekend. Dammit Avatar is still $100 million off.

          • Patrick

            Actually, A New Hope only held the top spot from 1977 to 1983 when ET surpassed it … then regained the top spot in 1997 with the rerelease of the special editions which it then held for less than a year until Titanic bested it by 1998

          • Corps I Am (MSgt Retired)

            Oh you are right. I think it went Jaws, Star Wars, E.T., Star Wars, Titanic, Avatar.

        • valorius

          yes it does.

        • Maury Johnson

          Corps I am is more accurate on what I meant. Moviegoer23, it is a lot easier to win an argument nobody is having with you.

          Lets look at it a different way. Replace Daisy Ridley with your favorite young actress (think jennifer lawrence?) and I don’t think the movie performs any better (which, incidentally was why they did not higher jlaw). Replace Daisy with any other young, attractive woman and I think The Force Awakens performs just as well (though a truly horrible actress would be distracting).

          If Daisy Ridley had been a bad actress I think there would be fewer repeat tickets but I don’t think it would have that much of an impact. I think where there will be impact is next December when the next episode is released. I think it will be less than they could have made.

          I am not a “hater” of the force awakens. However, if they had been a bit more forthright about The Force Awakens (and not called it Episode 7, I would have waited to see the reboot from Redbox for $1.

          I thought it was a solid 5. The acting was fine (kylo the worse) but the story was repetitive and there was little character development. Basically I didn’t hate it but I would not have seen it in the theater. I will wait for DVD on future episodes. Same is probably true of those backstory movies about “getting the plans for the death star.

          As stated before, Daisy Ridley carried nothing, the Franchise did (though yes, I find her very attractive) and she was just along for the ride. Besides, the question is “who is your favorite new SW character? Not, “Who is your favorite SW Actor?” I am saying there were no new characters as evidenced by everyone says “Daisy is the new Luke” and “That pilot is the new Han”. Everything is what we have seen before. I don’t even remember their character names off the top of my head after just a few weeks.

          Lastly, maybe nobody cares about this anymore. I would have replied sooner except I only check on Rotten Tomatoes when there is something I want to see and Force Awakens was the first and last movie in a while I wanted to see in theaters. Shame it was a let down (though if you never saw Eps. 4, 5 and 6 I can understand you loving it).

      • timmy

        Dude, as an over-weight 40 year old man, there’s plenty you can’t do. And playing the vital part of the lead in this movie with an ounce of the charm, charisma or burning talent that is necessary to make the return of Star Wars a success instead of a prequel is top of that list. Ridley, however, has done it magnificently.

        There’s always one, isn’t there. And they’re usually 40. Goodbye comments section.

        • Corps I Am (MSgt Retired)

          “…as an over-weight 40 year old man…”

          Kill the sugar and the starch. Do all protein and vegetables. It has little to do with exercise. You’ll drop weight without even trying.

        • Maury Johnson

          I think you are completely wrong. There are plenty generic overweight actors that are much loved. Some I understand why, others I don’t. Examples, Paul Giamatti, John Goodman, Oliver Platt, Kevin James. If that part had been written for a chubby middle aged guy it could have been great, instead they went formula and Daisy is what we got.

          Chubby 40 year olds can be great if they are good actors. I probably object less to Daisy than I do the formula. Basically this is a can’t miss franchise cashing in on the teenage women hero movies such as Hunger Games, Twilight, Insurgent, etc…

          Think outside the box timmy. If you are Daisy’s brother, father or husband, OK, I get it. Otherwise I think it was just a derivative part. Daisy might well be a fine actress but the SW character really was bad.

          • AngieB

            And i think you are completely wrong. Well then, that established a lot, didn’t it? Move along.

            And whos a teenager? None of them are. Have you not learned your numbers?

            By the way, having somebody like you in the film would not have made it nearly the success it was, sorry to burst your bubble. Nobody would be cheering on the slow fat man as he huffed and puffed and eventually fell on Kylo. Saving the galaxy and all while looking like a fresh tomato.

          • Maury Johnson

            You missed my point. This franchise is no longer dependent on the actors for the latest installment to be a success. Had Luke Skywalker been played by a fat dude (and Leia by a fat chick) then you and I wouldn’t be having this conversation because nobody would care.

            You are free to love the actors and the characters but they have nothing to do with The Force Awakens being a success (Though the could screw it up, which they didn’t).

      • Kaylasa

        You didn’t even watch the movie well. IT’S OBVIOUS Leia and Rey were separated under painful circumstances, as Rey’s flashback reveals, and it’s also obvious we’ll get to see more of her story in the other 2 movies, so what are you babbling about? And then the other foolishness you write: “I as a over-weight 40 year old man could have played her role. This franchise carries itself”. Precisely because it is a HUGE franchise NOT JUST ANYONE can play the daughter of a Skywalker. Fans were actually ready to EAT HER ALIVE because this story is so well-loved and known in the whole planet, by people of all ages…..and yet she did a GREAT job and all critics and most fans are saying so. You’re nothing but a hater.

        • Maury Johnson

          I don’t disagree with you completely on this. I was kinda starting to get bored by the time that bit with the flashbacks started to happen and I admit, I did not pay it that much attention. I was hard to see who was ditching her, was it Leia? How do you know? I didn’t get the impression it was BUT it would be a better flashback if it was. Tie things together much better. The flashbacks on Tatoonie, excuse me…Jarka? seemed a bit “insert separation anxiety story here” to me. I still find it difficult to believe the General Leia would not go back for her child.

          As for the actress? I think she is terribly attractive and probably acts well enough. I don’t think any of the actors were given an opportunity to act in this movie, even Ford and especially Hamill. I had no intention of eating her alive if she screwed up. Face it, acting skills have little influence on perception in this franchise. We all know Natalie Portman is a terrific actress and look what happened to her. I was very dissatisfied with the plot. I felt I had seen it all before. If you had not seen the originals I bet Force Awakens was great.

          I have wondered this since I saw the movie and since you are a woman, maybe you can answer. I would think a woman would prefer to be a Princess to a General, why was it so important to make Leia a General now? Maybe future shows will tell. Do women today prefer to be a General or a Princess? That would be a good poll.

    • wickfordsucks88

      I don’t get how Captain Phasma is above anyone on the list. She isn’t even a character, just a plot device lol…..

      • Erick the Redd

        It is the exact same reason people love Boba Fett. Because I don’t know.

        • Drevnibor

          It is the exact same reason people love Boba Fett.
          That is incorrect. Even though I don’t share everyone’s love for Boba Fett, he at least DID something – he used a good hiding tactics to track down the Millenium Falcon and allow Vader to capture our heroes. Phasma, on the other hand, literally did nothing, except doing what our heroes told her to do, after a threat.

          • DrWilmaBabyliv

            Phasma actually arrives at Jakku and oversees her Stormtroopers order to kill all the rest of the villagers, which they follow through on. That’s doing quite a bit. She truly is the Boba Fett of the series so far, but we’ll likely see her doing more in the next film (though she’ll never be a lead).

      • Laura Green

        It’s because fandoms have a tendency to flock around very random and obscure characters. The same with the bronies loving derpie or that random pony with the hourglass on his flank. In this case, I think people just love the IDEA of her character, plus that she looks Copland is played by the GoT actress

        • Dormgron

          See also: TR-8R from this film.

      • Sophovot

        big and shiny BIG AND SHINY

        • Sophovot

          I’m just really pumped to have an awesome female stormtrooper

    • valorius

      She did?

  • Matt Hooper

    I hate being in the majority–but I loved the character of Rey. Kylo is my second choice. Intrigued by Maz. All the characters were pretty kick azz tho.

  • Always Texan

    I hope we see more of Phasma in the next movie, and perhaps she gets to do something more equating her villain status. Similarly, Poe just didn’t have enough screen time. Too bad you limited this only to ‘new’ Star Wars characters. I voted for Rey (Ren would have been second choice, followed closely by Finn) but if the ‘old’ cast members were included, Han wins this easily.

  • fools2234

    WHY is everyone picking the girl? She is such a boring character. Can’t believe this crap.

    • ChadMichaelSimon

      She’s a scrapper, athletic, independent, headstrong, and plunged into a larger world. Her reaction to the greenery on Takodana was one of the best moments. She plays the reluctant hero. She wields a blaster for the first time with desperation and anger. She discovers the ways of the Force and holds her own in one of the best lightsaber battles. She climbed a friggin’ mountain to challenge Luke Skywalker to train her.

