Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movie

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With the May 6 release of Captain America: Civil War, the third phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe officially commences. It’ll be a four-year, multi-picture deal featuring the debuts of Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, The Wasp and more, culminating in the long-brewing Infinity War. As pop culture at large further commits to the superhero trend, Rotten Tomatoes offers our own ideas as to who (and what) from the Marvel comics should get a shot on the silver screen.


In an alternate universe, Gwen Stacy (not Peter Parker) was bitten by a radioactive spider, and gained superhuman abilities. In that same universe, Peter Parker dies (not Gwen Stacy), and now Spider-Woman fights crime in New York, even as J. Jonah Jameson calls her a menace. Spider-Gwen’s hooded costume was wildly popular, helping what could have been a minor spin-off character get her own regular title. And not only is this Gwen a superhero, she’s in a rock band with Mary Jane Watson. If the Marvel/Sony partnership is viewed as successful by both studios, maybe we’ll see Spider-Gwen get her own movie someday.

Ms. Marvelmsmarvel

It’s not easy being Kamala Khan, but that’s one of the reasons she’s so relatable. A bookish, introverted comics fangirl from a strict-but-loving family, Kamala just wants to be a normal teenager — which is made all the more difficult because she also just happens to be an Inhuman with the ability to stretch and contract at will. A Ms. Marvel TV series is rumored to be on the horizon, which would be welcome news: at a time when politicians traffic in anti-Islamic rhetoric, a Muslim-American superhero from Marvel — particularly one as endearing as Kamala — could stand as a bold rejoinder.

Cloak and Daggercloakanddagger

A common criticism you’ll hear from DC diehards is that their celluloid heroes are the dark and gritty alternative to Marvel’s goofy,  family-friendly pop spectacles. Well, if Marvel was looking to boost its cinematic street cred, it might look to adapt the tale of Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen, a pair of teenage runaways-cum-crime-fighting vigilantes who do business as Cloak and Dagger. Operating within a grim, perpetually overcast Manhattan, Cloak (a teleporter) and Dagger (who fires electrical knives from her hands) are complex characters, and their troubled histories and interpersonal drama could be the kindling for a grown-up superhero movie. (And lo and behold, a Cloak and Dagger show has been announced!)


Depending on who’s writing for the character, Hercules can be slightly oafish to dangerously irresponsible. In his current title, the legendary god of strength is a little washed up and in need of redemption, and that’s the character we’d like to see hit the big screen. He’s been struggling with forces that few mortals can see, leading many to think he’s lost his mind, and there’s fodder for either broad comedy or tense thrills in that formula.

Miles Moralesspider-man

It’s been a little over five years since the introduction of Miles Morales as swingin’ Spider-Man in the Ultimate lineup, the first major shake-up in the Marvel multiverse since Captain America’s death and the Iron Man movie changed the business. A Black Hispanic teen, Morales’ tales are more urbane and tense, and he eventually finds his way to the main Marvel universe to fight alongside Peter Parker. As Marvel preps yet another Spider-Man origin movie, Morales represents to shake off the cobwebs of Spidey’s story.



On the other hand, what’s one more Peter Parker for the road? Spider-Man had some of the best supporting players and villains swirling in his world and the mid-90s Maximum Carnage storyline brought the oddballs out — not just Venom and Carnage (the former teaming with Parker to take down the latter), but Carrion, Demogoblin, Shriek, Doppelganger, Black Cat, Firestar, Deathlok and more. It’s a blunt and violent brawl and though the sappy conclusion would need to be reworked, it’d be a thrill to see a modern superhero movie that’s pure action with no subtext or symbolism.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaurdionos

She’s a 9-year-old genius with alien DNA! He’s a mutant T-Rex that breathes fire! Together, they fight evil! That may sound a bit silly, but it’s not that much weirder than anything else in the MCU. Lunella Lafayette and her new, prehistoric BFF have already faced down time-traveling proto-humans and the Hulk (or a version of the Hulk, anyway), and could help younger comic fans find a young character that they can identify with.

Squirrel Girlsquirrelgirl

Eats nuts, kicks butts! Believe it or not, Doreen Green, aka The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, has a pretty impressive list of victories over some pretty impressive foes, including Doctor Doom, MODOK and Wolverine. She’s got the proportional strength and agility of a squirrel (plus strong front teeth and a prehensile tail) and she can communicate with squirrels. She’s currently trying to balance college life and membership in the New Avengers, which all of the obvious complications that entails. The MCU hasn’t had anything like a sitcom yet, but we think Squirrel Girl is the perfect candidate.


In his 70+ years in Marvel Comics, half-Atlantean Namor has been alternately portrayed as a villian, an anti-hero, and an actual hero.  But one thing has been pretty consistent across all of those portrayals; he’s a haughty, stuck-up jerk.  The intersection of his regal, overbearing attitude, quick temper, and his fierce determination to fight for what he believes in makes for a character that could have some thrilling confrontations with the rest of the MCU.


