Kevin Smith Finishes Red State Script

Color us intrigued.

by | September 4, 2007 | Comments

Kevin Smith fans, take notice: the director’s much-discussed horror project now has its script.

The film — titled Red State, and on track to start production after Smith’s next comedy, Zack and Miri Make a Porno — was first reported on by our RT-UK brethren back in April, when Smith divulged several plot points (click here to read the full article). In what was perhaps the most telling quote, Smith cautioned fans to expect the unexpected:

It’s weird because for a few months I’ve been saying ‘horror movie’ and technically it is, but it’s also not a very traditional horror movie in the sense that people have been asking me, ‘Is it a slasher movie? Is it like the Japanese horror flicks?’ It’d be much easier to just show it to them when I’m done and be like, ‘This is what I meant.’ At which point I’m sure there’ll be people saying, ‘This ain’t a horror movie!’ But to me, it is.

Now, over at SilentBobSpeaks, Smith brings word that the Red State script is done:

Totally different than anything I’ve written before…Shortest script I’ve ever written, too, as well as the least dialogue-driven (not to say there’s not a lot of dialogue in it still; just not nearly as much as I’m used to writing). It’s a weird, relentlessly bleak and extremely unsettling affair…

For more on the story’s completion — and, it must be said, plenty of Smith’s usual colorful language — click through to the link below.