      Yes, such a boring character. I wish she would have DONE something.

      • Frank

        I thought she was a boring character also. She was so powerful in the first movie I hated that. We have seen this character arc before. The whole stormtrooper defecting and becoming a jedi was so much more appealing to me and I hope its expanded in future sequels.

        • Justin Neal

          But now that she has completed the arc, there are so many interesting possibilities for her character instead of watching the Luke/Anakin Skywalker arc play out again for 3 movies. I’m glad they got that out of the way. We’re in uncharted territory with Kylo/Rey/Hux(who I think will become very important)

      • mb

        Spot on! Minus the independent part that didn’t need to be included.

    • Kirito Hitsuzen

      Why are you saying she is a boring character?. Can’t believe your crap

    • Joshie

      I wouldn’t say she is boring, she’s actually my second favorite from this movie (Kylo Ren being my first). But she didn’t grow as much as i had hoped she would. Kylo on the other hand had an incredible range of emotion. He reminded me a lot of Anakin and his journey from light to dark, but in reverse! i loved the mirror image of his grandfather before he matured and became the cold dark villain we know, Darth Vader. I see Kylo growing just like Anakin in almost the exact same sorts, just the mirror image. I honestly didnt know what to think after i saw it the first time and had to see the movie multiple times to get a full grasp on the character development, which needless to say i am now incredibly impressed by the cast.

    • jfruedam

      In part, because the hotness is strong with her xD

  • Jennifer Lima

    Rey <3

  • Robert Kreiling


    Kylo Ren is a difficult character to determine the coolness of. On one hand, he’s got a scary shuttle, a sweet helmet, and a bad-ass crossguarded lightsaber. He even uses said lightsaber to beat up inanimate electronics whenever he gets angry, which, if I’m being honest, is exactly what I’d probably do with it.

    On the other hand, he killed Han Solo, and killing someone as cool as Han Solo (particularly when he’s your dad) is just incredibly not cool.

  • Down Lowbama

    1. Kylo/Rey/Poe/BB-8
    2. Finn
    3. Everyone else.

  • James Vincent

    I thought John Boyega and Daisy Ridley are really fine actors. I thought they really carried the movie. Kylo Ren was a disappointment. Hux was chilling.

  • Sebastian Quevedo Ramirez

    1-Kylo Ren
    4-Poe Dameron
    5-BB 8
    6-Maz Kanata
    7-Captain Phasma
    8-General Hux (terrible performance and character)

    • Douglas Ramos

      Nah, Hux was fine. just a little wasted…

      • Lee Woolsey

        I agree, I liked Hux and I actually thought it was a pretty good performance from an actor who’s only prior performance I can remember was in About Time, which was a very different film to say the least. I don’t think he was wasted, he’s a supporting character, he does what he’s supposed to do, and I think he does it well.

        • Justin Neal

          Nah man, Domhall Gleeson has been quietly making a mark for the last few years. He was one of the Weasley brothers(Charlie or Bill) in Harry Potter. He starred in one of the best episodes of Black Mirror, which led to him getting Deus Ex Machina. And he’s in The Revenant.

          • Patrick

            The film was simply call “Ex Machina” lol. I believe you’re getting that confused with the video game “Deus Ex”. Either way, Domhnall Gleeson did a wonderful job in Ex Machina and is a terrific actor. He’s really making a name for himself, as is Oscar Isaac.

          • Skyfall

            Thank you so much! I knew his face was too familiar, just couldn’t pinpoint the movie. And yah agree ex machina showcased him perfectly.

    • Cie

      Hux was a brilliantly detestable character! And Gleeson’s performance was brilliant! WTF is wrong with you, haha?


    Rey was good but she could have been more interesting. Don’t load up your main character with every type of ability out there. I understand they are trying to convey she’s one with the force but she’s had no training, that one scene where she uses the Jedi mind trick felt more like fan service than something that adds to her character. Make her a great pilot/mechanic like Luke but don’t give her Master Jedi powers in the first film. That fight where she goes toe to toe with Kylo Ren felt stale, he could of easily force choked her of lopped a limb off despite an injury or that he hadn’t finished his training (or he’s being used). I mean the guy stopped a blaster laser in mid-air, that takes some considerable power. Kylo was also emotionally compromised which those on the dark side use as fuel, he should have been more powerful. Honestly I was digging Finn a lot and a Poe/Finn team up more, it felt like Luke and Han-Solo in the terms of friendship. Poe Dameron was excellent, I wanted him on screen much more, he just had sort of that classic trilogy feel. Oscar Issac’s is an excellent actor, use him. Anyway, it’s a good start, hopefully they write these characters more carefully as the movies go on. Action, sets, special effects and nods to the originals are nice but Star Wars shines with how the characters are structured. They need to remember your producing a whole new generation of fans, give them something to look up to like the old fans did.

    Sorry guys, didn’t mean to point some things out in the middle of the hype train but we will all realize this stuff later on. I really did like the film though, at least JJ Abrams is trying.

  • GeekFurious

    Rey. Definitely Rey. She’s my new favorite.

  • Vinicius

    The Luke’s daughter is so badass. BB-8 was cool, but when R2 wake up he’s stole the scene, R2D2 is just love.

  • One

    1) Kylo
    2) Finn
    3) Rey
    4) Poe
    5) BB-8
    6) Maz
    7) Hux
    8) Phasma

  • TheArkhamPanther


  • MovieBuff

    1. Qui-Gon Jinn
    2. Anakin Skywalker
    3. Obi-Wan Kenobi
    4. Darth Maul
    5. Ahsoka Tano

    Ohhhh, you mean the one’s from TFA! Nah, they all suck. Just like the film!

    • Aussie Waves

      Ur a nerd who needs to get laid.

      • MovieBuff

        Thank you

  • David Sharp

    This movie was a major disappointments.
    1st Finn vs JarJar binks. PC update and fails. I didn’t care for Jar Jar but after seeing Finn’s character.. Jar Jar was way more entertaining. Since the first part of the prequel was an alien character name Jar Jar with a Rasta island accent. Many people took offence, so this time they introduce a black american character who was chicken shit. Yeah that’s way better! I think the force is changing and becoming more PC…. That’s what we need in a galaxy far far away. Also very interesting and not important I saw 2 Asian in this movie and never saw any Asian in this galaxy up until this installment. It would have be funnier if they were making star rolls and space fortune cookies. Why didn’t the Supreme Leader Snoke take heed when his fortune cookie read his death star will blow up??? Why!!!!
    2nd Adam Driver cool but leave the mask on. Totally necessary to cover up that ugly mug. Beside the fact his face is so ugly why would Kylo Ren need a mask? Took it on and off like a hat. I thought I was watching Space Balls and Rick Moranis was going make an appearance.
    3rd Death Star is now a Death Planet wow it’s bigger so it must be better. Wrong!!! It has the same weakness but instead of a target size whomp rat hole, the target is now larger than New York City it self. Even Stevie Wonder in a X Wing fight can blow up this Death Star.
    This time the rebel forces only need a hand full of X Wing fights to take down this Death Star 3.0. After 2 iterations of the Death Star you would think the Empire would higher and design a better Death Star. Also totally unnecessary to keep building these lame Death Star. That’s why we don’t build Zeppelins any more because we know they crash and burn.
    So I wont write anymore spoiler but I’ll leave this messy film for the next victim.
    May the force be with you when you shell out $20 bucks for a 3d headache.

    • Robby Mulvany

      I, like everyone else, stopped reading at “Jar Jar Binks”

  • Bryton Cherrier

    Because he was just a dude.
    Kylo was awesome, but you want to hate him. You know?
    Rey, to me, in retrospect, something about her just doesn’t click with me. I feel like she doesn’t have that much of a massive dimension towards her compared to Finn and Kylo.
    My two cents though.

  • Dee

    1. Kylo Ren
    2. BB8
    3. Rey
    4. Poe Dameron
    5. Finn
    6. Hux
    7. Phasma
    8. Maz

  • Paul Miller

    So many great new characters, DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE!!!!!