Having been first recruited by HYDRA, then involved with S.H.I.E.L.D., becoming an agent of S.W.O.R.D., and finally a member of the Avengers, Spider-Woman’s path could easily crossover Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers, and lead to the Skrull invasion story arc. Besides all that, Jessica Drew is one of the last few top Marvel characters not in movies or TV yet. The good news is that the recent partnership between Marvel and Sony — who might or might not own her rights in the cinematic universe — is a sign that her premiere on the big screen might be closer than ever.

  • Nick Hamling

    This article is a joke.

    • Jim Corrigan

      Click bait. And I fell for it.

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  • Daily

    No, not needed at all. In fact they should cut some of the franchises they have brought to the silver screen. They have released a few really crap films.

  • Realistically

    Well no, first off 3 of them are spider-man variations and we have so many good spider-man films already/s.
    Although if ever there was a spider-man movie that needed a sequal then miles would fit awesomely with the death of peter.
    Carnage,just no, that is deadpools spot of mindless violence, but an Agent Venom movie would blow everybodies mind, and you can tie him in with the guardians of the galaxy afterwards;
    Namor is never going to happen mainly because he is aquaman and black adam put into one, and DC already has the best actors for both heroes.
    Squirrel girl is just a joke by Marvel which stuck around.
    Hercules is normal Hercules only set in the Marvel universe nothing too far out of the original to make him feel special out of the non-marvel Hercs.
    Ms.Marvel is wonder woman in terms of powers.
    Personally only cloak and dagger can bring something new as an idea but they are dangerously close to batman in tone so they have to be careful not to cross into that territory,or hawk and dove if they go for the dark/good personality motive.It can be done though,just gotta walk the fine edge.

    • The Bryce

      Wonder Woman can shapeshift? First I’ve heard

      • Joe Mack

        He is confusing this Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan) with the original Ms Marvel (Carol Danvers) who is now Captain Marvel and is getting her on movie in 2019.

    • Dick Bandit

      Relax, neckbeard

  • Tiberian_Fiend

    Brown people and women! Who could’ve guessed?

    • James Zoller

      PC af.
      #feminism making retarded shit since 2012

      • Nicholas Cage’s Pyramid Tomb

        This is really only an issue if you hate women and non-whites.

        • James Zoller

          or the worst ideas.
          have fun watching Squirrel Girl. we really need that to be released asap.

          • Nicholas Cage’s Pyramid Tomb

            Your comment:
            “PC af.

            #feminism making retarded shit since 2012”

            This is specifically directed at the fact that this list features women and non-whites. Not that you think a Squirrel themed superhero movie is a bad idea.

            And by the way, I have no problem with sillier, smaller scale superhero movies. A Squirrel Girl movie would be fine.

          • James Zoller

            False again. Aren’t you presumptuous.
            I actually like.spider Gwen and cloAK and dagger idea.
            What I dislike are political correctness run awry as it has all.over this country forcing feminist ideals in any way conceivable and the useless and more so damaging ideology that it represents.
            I could care less whether a minority or women is in a movie, as log as it makes some sense. I actually watched a feminist movie with my girlfriend a couple weeks ago, called surrogate. You know the time when feminism was required and served a purpose for all mankind, not this useless man bashing first world cry me a river someone on the Internet doesn’t like me so ban them brand of feminism that is rampant on campuses, including my own. Though I love getting into debates with them as they quickly realize they are losing and resort to personal attacks about how I rape people and the like. I play a number of games with female protagonists but generally don’t make that categorization till well in the game as I am more concerned with the character, not their sex as you seem to be.
            Fyi: the concept of surrogate was great though the story and characters were all 1 dimensional so the end result was known from the onset.

          • James Zoller

            btw…. feminism has nothing to do with non-whites or racial concerns in ANY WAY… what are you talking about?
            also my girlfriend just went through the list of the “top 15 feminist movies of 2015” and i’ve seen 8 of them. not because they were feminist movies, but because they seemed like quality movies.
            she is also laughing at your uninformed and presumptuous nature as she knows me ever so slightly more than you do.

            keep trying.

          • Nicholas Cage’s Pyramid Tomb

            “btw…. feminism has nothing to do with non-whites or racial concerns in ANY WAY… what are you talking about?”

            By the way, part of your comment mentioned political correctness, which isn’t limited to representing just women (otherwise you would’ve just mentioned feminism and left it at that). You’re also replying to a comment talking about “brown people”. It’s obvious what I’m talking about and you know it.

            “also my girlfriend just went through the list of the “top 15 feminist movies of 2015″ and i’ve seen 8 of them. not because they were feminist movies, but because they seemed like quality movies.”

            Again. you not liking the superheroes in this list is fine. The issue here is the fact that your initial comment is bitching about the fact that a lot of them are women and non-whites. If your actual issue here is the actual quality of the characters on this list, then you wouldn’t have felt the need to make a comment agreeing with someone who’s complaining about the list featuring women and non-whites. Stop trying to backpedal and make yourself seem like you aren’t an asshat.

