"Rocky Balboa" Teaser Online!

by | March 6, 2006 | Comments

Sylvester Stallone‘s sixth "Rocky" pic is currently in production, but a teaser trailer for the late 2006 release has debuted on Sly’s official site!

But before you head over to SylvesterStallone.com, be warned — the site’s not viewable at the moment.

According to The Stallone Zone (the self-proclaimed #1 Stallone Fan Site in the World), it appears that Stallone’s official site was ill-equipped to handle the deluge of viewing requests that followed when rabid Rocky fans the entire internet over caught wind of the news. The overwhelming number of user requests caused an internet traffic jam, temporarily shutting down the site.

For a while, the trailer was available on YouTube.com — but that has since been removed due to copyright infringement.

Those of you who didn’t catch the elusive teaser trailer during its brief maiden run online can click over to JoBlo.com for a screen shot of Rocky’s weary, battered eyes, which run through the entire teaser as his voice over sets the tone for the film. You can also check out the official blog for a few pics from the set.

"Rocky Balboa" (AKA "Rocky VI") will pick up with the aging boxer returning to the ring for the paycheck, until he gets the opportunity to fight the reigning heavyweight champion, Mason Dixon. Dixon will be played by real-life pugilist Antonio Tarver, a three-time light heavyweight champion; "Gilmore Girls" alum Milo Ventimiglia will play Rocky’s son, Rocky Jr. Tony Burton will be back as corner man Duke, with A.J. Benza, Geraldine Hughes, Henry Sanders, and Pedro Lovell rounding out the cast.

"Rocky Balboa" is set for release in December 2006 (months before the original 2007 date!)