  • Aussie Waves

    1. Rey for sure. Such great acting especially for a big movie debut! Plus let’s be honest she’s just so attractive.
    2. Finn
    3. Kylo
    4. Poe
    5. BB-8
    6. Hux
    7. Phasma
    8. Maz

  • Rithy Meas

    1. BB-8 (so emotive; reminds me of “Wall-E”)
    2. Finn/Rey (tie, can’t really choose)
    4. Kylo Ren (his voice and his face caught me off guard, but his acting was good)
    5. Poe Cameron (seen this character before)
    6. General Hux
    7. Maz Kanata
    8. Captain Phasma

    • Pinkk

      I find your response funny, because during the movie I turned to the person I was with when BB-8 showed up and said “Wall-Eeeeee”

  • 1. Kylo Ren – I was a bit worried about him looking a lot like Vader, but the fan boy angle definitely gave him a nice twist. And I definitely see potential for the next movie to expand on what the Dark Side really is and how it works in the next movie.
    2/3. Rey/Finn – Finn definitely had the more interesting story line and personality. BUT, his story seems mostly complete in the movie. He seems more like a sidekick now. : Rey on the other hand has her whole past we know very little about.
    4. Poe – Any time I saw him on screen, he was great. But he wasn’t there much. xD Which was perfect for this first movie. But definitely need to see more of him next movie before he can move up my list. Definitely hoping we get to see more Poe and Finn interaction though. 😀
    5-8. I could care either way. Either need more screen time or just didn’t peak my interest. ^_^’

    • DustyKnuckles

      I disagree about Finn. We still don’t really know what made him break his conditioning(apparently there has never been a stormtrooper who has defected) Also, I think he needs to develop as a leader and hero. He has a lot to learn.

      • I said “mostly” complete. After finding out the reason, I don’t see it expanding much more than maybe a potential overly-cliched “oh no, you’re evil, remember the good in you” arch that we already just concluded with Kylo (hopefully–please let him stay evil). If anything, it makes me more interested in Gweneth Cristie’s character, considering she’s supposed to have a bigger role in the franchise, and that’s the only arch I could see how she would.

  • Block

    Why do people vote for someone with zero flaws? As a character, Kylo Ren is more compelling to me. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the acting Daisy did, but a character that can “do everything” is a little boring for me.

    • Lee Woolsey

      That’s understandable, and I think Kylo is a great character, but I disagree that Rey had zero flaws, when she sees the vision it’s her reaction and her storming off that directly leads to her being captured by Kylo Ren. But of course she’s resourceful enough and capable enough to escape almost totally by herself. I think that’s really cool, and I think her and Ren have a great dynamic together.

      • RuccusRob

        She was beset by a crazy demonic vision. Running from that isn’t a flaw.

        • Buttered Funnybiscuit

          She was running from the demanding responsibility of her destiny.

          • NikolaiG

            If so, I think they could have made that more clear. Instead it seemed as if she was freaked out by a bad acid trip. If the visions were telling enough that we could piece a bit more together and conclude what you say, I would have preferred that, but JJ Abrams is trying to hold onto the secret of her identity so that it can be revealed in the next movie, apparently. The price of holding onto that secret was that her motivation for running simply came across as a general freakout rather than the much more interesting idea that she was running from her destiny.

      • Scott Robinson

        So let me get this straight: Rey stupidly runs out into the forest alone, and you’re saying that’s a flaw because she was captured? What I’m really asking is “What is the consequence of that to REY?” Let’s see: She resists Ren, makes him mad with how inexplicably powerful she is, escapes by using Force powers she would not have even been aware of, Han Solo dies, and she gets his ship. So, you’re actually saying that qualities that exclusively benefit YOU are FLawS!!!???? Pfff.

    • EB

      It’s because Kylo Ren is the biggest weenie in the three films. Driver did a fine job with a miserable character. He was a cry baby. He was weak. He was incompetent. I guess if those are desirable “flaws,” then you are correct.

      • Block

        He wasn’t a cry baby, he just had no control over his rage, a pretty desirable trait for a sith-lord-in-training. The reason why he’s a better character is because of these flaws, and I look forward to him overcoming these obstacles in the next film.

        • EB

          Holy crap this is hilarious. “Overcoming these obstacles.” This meek crybaby killed Han Solo before getting his weak butt kicked by someone who learned the force about an hour earlier. I hope a star destroyer falls and puts us out of the misery of needing to see any more of this lame Darth Vader impersonator.

          • Block

            Weak? He took Chewie’s blaster to the gut while it killed 3 other storm troopers in 1 shot. Wouldn’t exactly call that weak.

          • EB

            Yep. And then he got his butt kicked by a person who had learned the force mere moments before. Weak.

          • mb

            I guess that’s why they made him get shot. To make it more realistic as to why she bested him

          • Block

            That says more about the bad character writing for Rey than it does for Kylo Ren

        • Dracoprimus

          did we watch the same movie? Kylo Ren was a crybaby, complete with frequent temper tantrums. It was so bad that he pulls out his lightsaber to trash the interrogation room that Rey escaped from. Then, two stormtroopers see this, and turn the other way. This means they’ve seen this before, many times before. Their first reaction SHOULD have been to investigate what was going on, you know, in case a prisoner was trying to escape? Or something going that might blow up the station they are on? But, no, they knew EXACTLY what was happening. Emo Ren, having yet ANOTHER temper tantrum. And psychological programming be damned, THEY were not going to be the ones to clean up his mess, again. Or worse, get caught in the tantrum and be cut up by Emo’s lightsaber. Forget that, it’s time for another coffee break.

    • CamNewtonFan

      Why is it that anytime there is a “perfect” female character, people call her a Mary Sue and treat her perfectness like a flaw? Yet these same people have no problem with perfect male Gary Stu types like Legolas, Batman, Superman, James Bond, Indiana Jones, etc. I encountered this same thing with Tauriel in the Hobbit. Men and women whined about her being a Mary Sue, yet had no issue with Aragorn and Legolas being Gary Stus. It’s a very sexist double standard.

      • Block

        Why do you have to bring gender into this? This is just an honest observation. Superman is the worst written character in comics. Your confirmation bias is ridiculous and you’re so quick to judge someone sexist. Instead of baseless accusations, provide me a rebuttal; show me examples of character flaws in Rey.

        • Fay Brewer

          *cough* Excuse, please, but the article we are posting to brought gender into it. It’s totally fair game here.

          • Block

            First of all, no, the article doesn’t mention anything of the sort. Second, my original post was not a gender analysis of characters.

          • Fay Brewer

            I think I may have gotten turned about a bit. I was not referring to you. At any rate I still think your analysis is poor. Rey’s character had several weaknesses, one of which she’ll most certainly have to address before she becomes a jedi. If she does not address it she’ll go dark. Next, I think gender has to come into it, as we all don’t question, for example, the Transporter’s ability to spin his car in a perfect 360 to knock a bomb off -the under carriage- of his vehicle before landing daintily back to earth (second film), yet we have issues with some woman having a lot of abilities (I have theories as to why she’s such a natural). EDIT: You asked for an example – she is full of fear. I’m not going to tell you where and how. You are clever and you can figure it out.

          • Scott Robinson

            And yet again, how does Rey’s fear actually work against her? Answer: It doesn’t. It never does in the whole movie. Not one of her “weaknesses” hurts her explicitly. And it’s not a weakness if it doesn’t personally work against you. The Transporter is just a stupid male power fantasy for dumb people and those who simply enjoy bad movies. It doesn’t excuse the ridiculous female power fantasy that is Rey. In other words: Two dumbasses don’t make a smart ass.

          • Fay Brewer

            In every other Star Wars movie fear is something the masters (usually Yoda) tell the younger (both Anakin and Luke) not to fall into. If you do a character analysis of the original trilogy and of the prequals you will see that both Luke and Anakin had to deal with a lot of fear and one overcame it and one succumbed. Rey will have to deal with her own fears and the writing shows that already. She’s not a Sue. In a universe full of mythical force users I think we can safely give Rey a pass until the next movie. If she is full of fear (and I saw the fear. Did you see the fear?) then I promise you that will “work against her” in the future if she wants to stay on the light side.

          • Scott Robinson

            The point still remains that I’m not talking about your ideas, predictions, fantasies or fan fiction about how fear may or may not work against her in the future. The only trouble her fear gets her into always results in glorifying her without any reasonable justification in the context of THIS movie. Even if she hasn’t gone full Mary Sue, she’s standing right next to one. If you like her that’s fine, you don’t need my approval, because that’s an OPINION. But don’t try to tell me she’s a believable character NOW because you hope she MAY be in the future. That’s ****ing DELUSIONAL.