            “she is also laughing at your uninformed and presumptuous nature”

            You literally agreed with a comment complaining about women and non-whites, then went on to complain about feminism and political correctness. There’s nothing to be presumptuous about. You literally did this.

          • James Zoller

            i agreed with a comment forcing gender and race into movies. yes, never did i make any indication that i am anti-women/minorities. your a presumptuous asshat.
            the comment i agreed with was valid… “what a surprise minorities and women” and lets balance it off with Hercules where marvel literally adds nothing to what we think of them. the majority of these characters do not even have enough material or interest for a movie to made about them to begin with. this is the point. how you miss this is clearly a sign of bias and again, assumptions on your part about my character and ideals.

            and you still don’t know a damn thing about me, yet you have revealed enough about yourself.

          • Nicholas Cage’s Pyramid Tomb

            “i agreed with a comment forcing gender and race into movies. yes”

            What exactly would this even entail? Making a character not a white man?

            “never did i make any indication that i am anti-women/minorities. your a presumptuous asshat.”

            “PC af.

            #feminism making retarded shit since 2012”

            “the majority of these characters do not even have enough material or interest for a movie to made about them to begin with. this is the point.”

            If that was the point then the fact that the list features minorities is besides the point, which, again, is the only thing you bothered to mention in your comment in the first place.

            “you still don’t know a damn thing about me, yet you have revealed enough about yourself.”
            Well so far I’ve revealed that I have no problem with minority superheroes and would be interested in seeing how a Squirrel Girl movie turns out. You got me by the balls man.

          • James Zoller

            all you are doing and have done just like most SJWs on the net is contort what i am saying into your own narrative.
            being openly against feminism is not equivalent to being against women you dumbass.
            i didn’t realize on the onset that i would have to quite literally spell out a fucking novel as to what many people are bothered by this list.
            what marvel characters need movies… hmmm ok lets look for the minorities and women and just make that the list. hercules will cover our tracks.
            again have fun watching squirrel girl.
            and no, i don’t have you by the balls.
            you never had any to begin with.

          • Nicholas Cage’s Pyramid Tomb

            “all you are doing and have done just like most SJWs on the net is contort what i am saying into your own narrative.”

            How is going off something that you literally said contorting anything?

            “being openly against feminism is not equivalent to being against women”

            Considering feminism is about equal rights and representation of women, yeah, it kinda is. Being against extremists is a different story, and not one that’s relevant to this article. There was nothing extremist about this article.

            “what marvel characters need movies… hmmm ok lets look for the minorities and women and just make that the list.”

            3/11 of these characters are white men.
            7/11 of these characters are white.
            Only 4 of these 11 characters are racial minorities.
            And only 6 of these 11 characters are women.
            This list has a pretty solid variety. Women make up barely more than half the characters. You’re having a fit over fucking nothing.

            The only real problem here is there are too many characters from Spiderman.

            “i don’t have you by the balls.

            you never had any to begin with.”

            Whoa man sick burn.

          • MICHAEL

            Facts…good job…

          • Hairbender

            Nicholas Cage’s Pyramid Tomb is my new hero.

          • MICHAEL

            TRUE TRUE…his main gripe was women and minorities…

      • Marco

        right, except for the fact that the latest Mad Max turned out to be the best Action movie ever produced. 😉 With a strong female lead.

    • James Zoller

      also moon girl and squirrel girl…
      need i say more?

    • radical

      Tiberian_Fiend…sounds like you’re an angry white person…have fun with that!

    • Dick Bandit

      Another angry honkie on the web… who would have guessed.

      • Screech Screecher

        Another racist proglodyte… who would have guess.

      • Tatiana Marie

        excuse me, but the majority of people who read comics are white or asian – have you even been to a comic book convention? There are not many blacks or mexicans at the conventions.

        • blair houghton

          Too busy dealing with the economic conditions white people leave them in.

    • drakejr

      It’s a pretty bad list that reeks of looking for diversity instead of good books. Spider Gwen and Spider Woman have had quality runs. But there are some garbage characters in that list. Cloak and Dagger? Seriously? Squirrel Girl is a good joke that went on too long. Carnage should have ended with the ugly period of 90’s garbage that spawned him. Hercules was only interesting when he had a supergenius counterpoint in Amadeus Cho. As for Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, I think we can confidently state this list is maximum tryhard.

      • blair houghton

        Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles started out as a parody. Then became the thing they were mocking, because $$$. Never discount the power of that galactic force.

    • blair houghton

      Power-Man and Jessica Jones have their own weekly TV series, soon to be two. Much better than a movie, from a character standpoint and actor standpoint and culture standpoint. Just not a money standpoint.

      • blair houghton

        Well, let me walk that back a bit. They have a TV series. It comes out all in a bunch instead of weekly. Still. Way more for your eyeball dollar.

  • The Bryce

    No Runaways. Lame.

  • Wrestlingroots


  • Nicholas Cage’s Pyramid Tomb

    Too many Spiderman variations/spinoffs.

