Review Revue: Pick Your Poison -- Death Race, House Bunny, Rocker and Longshots

Critics consensus: OUCH.

by | August 22, 2008 | Comments

Smart moviegoers know some months you just
don’t need to try that hard in keeping up with new releases. January’s one of
those months. Sometimes September. And August definitely classifies as one.

But here’s the silver lining: choices. More releases are stuffed in multiplexes than usual. So
it was a mouthful during this week’s Review Revue as Editor-in-Chief Matt,
editor Jen, and creative director Gabi discussed the reviews for
Death Race
The House Bunny,
The Rocker, and
The Longshots. (All four released in the dog
days of summer, and all four being wide rotten releases, which could be a record if
we kept track of that sort of thing.)

Check out the video embedded below!

And join us next week for…how many new releases?
? Knock it off, studios!