          • Fay Brewer

            OK. I used textual evidence to support what I was thinking and you’re now using minimization language to ignore/discredit my opinion while avoiding my points. I really do not think there’s any point in continuing. Apparently, I do not get you and you do not get me and we have no common ground in which we can continue. See you in the funnies, Scott.

          • Scott Robinson

            Wow. You really know how to use a lot of words to say nothing, don’t you? “…textual evidence”? “…minimization language”? WTF are you talking about? Do they actually encourage that kind of obfuscating BS in colleges now? I answered your points by exposing that they only exist in what you WANT it to be, as opposed to what it actually IS.

            So you want to be REY, right?

            I’m sure when you pick up a guitar for the first time, you’ll be able to pluck the strings for a few seconds and then magically be able to play better than Jimi Hendrix. And everyone will believe it because they wished that’s how it works, right? Positive role models FTW!!! Bye, Fay.

          • Fay Brewer

            Tell us how you really feel, why don’t you? O.o These are opinions dude and everybody is entitled to their own. Stay slinky.

        • Moviefan23

          I am with JG. This Mary Sue nonsense about Rey is entirely sexist. Explain for example all of Luke’s flaws in the original Star Wars. Without any military training he shot enemy fighters out of the sky on the MF; he fearlessly decided to rescue Lea, who he’s never met, from a prison surrounded by stormtroopers; he could fly an X-wing with no training whatsoever; his force training occurred during a single flight from his home planet and yet he could use the force to blow up the Death Star. At no time during the original Star Wars does Luke hesitate or express fear. And he embraces the force from the very beginning. Rey, at least, initially rejects it, a decision that almost got her killed. And the conflict or flaw with the character is her desire for family and to get back to her home planet where she still believes her family is going to return.

          Don’t get me wrong, I loved the original Star Wars and loved Luke’s character, which is a prototype from various genres. But the notion that Rey is flawless or a Mary Sue character never before seen in major movie franchises or the Star Wars universe is a bunch of sexist garbage.

          • Scott Robinson

            You actually make a better case for why Luke is initially a poor character than for why Rey is a good one. Luke doesn’t beat Darth Vader’s ass in ‘A New Hope’ for Christ’s sake. And at no point in the movie is Rey nearly killed. You must be joking. Your, and some others’ insistence on defending a poorly drawn female character simply because she is female is the only thing sexist happening around here.

          • Moviefan23

            Kylo Ren is no Darth Vader. One of the important points in the movie. Did you watch it? The fact is that if Rey were a male character no one would be complaining. In any event, the movie’s made a billion dollars in ten days with its “poorly drawn” female character. Somehow, I think that will end up being more important than the complaints of a distinct minority of sexist critics.

          • Scott Robinson

            Oh, really? I guess if it makes a lot of money it MUST have well developed characters, right? Just like Transformers.

            And how do you know that people wouldn’t be complaining if she was a male character? You just excuse her because she’s a female and that makes YOU sexist.

            You’re right though; Kylo Ren is no Darth Vader. Because Vader was a one dimensional cartoon character JUST. LIKE. REY. Deal with it.

          • Moviefan23

            I was going to ignore this because it’s so stupid, but it’s a slow afternoon. I will say this and I am done:
            1) It is idiotic to compare Transformers to a movie that made the American Film Institute’s best picture list, was added to the Critic’s Choice best picture nominees by special vote and has a mid-90s RT rating. The reason that money is relevant to this discussion is that Disney and LF now have a billion plus (and counting) reasons to ignore dimwitted, sexist criticism and to tell the Star Wars story they want to tell in the way they want to tell it. It is also difficult to see how a movie could be such a critical success, if it’s main character is as poorly written as you suggest.
            2) How do I know the criticism is sexist? Because I have been on the planet for many decades and this is not my first rodeo. There have always been men who will cheer the exploits of Luke Skywalker, James Bond and whoever Tom Cruise is playing at the time, but will criticize Rey, Katniss, etc. as being – take your pick – poorly written, unrealistic and one dimensional. And these same men will always claim, falsely, that gender has nothing to do with it. The good thing about this debate is that yours is, by far, the minority opinion. (See critical acclaim and billion dollars referred to above.) And don’t get me wrong, I am not making excuses for Rey. I actually watched and listened to the movie. I thought her character was terrific and Ridley did a great job playing her.
            3) Using all caps doesn’t make dumb statements any less dumb. The point about Darth Vader is that in the context of their respective stories Luke could not have bested Vader in a duel in A New Hope because Vader was a fully trained, powerful Jedi. Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens is a young undisciplined hothead. Finn held his own against Ren even though Finn has no force abilities, and Rey gets the better of Ren when she discovers her force abilities. That’s what the movie is about. It says so in the title. And if anyone has to “deal with” anything, I think you will have to deal with the fact that Rey and The Force Awakens will long be remembered in movie history. Your comments and opinion, not so much.

          • Sofía Alarcón Segovia

            THIS. No one ever complains about male characters being “too badass”. Sure, I’ll concede that she is very much a wish fulfillment character. But Star Wars has always been wish fulfillment escapist fantasy, modeled after Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. And by the standards of most Campbellian heroes, Rey is actually pretty tame. The only difference is that most Campbellian heroes are male power fantasies, and therefore get a free pass.

          • Moviefan23

            Totally agree. I laughed at some of these comments and the Mary Sue claims by a distinct minority of would-be critics. I don’t remember any of these jokers complaining that Bruce Willis’ exploits in Die Hard were totally unrealistic. I mean, as long as it’s a guy, it’s perfectly fine for an ordinary, barefoot cop to learn the architecture and engineering of an office building he’s never been in and then take out a large number of heavily-armed mercs single-handedly. Happens every day, right? And Die Hard is set in this galaxy with no Force. The entire Mary Sue argument is ridiculous.

          • Sofía Alarcón Segovia

            “I mean, as long as it’s a guy, it’s perfectly fine for an ordinary, barefoot cop to learn the architecture and engineering of an office building he’s never been in and then take out a large number of heavily-armed mercs single-handedly. Happens every day, right?”

            Or to become a fighter pilot for a bunch of freedom fighters he literally just met, and use the Force to blow up the Death Star after knowing Obi-Wan for literally a few hours.

          • Patrick

            THE FORCE AWAKENS … I dont get how people are getting confused about what happens in the movie when its the #%+* title of it. Its so simple … people that didnt realize that they were force senstive are suddenly finding out that they are … and some are finding out moreso than others that they are unbelievably strong with the force (read: Rey) … she didnt even technically defeat Kylo Ren, she just held him off … and this was after the SOB was shot in the abdomen by Chewie with his bowcaster …. Kylo Ren was bleeding out (and punching his massive wound to boot) …….. and people are still wondering how Rey held him off?!?!? …. Jeez, retards, the whole LOT of ya 😉

      • mxdoe

        The reason Han Solo’s character became the most compelling of all was because the character was a scoundrel, the flaws were boasted. Sorry, but Block has a point. Daisy’s acting was good but the character was somewhat boring. As it stands, it already is a greatest hits type of movie, it would be nice to see something new in this galaxy far, far away.

        Personally, I thought Adam Driver’s acting did not fit the part. Better than Hayden Christensen’s wooden portrayal, but too far in the other direction for a movie that is this grand in scope. Han Solo was pretty dull, I know Ford is up there in years but he phoned it in. Oscar Isaac seems to always be aware a camera is on him. Shame they did not develop Carrie Fisher’s character more. She seemed to only exist because Han Solo existed.

        • NikolaiG

          Flawed characters are always more interesting, which might be why Han Solo topped Luke Skywalker and why Jack Sparrow topped William Turner. And it’s why Kylo Ren is more interesting (to me anyway) than Darth Vader (at least before Episode III, which actually improved on Vader as I see it; for all the negative of the prequels, Episode III I think was a good movie and a critical movie in the franchise. Without Episode III, the end of Return of the Jedi is just idiotic and not believable (which is what I thought when I saw it originally). Episode III rectified that). Anyway, flawed characters are where it’s at. They might think about this when making Episode 8.

      • G14

        Batman is INSANELY imperfect and has more personality in his fingernail than Rey, as well as James Bond, but they also have a explination to their supreme talent. There are so many movies with these glaringly unathleteic white girls being gifted and beating ppl they shouldn’t be beating.