  • coockie

    This article is literally screaming feminism and race. Comic books are supposed to be stories about alternating universes that are entirely different from our own. And in alternate universes there are no such thing as race and feminism, just super powerful aliens and evil syndicates. Stop forcing cheezy characters to get their own movies just because they are currently mistreated and misrepresented in our own society. I read comics to enjoy myself not to get more of this racism and feminism rifraf shoved into my face. But those things aside half of these characters are a joke. And others are copy pasted.

    • radical

      I guess you could also say you read comics to ignore social blight. Enjoy!

    • Nicholas Cage’s Pyramid Tomb

      “Comic books are supposed to be stories about alternating universes that are entirely different from our own. And in alternate universes there are no such thing as race and feminism, just super powerful aliens and evil syndicates.”

      I can’t tell if you’re joking or not, because the vast majority of comic books and fictional media in general go against your completely arbitrary requirements.

      • coockie

        Look, to me this article looks like an indirect statement that says women deserve as much attention as men do and that other minor ethnicities matter and therefore they should get their own movie as well. But that is not what comic books are supposed to be about or atleast that is what i think. Comic books are not supposed to be a dumping ground for political and social dillema but a form of entertainment.

        • Nicholas Cage’s Pyramid Tomb

          “Look, to me this article looks like an indirect statement that says women deserve as much attention as men do and that other minor ethnicities matter and therefore they should get their own movie as well.”

          …Is this somehow bad?

          “But that is not what comic books are supposed to be about or atleast that is what i think. Comic books are not supposed to be a dumping ground for political and social dillema but a form of entertainment.”

          In other words you want comics to only feature white men because the acknowledgement that women and other races exist is somehow a political or social dilemma (even though it isn’t and that makes no sense).

          • Crewthief

            Way to completely miss the point Mr. White Knight.

          • Nicholas Cage’s Pyramid Tomb

            Please, explain the point then.

          • Crewthief

            See, and that’s exactly the problem to begin with. I’m not going to spell this out for you.

          • Nicholas Cage’s Pyramid Tomb

            In other words you have no idea.

        • ZrdFrv

          “Look, to me this article looks like an indirect statement that says
          women deserve as much attention as men do and that other minor
          ethnicities matter and therefore they should get their own movie as

          And isn’t that an admirable goal? Is that a bad thing for you?

        • Schwinn

          There’s no reason we can’t get the best of both worlds. I get not wanting overbearing political messages in all your superhero outings, but we can get the fun of superheros WHILE getting better representation of overlooked demographics in our media, which doesn’t require stuffing a message about equality in there, it’s simply a matter of representation. Even still there’s no reason political messages can’t make for an interesting story in the context of superheros. The X-Men have been fighting for gay rights–I mean mutant rights whoops–for the longest time you know. Politics are synonymous with conflict and every superhero needs conflict. And I’m not saying we need Batman walking about preaching feminism, they are better platforms to deal with that, but a balance can be met with clever story telling.

          • ZrdFrv

            “And I’m not saying we need Batman walking about preaching feminism, they are better platforms to deal with that…”

            Jessica Jones and Agent Carter are my top choice for that.

        • Sean

          “Comic books are not supposed to be a dumping ground for political and social dillema but a form of entertainment.”

          …wait… you’re kidding, right? Comic books rather routinely tackle sociopolitical issues. The fact that you’re complaining about these comic book characters inherently addressing those issues kinda proves that. As do a buttload of comic books and comic book characters.

        • ” Comic books are not supposed to be a dumping ground for political and social dillema but a form of entertainment.”

          I take it you aren’t currently reading Marvel and DC comics, right? Because everything both companies are publishing these days is boring PC crap.

        • NC

          Yeah, not like Captain America was written by two Jews who wanted the US to enter WWII or anything.

          …except that’s exactly how it happened. It goes all. The way. Back. To the start.

    • Gog Magog

      Stories always have a symbolic level, even when they don’t intend it. The superhero genre itself is about more than punching bad guys. Early on, creators realized this. Wonder Woman herself was specifically designed as a feminist figure. Patriotic characters were supposed to represent American values. Crimefighters represent the triumph of good over evil. From early on in his history, Black Panther, the first black superhero who was created during the civil rights era, has been used to deal with issues of racism. EC comics regularly dealt with social issues in their comic series Shock Suspenstories and at times did the same in their regular horror comics. It’s only now when the backlash against feminism and the civil rights movement has seeped into the general culture that people complain when stories are about things they’d rather not think about. Comics have been dealing with these issues longer than you have been alive most likely.

    • Lee Glass

      This coming from a person with a hentai avatar of a basically naked woman.

    • Hairbender

      I hope I never meet you in person.

      • Luffy Senpai

        your opinion isn’t the only one that matters or the right one. If you can’t handle what other people think then don’t come to online forums.

