Liev Schreiber Joining Wolverine?

Same actor, same film, new rumor.

by | January 14, 2008 | Comments

Plenty of names have been floated as possible co-stars for Hugh Jackman in the forthcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine — and one of the most frequently mentioned has been Liev Schreiber as a young Colonel William Stryker.

These rumors, according to CHUD, have been incorrect — sort of. Schreiber’s in the movie, you see; it’s just that he’s playing another character. What, you want specifics? Oh, all right: If CHUD‘s “multiple sources” are on target, Liev will be playing none other than Wolverine’s nemesis, Sabretooth. As Devin Faraci puts it, “When you have a real director…like Gavin Hood, and he casts a real actor like Liev Schreiber…well, how can you not be at least intrigued?”

For those unfamiliar with the comics, Sabretooth has abilities similar to Wolverine’s, but where Wolverine attempts to keep his sociopathic tendencies in check (and generally succeeds), Sabretooth — also known as Graydon “Victor” Creed — revels in them. Their similarities have been the source of a number of battles since Sabretooth’s debut in the late ’70s.

So what about the role of Stryker? According to CHUD, “Nobody is set yet, but the producers are darkly dreaming Dexter, if you know what I mean.” The article goes on to tip Michelle Monaghan as a possible Silver Fox — which would seem to negate earlier rumors giving the part to Maggie Q.

Source: CHUD