        • Schwinn

          Booooo. James Bond

          • G14

            James Bond is murderous womanizer super thug, that’s trained by a government agency that trains assassins and secret agengts, how is he perfect, plus his whole character is his personality

      • NikolaiG

        I enjoyed watching Rey discover her abilities. That’s what it was about for me. If she had been aware of them and used them from the start, I agree that would have been dull. That said, some of your comparisons don’t work. Bond (especially Daniel Craig’s version) and Indiana Jones are constantly getting themselves into trouble through making physical errors or just by being stupid, and then barely getting out again. Rey only made one incorrect decision in the entire movie, which was (minor SPOILER) letting those creatures loose on Solo’s ship. And while what you say of Superman is true, the same is true of Supergirl. And both characters are therefore terribly boring.

      • John drey

        Because, Star Wars is aimed mainly at the young male audience. This wouldn’t have been acceptable some twenty , thirty years ago. They Rey character is flawed, the whole movie is flawed.

      • Scott Robinson

        Because Legolas is an ultra feminine secondary character at best, Batman is deeply flawed (so you’re wrong), Superman is a joke (he isn’t even a man, he’s actually an alien/god), James Bond is lame, and Indiana Jones is overrated. None of that means Rey is a deep, relatable, thought-provoking character to which women should aspire, although the character is so incredible that would be impossible anyway, which probably is scarring the imagination of girls and women even as we speak. Question: If you’re not sexist why do you even care to defend a “perfect” female character? Shouldn’t you support criticism of poor characters regardless of their sex? Think about it.

        • Dracoprimus

          it’s because there are so few female lead characters in sci-fi. And before someone throws out a list to disprove, for every female in that list I’m sure I could up with at least 10 male leads, without using wikipedia.

          and why are YOU spending so much time shitting on a female character? If not because she’s female. Think about it.

      • Scott Robinson

        Because some people think Rey is just as boring, unbelievable and poorly conceived as Superman, regardless of sex.

    • Lauren

      She does have flaws, she just doesn’t spend her on-screen time angsting about them, so they’re easy to miss between all the explosions and her getting things done.

      1. She’s lonely – when we first see her she is not only working and living alone, but we see her give a quick glance to a fellow worker that indicates she might be longing to make contact. She is desperate for family, and latches on to Solo as the first father figure in her life. (Lucky it wasn’t someone worse, huh?)
      2. She’s incredibly naive – when she first meets Finn he gives her the MOST BLATANT lie of all time, saying “I’m with the resistance” and she believes him without a second thought. A real Mary Sue wouldn’t have made that dumb of an error.
      3. She’s uneducated – growing up on a backwater planet, she somehow has missed learning about both the war, Luke Skywalker, and the Jedi. This happened 30 years ago and she for some reason thinks it’s just ‘myth’.
      4. She’s brash – in the scene with the two clans ganging up on Solo, she comes up with the plan to ‘close the blast doors’ and as a result ends up nearly getting every single person there killed. Repeatedly she makes spur-of-the-moment decisions without thinking them through, and if it weren’t for The Force looking out for her, she’d have likely been dead long ago.

      Plus more I’m sure I’m forgetting right now. Overall she just seems a very normal character (if one happened to be an industrious, hard-working person born with just a little bit of magic.) You know who she is EXACTLY like? Harry effin’ Potter. Discuss.

      • Scott Robinson

        1. Loneliness doesn’t negatively affect what happens to Rey in the movie at all.
        2. Naivety doesn’t negatively affect Rey in the movie at all. She just doesn’t know that Finn is initially lying about being part of the Resistance.
        3. I’m wondering how Rey can pilot the Falcon better than Han Solo, mechanically fix the Falcon better than Han Solo, and use the computer controls to open and close the doors if she is so uneducated. Anyway, it doesn’t negatively affect her actions at all.
        4. When Rey opens the wrong doors it just means that she saves Han from the goons, and gives her the opportunity to save Finn by closing the door. She is never in any real danger herself. When she stupidly runs out into the jungle because the writers wanted her to get captured, even THAT works out in her favor because she ends up resisting Ren’s torture and actually turning the tables on him. So brashness doesn’t really hurt her at all.
        5. Rey is better than everyone at everything in the movie with little to no training. Expert pilot immediately. Expert at the force, no training at ALL. Expert at lightsaber in 30 seconds. And even her so-called flaws only serve to play out for her advantage. Not to mention she physically overpowers Kylo Ren, who is like a foot taller than her. She’s basically in God mode, and pointing that out is not sexist just because she’s a female. Giving her a free pass because she’s a female is sexist. Pfff.

        • NikolaiG

          She’s Solo’s daughter. He doesn’t know this because Luke wiped Han and Leia’s memories of her before he took her away to protect her from Ben. Or perhaps she was already in training with Luke and he saved her from Ben when Ben killed all the other trainees. In any event, Luke used the force (this is something the force can do; it’s been established already and even though the EU is no longer canon, I think they will just the same hold onto this concept) to wipe Han, Leia’s, and Rey’s minds of her true history to protect her and them.

          • Scott Robinson

            Even if all that’s true, and that’s a lot of “ifs”, it won’t matter until the next movie, which makes TFA weaker and less coherent than it could be. Imagine the dramatic implications of what you claim: Rey is now like Darth Vader because she’s ultra powerful and can’t be defeated (at least for now). And Ren is like Luke because he needs more training to face his ultra powerful enemy. It just seems like a muddled role reversal, and I guess it COULD be brilliant, but how the hell are they gonna pull it off?

          • Joe

            Rey was trained as a child.
            Ren was blasted in the side by Chewbacca’s bad ass crossbow. Finn got a couple of shots in, and Rey finished it. She was pretty good with her staff too.

          • Dracoprimus

            pretty much every complaint you made against Rey could have been made against young Annakin and young Luke. Seems to run in the family.

        • timmy

          “Pfff” sums up your whiny, exaggerating, tired ‘Mary Sue’ nonsense perfectly, kid. Watch the movie.

          Bye thread.

          • Scott Robinson

            Sick burn, dumbass. A cogent argument would be better.

        • Erick the Redd

          It’s like people keep forgetting that a lightsaber is a sword, and you can fight with it. You don’t NEED the force to use it. Han Solo in Empire Strikes Back, General Grevous (sp?) in Revenge of the Sith. Rey was shown as capable of taking care of herself with a weapon.
          It’s also like people keep forgetting that Kylo Ren had just murdered his father and gotten shot in the stomach with a bowcaster (is that right?) that was shown all movie long to be DEVASTATING. So Ren was neither mentally or physically prepared to fight, but is rage and anger drove him to do so. And even with not being prepared, until Rey “accepts” the force at the end of the fight, I don’t understand where people are saying she is an “expert” at the lightsaber. She is capable enough, but on the defense the entire fight. Both are not fully trained, and she was much more physically able to fight, having not been shot in the stomach and all.
          Kylo Ren is a bratty kid (I’m not complaining I like is character) who is not as powerful as he wants to be, and could be eventually. This is shown throughout the film. She was just barely able to get the better of him when he had all of that working against him.

    • NikolaiG

      The fun was in watching as Rey came to realize how powerful she was. It wasn’t just like Superman walking into a room and flattening everyone. In the second movie a character will rise (again) who will pose an extreme challenge to Rey, have no fear. Remember the dark power of Darth Plagueis that Palpatine told Anakin they would together rediscover? Guess who now knows he cannot defeat Rey? Guess who is therefore going to rediscover that power of Darth Plagueis to bring Darth Vader back from the dead?

    • timmy

      Try watching the movie, the words she says and the expressions she makes with her face. Then you might be less bored. Try it.

  • isimi kehinde

    1. Finn: Funny, his sporadic choice to leave the first order and reluctantly join the resistance and his relationship with rey and poe made him a far more intriguing character
    2. Kylo Ren: He is the Anakin Skywalker we wanted
    3. Poe: He is just super cool character and lack of screen time while hurt made him more desirable. I really feel based on how it ended, that he and Finn will take a bulk of the sequel.
    4. Rey: I just love a woman that can do all things, its so sweet and her time with Finn is so adorable, her obliviousness to his affections to her was funny and cute.
    5. BB-8, its basically R2D2 but spherical, whats not to love.
    6. Han solo: its freaking Han Solo.

  • SunnySkyNL

    Rey and BB-8 are a shared number 1 for me but I had to choose one so I choose Rey.

  • Clee Tiet

    1. Rey
    2. BB-8
    3. Poe Dameron
    4. Finn
    5. Hux
    6. Kylo Ren
    7. Maz Kanata
    8. Phasma
    I love all these characters!