    • Todd Merrick Novak

      Why do you care? Why does it offend you? My daughters are into superheroes. They’re 9 and 12. We saw Captain America last night and they told me that they wanted one of the girls to star in their own movie because they want to see a movie about someone THEY CAN RELATE TO! They don’t have a “feminist” agenda. They don’t even know what politically correct is yet. Are you saying that movies should be made only for people with your opinions and tastes?

      Even if they did make these movies for politically correct reasons, why do you care? Captain America, Iron Man, Ant Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Batman, Superman, Wolverine, Deadpool, all white superhero men with their own movies. Making movies with women or other races doesn’t seem to be a movement away from comic book movies starring white male leads. If you don’t want these movies, there is plenty still there for you. The idea that there is a focus on female or other race leads shouldn’t be an offense. For my daughters and myself it’s about tapping into something that I want to share with them by tapping into something that speaks to them. It isn’t a politically correct conspiracy. It’s much more human than that.

  • mister truman

    She-Hulk or GTFO.

  • mimranyameen

    70% Characters are just spiders.

  • Jesús Alonso

    Cypher. And no, I’m not kidding. He’s perfect for a movie that takes full developement on the possibilities of the character.

  • Al Saulinsky

    pfft, most of these characters are secondary at best and while I like Miles Morales, I dont think he is worthy of his own movie either. Whoever wrote this is a moron and knows nothing about comic books or their complex stories.

    • mroden26

      clearly you haven’t read Hercules’ new MARVEL title, or any of the recent arcs where Namor is involved, or anything with Miles Morales or Kamala Khan

      • Al Saulinsky

        Actually I do (or at least have) read all of those. Despite being a member of the Illuminati, Namor was a supporting character at best. He was a supporting character in the X titles, and he was a supporting character in the Secret Wars arcs, and now he’s dead. The new Ms. Marvel is a waste of paper (or electricity if you read digitally). That crap was made so Marvel could pander to an untapped market I guess. The story is abysmal and her abilities…really? Elasticman was a clown even over at DC. Now, if you read my post, I LIKE Miles Morales. The story so far has been pretty good and there is potential there. I do not however think the character, at this point, is worth a movie. The new Hercules series has promise, but it is too early in it’s run to give any informed judgements. I’ll even go so far as to say that the Sam Wilson Captain America is crap as well. The new Thor shows some promise, while the new Hulk does not. The Hawkeye series is garbage, but Old Man Logan could be one of the greats.

        • Todd Merrick Novak

          You know, ripping down something that someone else likes doesn’t mean you have taste or that you represent anyone’s opinion but your own. Try focusing on what you like. Otherwise you’re just another guy on the internet who rips everyone else down. How original.

          Not everyone shares your opinion. You throw the word crap around. It comes off as juvenile and it doesn’t represent you or your opinions well. It’s all too common on the web. Don’t be a cliche.

          Who would have thought Scott Lang would have his own movie. Even Iron Man hadn’t been a top book since the 1970s. Namor, along with the original Human Torch, was one of the first Marvel characters and like Captain America he has a time spanning history.

  • Strider

    Sorry, but this is simply a horrible list of characters. There are maybe 2 that would not simply be changing/rebooting existing characters like Gwen and Miles and even Spider Woman. Only do these characters if you are really trying to promote superhero movie fatigue. The Cloak and Dagger is pretty much the only one on the list that looks original or interesting.

    Feels like the staff was simply picking random c list characters for this list.

  • theDiscreteOne

    How is Doctor Strange not on this list? [rhetorical question]

    • Nicholas Cage’s Pyramid Tomb

      Probably because his movie is already in production.

  • percy blakeney

    okay for Cloak and Dagger.
    Namor’s cool but Aquaman has more exposure and has been turned into a total Namor rip off over the years -so I don’t really see a gap in the market for it.

    How about:
    Adam Warlock
    Silver Surfer (yes, Fox, I know)
    Rachel Summers (Fox, why wasn’t she in DoFP?)
    The Eternals
    Nova? (Richard Rider)
    Starhawk (but as Starkar or Aleta?)
    Stating the obvious here but if we’re looking for a solo superheroine (on top of Carol Danvers of course) the Black Widow has got to be a banker atm. Just do it.
    ….aaaaaaaand a Squadron Supreme movie! Just coz it’d be funny if Marvel made a better JLA movie than DC.

    Speaking of which why don’t DC make Legion of Superheroes flick? Now that’d be cool.

  • Avengers Squad

    OHMIGOSH they should TOTALLY do Spider-Gwen or Spider-Woman! I have’nt read the Gwen one, but it sure looks cool! And Cloak and Dagger would be awesome, just hopefully not too dark–it’d be nice to have such a cool duo. I agree that they should do Shulkie as a TV show or something, Wrestlingroots Y’know what they really should do is a Power Pack movie or TV show, which might actually happen, according to Stan Lee. I’m glad they’re gonna do the New Mutants, it’ll be cool to see more teen heroes on screen! I’ve never heard of that Moon girl thing, but I love all-ages stuff, so I should check that out! Hopefully Marvel won’t make any more crap movies like Deadpool. 🙁

  • Martian_Manchowder

    These could be superb dead virus inoculations against wanting to watch more people in rubber suits glower at each other.

  • lucky gmail

    Give me “Spider Woman” & “Cloak & Dagger” for $1000.00, Alex!

  • SQUIRREL GIRL?? really???

  • ZrdFrv

    For me, almost all of them could fare well better for tv than in movies. Except for Namor, I think Namor could work being introduced in MCU as a movie supporting character(like they did with Blackwidow in IM2, or Hawkeye in Thor).

    For my rundown;
    Reading Spider-Gwen’s run, it is interesting, she is interesting(really loving the flip take where Pete’s the simple primer for Gwen to become her own character). Could work as a pure standalone spin-off series, unconnected to MCU.

    Only read a few about Kamala Khan, but I really like how quirky her whole thing is. Could be a strong suit for a proper, fun, teenage adventure show.

    Cloak and Dagger? Love these two. Netflix, period.

    Hercules, really like his adventures with Amadeus Cho, now THAT, I find would really work best as a true saturday morning cartoon adventure.

    Was really hoping Miles Morales is the spiderman they’d take to MCU. Standalone series then.

    Moon Girl and devil Dinosaur? Have no idea who these folks are so comment.

    Squirrel Girl, a single season animated series. An awkward, hilarious, Adam Reed style of humor revolving around a superheroine whose apparent superpower is the ability to defeat foes seemingly far more powerful than her.

    Namor, I really like this arrogant asshat. Could do well introduced into MCU as a supporting character (like Blackwidow in IM2, or Hawkeye in Thor).

    And SpiderWoman?, pfft, i’d rather have Jenn Walters! Now THAT character could be a good bridge between the Netflix Marvel characters(had a meet with Matt Murdock or Jessica Jones for some random case) and the movie Marvel ones(Bruce Banner’s cousin!)

  • Thanos

    Squirrel Girl?!?!?! Really?!?!?!?!

  • yaniv chenski

    Another repetitive sjw PC garbage.
    no is against giving minorities/women super hero lead roles… well other than movie goers.

    hancock? flop
    electra ? flop
    cat woaman ? big flop. twice.
    does anyone really care about falcon?
    doesn anyone really want to see any of the movies above?
    asian/black/tranny superman?

    the ghostbusters reboot and the new wonder woman wont shatter box office records…i may be wrong

  • NameNamerson

    Punisher, wolverine, Ghost Rider and daredevil is the the only reason Dc were forced to be dark. Before MARVEL, dc was goofy Adam west. If it weren’t for real dark characters like Punisher, dc would still b stuck in the cornball age.

  • NameNamerson

    Jessica jones makes dc look like sesame street.

  • NameNamerson

    Daredevil vs Punisher made Batman vs Superman look silly.


      where did you see daredevil vs punisher?

      • Antman277

        Probably in the Daredevil Netflix tv show.

        • MICHAEL

          I just got netflix and the first episode of the second season where it starts is pretty good…

  • Grokenstein

    Awwww, lookit all the pale man-infants. Cry louder, tiny little babymen.

    • Dark Shroud

      You mean the majority of the people who actually read comics?

    • Rick Grubber

      Sounds like you’re the only one doing all the blubbering, putzey wutzey!


    As an african american growing up average in a jewish neighborhood I relied on Marvel Universe to enrich life. Im not into political correctness (we saw how that ruined the fantastic 4 movies) not that they were that good in the first place. HOWEVER Stan Lee is clearly against racism and its obvious that 90% of FUCKING MOVIES have a white male lead…so thats the end of that why should non whites and women be bombarded with movies of white men doing good over evil? Stan Lee believes in fair play…as do I…I support the inclusion of minority heroes and whoever doesn’t has missed the point Mr. Stan Lee is trying to make…

    • Crewthief

      What the fuck are you crying about?

  • Antman277

    Why not put younger characters, like Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), Spider-Man (Miles Morals), Nova (Sam Alexander), Ms. America (America Chavez), and even Cassie Lang, who develops size changing abilities from exposure to Pym Particles, into a live action tv show or movie? This could be easily established in the MCU because Cassie Lang was shown in Ant-Man (Scot Lang), Siper-Man (Peter Parker) wouldn’t have to die, and Nova could also be in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.
    That being said, a second Spider-Man movie (After the first one comes out) having Peter Parker die and Miles Morals take his place would be really darn cool.
    Also, I don’t know anything about Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, but it sounds to me like a really good idea for an animated tv show on Disney Junior, that can then introduce younger kids to Marvel, which will lead to them watching Avengers, Spider-Man, and Guardians of the Galaxy on Disney XD, which leads to the MCU, thus making Marvel a bunch more money, and entertaining young kids. When I was 4, 5, 6, or 7, I would have jumped at the thought of watching a tv show about an 8 year old genius and a dinosaur.

  • Todd Kaplan

    Moon knight

  • ocasian

    NO. No one want’s to see this garbage.

  • Tatiana Marie

    She-Hulk for sure! Also, Silver Sable.