  • HammerofThor

    I’m going with BB8. He totally makes up for all the corny forced humor between C3PO and R2 during the prequels. I think he was a lot like Wall E.

  • Adriane Machado

    Is everyone blinded by Disney?
    Our old heros: so nice to see them again (and sad to say goodbye).
    Rey and BB-8: only hope for future seq.
    Kylo: insecure “little boy” with no honor. Is he really our nxt Darth Vader? Very bad message to young generations here.
    All others…a joke. Another Action movie with blood and explosions killing the real meaning of the Stars Wars we grew up with and seeding fear (instead of hope) in the hearts of the young generation.

    • Robby Mulvany

      I’m dumber for having read that.

      • Adriane Machado

        Some discussions are NOT for the controled “weak-minded”. Strong minds get wiser not dumber.
        For certain you have not watched star wars in the 70’s. Replies only for “grown-ups” please.

        • wickfordsucks88

          I don’t think you have watched Star Wars in the 70s or you are mis-remembering it. It’s about fun characters having space adventures in a good vs evil environment. Come off it.

          If you want to see the same characters every movie just rewatch the original trilogy.

  • Rachel Latham

    1. Kylo Ren
    2. Rey
    3. BB-8
    4. Finn
    5. Maz Kanata
    6. Hux
    7. Poe
    8. Phasma
    They are all awesome new characters.

  • Robby Mulvany

    Kylo Ren is fascinating. He’s really the only character I want to learn more about.

  • Lee Woolsey

    1. Rey (Best protagonist any Star Wars film has ever had, compelling, well written, and perfectly acted)
    2. Kylo Ren (A really engaging character, gets a lot more development here than Vader had by the end of A New Hope)
    3. Finn (Interesting, and again a good performance, but his arc seems to have finished by the end of act 1, hopefully gets more to do in future films)
    4. BB-8 (Weaponised adorableness, and has some of the films funniest moments)
    5. Poe Dameron (Likeable, great chemistry with Finn, but isn’t really in the film enough to finish higher)
    6. General Hux (I like him, the character serves the purpose it’s meant to and I think it’s actually a pretty good performance)
    7. Captain Phasma (Really cool but criminally wasted)
    8. Maz (Just didn’t do anything for me)

  • Pul Mendenhall

    Finn is the only character who registers at all, probably because he is the only one with any humor.

  • Idioteque

    I’ll go with Phasma just because her design is from another world (Get it?).
    Literally a graphic designer’s dream. She might be, in my opinion, the coolest looking character in the entire franchise.

    • Too bad she was completely wasted in this film.

      • Patrick

        I don’t think her character was wasted or underutilized in this film…she’s just not meant to be a major villain or anything. Just a badass looking stormtrooper captain. I thought everyone in this movie had a perfect amount of screentime.

  • Frank

    I didn’t find Rey interesting at all. I thought Finn was the best character and shouldve had more focus hopefully the future sequels expand on him because that was a slap in the face

  • DGR

    1. Rey
    2. Kylo Ren
    3. BB-8
    4. Finn (if only he had a dog named Jake)
    5. Poe
    6. Maz Kanata
    7. General Hux
    8. Snoke (I’m sure he’ll climb this list in the coming films)
    9. Phasma

  • RuccusRob

    Finn. He’s the one with the most complete story arc in the film. . .too bad he fails at everything.


    1. Kylo Ren was a great twist on the usual “badass Dark Side user” thing. My favorite part of the movie.
    2. Finn was kinda neat I guess.
    3. Poe might be higher if I knew more about him.
    4-7. Phasma, Hux, Maz, and BB-8 aren’t compelling enough for me to really place them individually.
    8. Rey will really have to step up her game if she’s going to win me over in episode 8. And by step up, I mean step down. Feel like an actual human being I can sympathize with, like Luke.

  • Bob George

    bb8 is my favorite. Droid lives matter.

  • EB

    How did anyone vote for Kylo Ren? He was possibly the worst character in Star Wars history. Dude had all the crying and moping of Anakin with none of the power. He threw temper tantrums twice, during which he destroyed control panels like a big baby. He was INCREDIBLY incompetent. He was awful. In the words of a great villain: “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.”

    • jason

      Agree with you 200%

  • Mirko Klemm

    Of course, everyone likes Rey… However, I also like Finn very much. In the beginning, he is even very much of an anti-hero, doing the “right thing” out of a gut feel and having a hard time getting to grips with the consequences. We see him grow in the course of Episode VII, and eventually we see how brave, loyal and true to his own decisions he actually is.
    Kylo Ren is also a very cool character. The evil in him is more subtle than in Darth Vader or the Emperor in the original trilogy, and he doesn’t have this aura of total invulnerability… His flaws come clear quite early on, and yes, the prequel trilogy would have been much better if Anakin would have been more “Kylo”.

  • Jedi

    Yoda!!!! in spite of absent.

  • Akhenaten the Wise

    Rey had no character development. We still didn’t know who she was when the movie was over. Her character was so random.

  • Larry Sayre

    This was really tough. One of the most pleasant surprises of the movie was the new characters. I thought all of them were great & you care about all of them. BB-8 was a cute, funny, wonderful addition. Kylo Ren was tremendously done. They could of gone for a cookie cutter imitation of Vader which would of failed miserably. Nobody can live up to the most iconic villain in movie history so they took the character in other directions. Driver did a great job with a character that is not one dimensional. You can’t wait to see how he evolves & what comes next. Rey stole the show. Ridley had a tremendous amount of pressure on her. A lot of the weight of the picture was on her back, & she shined. You liked her & really cared about the character. She showed great vulnerability & strength at the same time. It won’t be long before we find out she is Luke’s daughter then it will really get fun.

  • VinsVinyl

    Just to be contrary, my vote’s for BB-8! Okay, he’s not Artoo, but it works! Mucho props to JJ for putting this together so well! I think the series will continue on magnificently! A side note, once Kylo (Vader 2,0) takes off his mask, I saw him as the evil wannabee game developer in “Grandma’s Boy”. It took me out of the movie for a minute, but it sure was funny!!!

  • mxdoe

    Finn is the only real breath of fresh air, in this otherwise ‘star wars the greatest hits’ collection of a movie. Then Rey. JJ Abrams can never be accused of being creative. Entertaining though.

  • Michael Corner

    I really like Finn. How, and why, does this one, single Storm Trooper have a conscience? He’s good with a lightsaber; is there some Force in his background? Mace Windu, perhaps? Or maybe there’s a connection with Lando Calrissian? I actually really enjoyed meeting all the new characters, but find Finn to be the most interesting.

    Also, a plot point. I’m not at all convinced that Kylo is actually Han and Leia’s natural born son. He bears no physical resemblance to either of them. Maybe he was adopted….and they never told him, which would be a good reason for his anger. Also, the explanation so early in the series was far too easy, and too obvious. As portrayed, he’s just any angry, semi-Jedi who’s turned to the Dark Side. Not much there (although well acted). There must be more to it than that. I think there might be a LOT more to Kylo’s back story than Episode 7 tells us. He could well become the most interesting character in this film, but for now, I’ll stick with Finn.

    • DustyKnuckles

      The fact that he is the only stormtrooper to defect ever makes him unique and a hero.

      • Chris Gomez

        I didn’t buy his decision to turn. If he’s been indoctrinated to Stormtrooper school since being a baby. Then, on the one day he finally gets some combat, he calls it quits? As a viewer, I wanted more of a reason for Finn to turn. If there is a new book or comic that explains his conversion, id like to read it, but I dont think the movie provided enough to justify his turn of heart.

  • ipic909

    1.TR-8R aka Tray Troy
    2.Maz Kanata
    3.Poe Dameron
    5.Kylo Ren
    7.General Hux
    9.Captain Phasma

  • top five list of characters i love in SWVIIFW (excluding the original characters, even though they too are awesome).

    5: Maz Kanata. Sorry, Kylo and Phasma. even if you look great, Phasma, i just wish to see more moments of you in episode VIII. and Kylo while your badass with your helmet on and use the darkside, its the payoff that makes me like you less. i put Maz in #5 because she at least has some good moments, even if she is CG. and at least she’s far more interesting then Jar Jar.

    4: BB8. Shortest to talk about. it’s cute, it’s funny and is real! sometimes it’s CG, but mostly he’s real!

    3: Poe. Yeah he’s not really in the entire film cause Finn and i thought he died till later, but he’s pretty cool! he has some pretty standout moments and his custom X-Wing looks fantastic, if not all the X-wings he flies with (inspired by Ralph Mcquarrie or someone else’s concepts for episode IV). there’s just so much to like about this guy.