  • camilo

    So, no Moon Knight, Black Widow, Sentry or Black Cat? You know… the ones with actually interesting stories??? While Namor and Spider Woman would be interesting, Squirrel Girl and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur just left me scratching my head in confusion…. no seriously, the second one has to be a joke -_- (And Spider Gwen? Right, because we don’t have enough Spider Man stuff in movies right?)

  • Bruno Xavier

    Moon Knight? Ghost Rider? Blade? Runaways?

  • Josh Elliott

    Spider-Gwen and Miles = No.. Either of these would confuse non comic book people to no end.
    Namor = Might work… tough character to sell, might need a large amount of reimaging to make movie worthy
    Hercules = No.. While Thor worked as a character cinematic wise, Hercules already has far too many movies/shows under his belt as a Greek character… would be confusing/meh for the non comic fans

    Ms. Marvel = Sure
    Cloak and Dagger = Yes please.
    Spider-Woman = Yes please
    Moon Girl = Maybe, I have no idea on this one. Marvel seems to be able to make non mainstream work (GotG)
    Maximum Carnage = This is what I’ve been waiting for since the first Tobey Maguire Spidey movie.

    Squirrel Girl can die in an apartment fire, but not from the fire itself, but carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • Pinkk

    Spider-Gwen and Ms Marvel. Two new characters that have yet to prove themselves. No. They don’t deserve a movie (this doesn’t mean they can’t get one, but DESERVE is way to strong a word). Same with Moon Girl only she’s even more boring than Ms Marvel.

    Squirrel Girl is a joke and doesn’t deserve a movie either :p

    Miles sucks. He has yet to be a good Spider-Man and his own sales show it. Why they keep trying to push him on the comic crowd instead of some of the better ones, I have no idea.

    Don’t think Hercules deserves his own movie either.

    Now Cloak & Dagger, there is one deserving of a movie. Spider-Woman? For sure! Jessica Drew has been nothing but deserving of some screen time. Not a fan of Namor, but he could use one of his own.

  • Marie Teach

    there is nothing wrong with hating muslims especially since most of them hate women and LGBT people, they are a cancer on any society they infest, 70% of the prison population of Europe are muslim filth because they can’t stop raping women and children

  • John (it true me am)

    Forget the back and forth here about this being too PC, it is simply a bad list completely regardless. Spider-Gwen and Miles are typical alternate universe crap, the kind of stuff that bogs down U.S. comic books to the point that they have to destroy the multiverse every so often just to clean up their messes. Yeah maybe we are all getting sick of the 3rd Peter Parker reboot in recent history, but come on, do you really think either of those characters are going to sell tickets? The lineup is already bloated as is and we haven’t even touched a few huge staple heroes nor even gotten the mutants or F4 back from Fox.

    Carnage is a villain, and an irredeemable one. They don’t get their own movies, period. As for him showing up in a spider-man movie, that is possible certainly. Why is he on this list?

    Hercules and Namor are supporting characters, I could picture them showing up at some point in the MCU, but headlining a film? Laughable. Thor is already a little too borderline out of place, mythological god shoved in among superheroes for non-comics readers.

    Squirrel Girl could only work in a Deadpool sequel (Deadpool v. Squirrel Girl: Dawn of something or other). No clue where her license lies though.

    Ms. Marvel is still too green of a character. Could she work? Maybe as a Netflix series. Jessica Jones is an atrocious waste of space Bendis trash character and somehow they pulled off her series very well(thank you David). But yeah, not a movie.

    Agree with most comments here that Cloak and Dagger are the best on the list. Cloak and Dagger would have made an excellent Netflix series, but unfortunately we are going to get some young adult Twilight crap. Hopefully not set in the MCU…

    Spider-woman… If Mockingbird was a third tier Agents of SHIELD character, then why would The Inferior Spider-woman get a movie? Just toss her as a supporting cast member of SHIELD and be done with it. Jessica Jones already stole her spot in the big leagues. (If confused by that, the original Jessica Jones series was intended to be a Jessica Drew series but the editors weren’t keen on Bendis having Purple Man enslave and rape an established character.)

    And Moongirl? Really? Toss her in a Deadpool movie and have him kill the stupid dinosaur and call it a day. That’s a license they should just give away… Or hey, I’ll be generous and say give them a Disney XD little kids show.

  • Seanzilla_97

    ehhhhh……. Without a doubt half of these Marvel characters do not even deserve a movie.
    1.) Miles Morales
    2.) Namor
    3.) Spider-Woman
    4.) Beta Ray Bill- Maybe if they made a Thor movie that introduced him, rather than making him the main star. Almost like what they are doing with Black Panther in the upcoming Captain America movie.
    5.) Cloak and Dagger
    6.) Silver Surfer
    7.) Brotherhood of Mutants- Interesting it would be an interesting take on to see the perspectives of an infamous enemy of the X-Men.
    8.) Wolverine??????- Making another Wolverine movie? Yes, make the main focus on ALPHA FLIGHT!!!!!!! i think that this would make for an interesting movie. Cant be as bad as “X-Men Wolverine Origins…..”
    9.) Hercules- Maybe if they made a Thor movie that introduced him, rather than making him the main star. Almost like what they are doing with Black Panther.
    10.) She-Hulk

  • Maudite Balvenie

    I doubt Marvel wants to release movies based on characters that are derived from original characters for fear of diluting the original’s brand.

  • Alex Coulombe
  • Rob

    I gotta agree with everything they said.

  • Donnie The Lion

    She-Hulk. If the success of Jessica Jones showed anything, it paved the way for She-Hulk on the big screen.

  • Wil☺

    Chris Evans Naked………….. No! She is not Found

  • Tony Volious

    I love Spider-Woman, would love to see her on TV… She-Hulk too!!!

  • Joel Drake

    Little off topic, but can we say that Punisher clearly needs his own Netlifx show?

  • Sarah Fisher

    Yeah, just what we need, 3 more Spider”men”. Cuz there’s no way overindulging in those could go wrong…

  • Guy Dudebreaux

    Whoever wrote this article was just trying to get their SJW certification.

  • Fallen Prime

    Well. This is certainly a list that someone wrote and posted on the Internet.

    I’m not going to offer comment on Spider-Gwen due to knowing next to nothing about her, but Miles Morales could work. Hell, I don’t think I’d have been mad if they’s gone the Morales route for MCU Spidey, especially considering they take their fair share of cues from the Ultimate universe. Problem with including either now, and Spider-Woman as well, is that we’d end up with an oversaturation of web-slinging heroes. The comics are already juggling a ton of them, and it’d serve the MCU well to not try to churn them out, with the understandable exception of symbiote shenanigans.

    I’d actually be totally okay with Ms. Marvel. Who knows, they could even write Kamala Khan into Captain Marvel’s film. Or even the TV shows, since Agents of SHIELD’s on an Inhuman high.

    I’ve heard the pitch for Cloak and Dagger. They’ve greenlit it before even attaching anyone onto the project. That alone concerns me. I’ve heard they also want a YA romance angle, which is… certainly different for the MCU at present.

    I don’t know about Marvel’s Hercules. The character as a Greco-Roman figure has been done to death by now, once even by Disney themselves. It could be fun to see how the MCU reconciles the coexistence of Olympus and Asgard, but I don’t think it’s necessarily required that we have that happen.

    I have wanted Carnage since Raimi’s films. I am that level of trash. The symbiotes are one of my favorite things about Spider-Man’s history, and I ADORE Carnage for being a huge part of that. Baby steps, though; let Spidey grow into his own, and if the symbiotes are fated for the MCU treatment, start at Venom.

    I have never heard of Moon Girl and only sort of know Devil Dinosaur. Guardians of the Galaxy is proof positive that the characters being obscure doesn’t doom the film, but I think this pairing crosses the acceptable silliness threshold established by the MCU.

    Squirrel Girl, though. Give Squirrel Girl one of those One-Shots. I demand this to be a thing. There is no rationality behind this, I just want it.

    Namor would be a very welcome addition to the MCU. I thought I heard something about his film rights being in all sorts of hell, though, which would go a decent way towards explaining his absence thus far.

    Personally, I’d like to see Marvel get Ghost Rider right in the MCU. They’ve proven they could right wrongs with Daredevil, Punisher AND Elektra, and I’d love to see how they do with GR and his related cast. I’d also be thrilled with seeing Nova make an appearance in a Guardians movie, and I wouldn’t object if Moon Knight fans had their way.

    And also the Fantastic Four, but… well, assuming Fox hasn’t tarnished the name forever by now, they STILL wouldn’t give ’em back. But seriously, the MCU NEEDS more Loki-scale villains, and Doctor Doom is one of the DEFINITIVE Marvel villains.

    …fucking hell, I typed a LOT.

  • sunnavab

    Cloak and Dagger, but it needs to be on Netflix. Seriously mature stuff if done right.

  • Hasan Ahmad

    Is this a joke ?

  • Unkown Origin

    I… don’t think I agree with anything on this list. I guess they could do a 90min Squirrel Girl cartoon movie on Netflix, but otherwise no. Also, just a hunch, but the author probably wouldn’t enjoy a Spider Woman movie since she uses pheromones to seduce men. Which rather than being a display of female empowerment is clearly just another Nerd-Fetish, Sexual Objectification, blah blah, etc of Womyn. Anywho, enjoy your ad revenue.

  • Todd Merrick Novak

    A Carnage movie is an awful idea. He was a terrible, redundant, and unneeded addition to Spider-Man’s rogues gallery. The psychopathic supervillain thing has been oversaturated and is played out. The comic sells like $#*!. His origin is convoluted. And unlike many of the Marvel villains who have some redeeming quality, Carnage is one note, it’s the lowest common denominator of dumbass pre-teen boys, and trying to follow the character for a whole movie will bore the crap out of us.

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