    2: Finn. i’ll admit for the character alone, he’s pretty bland due to lying throughout the film saying he’s apart of the resistance, when earlier he was a stormtrooper. but as far as John’s performance and his moments, he’s pretty good. but otherwise with his clichéd lying revelation only to go back to help them out, he’s at least interesting as well. made some pretty funny moments and some good interactions with the other characters. also (even if this is in me and other people’s head cannons), He’s not only the first Star Wars Character who’s African based, he’s also bisexual, given his relationship with Rey and Poe.

    1: Rey. Yep, you knew this was coming! outside of kicking some ass, she does have some pretty funny moments. even if she was captured, she does found a way to escape. and given her acrobatics, im not sure if it was a stunt double or the actress alone who done those stunts. either way, she’s pretty cool. but the interesting question is, was she secretly trained by luke, or she trained by herself that she was lying about? we’ll have to see more in episode VIII.

  • Aaron Lindsey

    I whish that they had showed more of Snokes background

  • Plissken

    Rey is too boring and obvious- I mean is there anyone out there who hasn’t already guessed who her old man is? Finn is too earnest. BB-8 is too cute by half. Max is a yoda stand in. Don’t even remember Phasma. Hux is an empty middle management sneer. So.. Kylo Ren wins by default, he maybe a Vader clone but at least he’s complex at least shall we say Star Wars complex, which means he’s a little conflicted about his place in the universe is going to kill tons and tons of people until the moment he finally comes around and joins the light side and then all will be forgiven…

    I guess I forgot Poe.. uh… shrug…

  • Schwinn

    They’re all so great. The new cast is fantastic… I honestly like them more already than everyone from the past. I didn’t choose Maz, but I’m sad she has such a low percentage here. She definitely was a scene stealer.

  • SloVicto

    Finn’s my favorite. He is, dare I say, the most human of the new characters, being without special powers or special knowledge or years of experience to make things easier for him. As well, I love a good redemption story, and Finn was brave enough to redeem himself. That alone makes him a hero in my book. He’s funny and fun to watch and John Poyega is terrific in the role. Rey and Kylo Ren come very close behind him; I really enjoyed all the new characters. Even BB-8.

  • Nikh

    My favorite list is as such
    1. Rey (Of course why not? She was awesome and acted beautifully)
    2. BB-8 (I always liked R2-D2 and so bow BB-8)
    3. Ren (A good antagonist)
    4. Finn (Needed more screen time but was good with the time he had)
    5. Poe (Same as Finn… Would love more Finn and Poe in the next episode)
    6. Hux (The guy is icy-eyed and chilling…)
    7. Maz (Barely in the movie but good nonetheless)
    8. Phasma (Barely in the movie and not enough to make an impact)

  • Kaushik Banerjee

    For me the choice is absolutely clear guys. ….Rey as a first time character in a legendary franchise like Star Wars, replete with characters with enormous reputation like Luke Skywalker, Leia, Solo and Chewbacca, it’s a tribute to her that she not only held her own but even outshone them. far it looks like the birth of a great character. ….and she’s a far stronger and complex character than any Star Wars character you usually find….and not to forget, she’s very, very Sexy. ….

  • Squirrel_Empire

    It’s a toss-up between Poe and Rey, honestly. I ultimately went with Rey, because the movie just gave us more of her. I hope in Episode VIII that Finn and Poe are basically bros, because I really saw a cool relationship between them developing.

  • Poe Dameron must be Wedge Antilles’ bastard son. If he survives all three movies, we’ll know for sure.

  • Stavros Hadjiyiannis

    Kylo Ren by far.

  • Tadlicated

    Man, I had to go with Finn, Rey was trash at using the light sabre and she just attacked Kylo with single movements. I liked Finn better because his Sabre choreography was alot better. But the best ofc was Ray Park (Darth Maul)

  • KaotiK

    Kylo Ren. Let’s be honest here, if this stuff was real who wouldn’t rather be on the dark side. He is pretty bad ass in my opinion.

  • Cando

    1. Rey – well acted, a fresh face and an fresh character and – WOW! – she’s even a GIRL!
    2. Poe – funny, cute, comic relief when we need it.

    3. BB-8. This droid is like a puppy! Adorable!

  • NikolaiG

    I would select 3: Rey, BB-8, and Maz. Maz made an impression disproportionate to her slight screen time. BB-8 makes R2D2 seem like an old rusted tin can. One brave thing this movie did was to sideline R2D2 in favor of BB-8, and it worked. I have not read one single negative comment anywhere about the relative absence of R2Ds. People were so taken with BB-8 they just did not miss him.

  • Patrick

    I wanted to vote for Snoke. Although we know very little about him at this point, he is by far the most fascinating and mysterious character thus far imo. In fact, I think he could very well be an ancient Sith lord that’s been around since the Old Republic; Maz Kanata is already 1,000 years old, and Snoke looks very aged, so this could very well be the case. And based on his presumed age and power, it seems logical to conclude that he’s been pulling the strings all along (even during Palpatine’s rise to power) and is truly responsible for the return of the Sith.

    Other than that, all of the characters in this movie were truly incredible. Rey is probably my favorite human character, but Poe is the most likable imo. I voted for Maz, however, because of her age and wisdom. BB-8 was a wonderful new droid, and Hux and Phasma both played their roles very well, with props to Domhnall Gleeson’s performance. I loved how they portrayed Kylo Ren’s character, but I could go on forever about that.

  • Skyfall

    Does no one care about Maz? I thought she was a great character, needed more film, but great character nonetheless. Why have people placed her so low on the lists, she’s the new Yoda…..

  • linkseyi

    The options in this poll should be in randomized for each voter.

  • tiredofunnecessarydrama

    I can’t believe TR-8R isn’t on this list

  • La Esmeralda

    1: Rey (She balances the bitter, independent and stubborn personality she took while living in Jakkus with the clueless, scared and desperate personality of an abandoned and abused child, and she evolves a lot during the movie. Plus, her backstory is probably one of the saddest ones in the Star Wars universe. Plus plus, Daisy Riley nailed the character)
    2: Finn (John Boyega was a good casting choice for him: you can see his fears and doubts all through the movie, yet he still remains as a pretty fun and nice dude. I wish the sequels explore more on how was his life as a Stormtrooper)
    3: Poe Dameron (The definition of a likeable guy)
    4: Maz Kanata (We saw very little of her, but she seemed like a very wise and mysterious yet fun person of which i wanted to know more about. Plus, Lupita Nyong’o ‘s voice acting was terrific)
    5: General Hux (That speech near the end was terrifying. He’s like a futuristic Hitler: he can somehow convince people that the most horrible things are the right thing to do)
    6: BB-8 (He’s super cute, but nothing special to me)
    7: Kylo Ren (Adam Driver’s acting brought the character down for me, plus he feels like an Anakin Skywalker’s ripoff. Sorry)
    8: Captain Phasma (She appeared in, what? Two scenes in the whole movie? Well, she looked cool, so i’ll give her that)

  • Birdfish


  • Cie

    General Hux was the only character that with any sort of depth. God, what an abysmal, tired, preposterous film episode seven was.

  • Logan Monday

    wish I could’ve chosen TR-8R

  • Danny Keighobadi

    Why would anyone in their right mind go for Hux?

  • nph53

    it was close, but rey is the clear choice, though finn and kylo aren’t far behind. imo, the new characters were almost all homeruns. i am amused that phasma some how got 2% despite being entirely useless.

  • valorius

    Kylo for me.

  • Trapperpk

    Rey must have a connection with Luke Skywalker, Poe is destined for a broader part now that Han Solo was ingloriously written out of a future story cog. (Spoiler alert) Han is taken out?, as I assumed most have seen the movie so far. Disney did a great job of salvaging episodes 1-2-3 with this VII rendition and has reset the story for broader writing and new characters. I see Luke Skywalker play a role in an VIII if the writers are good enough. I see Rey and Poe hooking up in a VIII. Finn was not a strong enough character for Rey. Poe will be the next guy up for the SW franchise making sparks fly between the two heros. It will be worth the watch to see further character development with this fictional saga.

  • Bret Osborne

    Phasma? She was in the move for all of 20 seconds.

  • David

    Kylo ren because of how much depth there is shown in episode 7. He isnt much of a villain in this film but more of a misguided soul. None of the other characters show alot of personal conflict which isn’t a bad thing persay, but kylo is torn between the dark side and the light and is scared that he will never live up to his potential of being the new age Darth Vader and also says that in the film to the burnt mask of vader. He also seems rather psychotic, you know he’s after all praying to a inanimate object which possibly shows an illness of some kind. Overall he’s the most interesting in my opinion because of his damage. Why did he turn to the darkside, why does he feel conflicted? Well I am thoroughly invested in his back story and I can’t wait for him in episode 8.

  • Flamerays

    I realised looking at these comments that the only way to rank these new characters is by having several lists. These are components what you guys should also take into account.

    Best acting (during given screen time):

    1. Kylo Ren
    5.”rest” (couldn’t bother listing all)

    Most interesting (wanting to know more):

    1.Rey (please be a Kenobi)
    2. Snoke ( Darth Plaguies?)
    3. Finn (more backstory plz)
    4. Kylo Ren (ep 7 revealed quite a lot)
    5. Poe (more scenes?)

    Most positively unexpected:

    1. Finn (red herring)
    2. Kylo Ren ( Ben solo 🙂 )
    3. Rey ( knew she would be jedi)

    Considering all of this, here goes:

    1. Kylo Ren
    2. Rey

    3. Finn
    4. Poe
    5. “rest”

    As an actor, Ridley did an excellent job in showing a young lost scrambler that didn’t know how much power her character has. However, this was something we all expecting. What we didn’t was that Kylo Ren was a incomplete, emotional jedi turned evil when his mask was removed (thus topping Rey). Finn did a great job dishing comedy just like Han did back in the original Star wars. Poe and the rest need more screen time to show their character but they gave a positive impression. I already can’t wait for episode 8 (something I knew would happen to me) and so hope all a happy new year!

  • heltaku

    I voted for General Hux because NOBODY is gonna vote for him since he’s a gee darn Space Nazi. LOL. But come on, he’s a little ginger Hitler with an English accent. It’s so ridiculous, it’s cute. Rey is clearly the awesomest however.

  • Rey was the best by far, she’s smart, beautiful, very likable and of course talented, Finn was funny, refreshing and perfectly executed, Kylo was a huge disappointment especially because it felt like the guy was trying so hard to channel darth vader that he failed exponentially.

  • Bernard Finucane

    The casting department did an incredible job. Rey is stunning. Finn looks like a dork and acts like one too. But Kylo Ren is the best, an obvious knock-off of Severus Snape. His is a story worth telling.

  • Joe

    Y’all people argue way too much :). I chose Rey not only because she was able to drive this movie forward with a lot of emotion and skill, but also because she’s pretty:). I’m surprised Daisy Ridley is such an unknown actress. For being one of her first movies she is a very strong actress and the character of Rey suits her perfectly. Can’t wait to see more of her!

  • UiRgIl

    BB-8 is the only character that provides dignity to this cinematographic disappointment. It also shows the best performance of the whole cast.

  • jason

    Rey Rules as best new character and Finn excels at being the #1 annoyance!

  • jason

    Kylo Ren = Temper tantrum pu$$y

  • Roberto Saprissa

    My favorite character like many others is TR-8R! Awesome loyal, fearless over all bas-ass Storm trooper with skills with the baton comparable to a light saber user.

  • roundthings

    I have to go with Poe, who seems like a natural to take over for Han Solo

  • HeroicRebellion

    I am highly disappointed that TR-8R did not make it here

  • Jeremy Freeman

    By the looks of the ending, hopefully Luke and Rey will carry the next film. Which I think is supposed to be called Star Wars:The Young Apprentice??

  • Fernando Herrera

    I feel Rey is a great addition to the Star Wars universe. Such an interesting, strong yet relatable character. Looking forward to what comes next for her

  • Kenny

    I can’t find TR-8R. Where is he? 🙁

  • Michael Singer

    Rey, I just love everything about her. And I’m really interested to see what her dynamic with Luke is like, her dynamic with Han was great. Kylo is second, I just find him interesting, with the potential to be even more so going forward. And, while all of the new cast did well imo, Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver were the standouts to me, and every scene between the two of them were GOLD!!

  • Lemonlimeballs


  • Jack

    Rey wasent that great. Poe was the true hero of this movie, If he had the same amount of screen time as Rey, he would be leading this poll by a lot.

  • Kaylasa

    Everyone criticizes the prequels and says Natalie and Hayden sucked… I have watched ALL the movies and I have liked all of them for different reasons, precisely because I’m not behaving like a grandma, clinging to the past. Natalie did a good job as Amidala and even Hayden was ok, not an acting genius but good enough. And yet, everyone says they love the guy playing Kylo Ren….but he was overacting at the very end, like a spoiled brat that I couldn’t believe was chosen to be a leader, and as if he were imitating that dark-haired, serious teacher from Harry Potter. By the way, for me, Rey and BB8, along with Han and Luke were the BEST of that film, and I really enjoyed that FOR A FUCKING CHANGE they took the risk to place a woman as the protagonist of an action film, instead of just having her as the second after the guy. But although I loved Rey, her chemistry with the black guy doesn’t work, they look too forced as lovers.

  • Lunara111

    Can’t I pick “all” minus perhaps Hux, Phasma and Kanata? :). I liked Kanata, but the other two? When in Star Wars were the Imperial officers ever characters worth following?

    Loved the rest! I picked Kylo, though, because I do love a complex, tormented but redeemable villain.

  • MassiveBeast

    i think Rey is winning, because she is hot. that and she is really the main character in the movie

  • MassiveBeast

    plus if you think about it, Rey is now a disney princess.


  • Thadd Richard Corbett

    Sorry bought I just thought that Rey was just OK. She was too simple for my liking.
    I’ll go with Finn.
    Maz was fun. When I laid eyes on her and she started talking I though “Oh no… the next Jarjar”, but she was nothing of the sort. Love how she was scripted.

  • Russell Thayer

    Rey is the most boring character in the film, and a rather obvious invention by Kathleen Kennedy. The only reason Daisy Ridely was chosen for the film was the novelty of her admittedly cute smile, and Abram’s knows that. I’ve seen her in interviews, and she has no depth or insight as an actress. Apart from that, she’s also not a very good actress, and her British accent is rather out of place as she is supposedly raised on Jakku–a desert planet. The character is in the movie only to beat the audience over the head with a thinly veiled feminist message about how bad young girls are supposedly treated in society, and how the are oppressed by men. This is evidenced by the scene in which Ridely continually instructs Ford on how to repair the Millennium Falcon in the cockpit, and the actor shrugs her off. The point being made in this scene is that men like Ford are relics who perpetuate misogyny and refuse to acknowledge the the equality of females. In reality, I believe the opposite is true. Women have been given the same rights as men, and in many cases have a clear advantage over them. I’m not buying in to what the film’s selling, even despite how great the rest of it is. The character of Rey is bland, uninteresting and does not belong at the center of Star Wars.

  • CMNilo

    TRAITOR is the best character!

  • Dylan

    To be honest, I like original trilogy WAY better than Star Wars 7. But if I had to choose, I would pick Rey. (Clones are all white, Racists I know 😛 :/ , and she is the lead-lead of all leads in this movie.

  • Trailmix

    Now that Hans gone, I wonder what will happen to Chewie? I kind of hope he becomes the sidekick of Finn. Maybe Lando if he is in future installments. Chewie dosent really stand on his own without a companion imho. My favorite character old character is Luke and my favorite new one is Poe btw

  • Alexis Lorelei

    I loved Rey because she’s a badass but I really hope she was a little bit more flawed as a character, so she could have more room for development…At times it felt she was TOO awesome at everything she did (knowing the millennium falcon better than Han? Mastering the Jedi mind trick in a few minutes?Being instantly loved by everyone she met?).Great performance from Ridley though, now let’s see if they can clear a few things up when they give us her backstory

  • r.adler

    Hux rules!!!!

  • RageOfAngels

    what the hell are ppl voting for Phasma for?

  • IanBugsy4

    Captain Phasma is Shiny and chrome! Get the reference?

  • Illusionist145

    Character-wise, Rey is uninteresting, but has a somewhat compelling backstory. The reason I say she’s uninteresting is because she’s too good at everything. she can’t overcome her flaws because she doesn’t have any, and that makes her story, after we find out who her parents are, boring and a waste of time.


    Rey was the best character, followed closely by Kylo Ren. Looking forward to part two!

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