Jennifer Garner Gives Birth to Baby Bennifer

by | December 1, 2005 | Comments

Not to be confused with Bennifer I (Ben Affleck‘s scrapped engagement to Jennifer Lopez), Bennifer II — the recently married Ben Affleck and "Alias" star Jennifer Garnerwelcomed their first bundle of joy, baby daughter Violet, Wednesday night.

The happy parents, who wed last June in the Caribbean, met on the set of "Daredevil" and began dating in 2004. Of course, little Violet isn’t the first joint-effort to be spawned by Aflleck and Garner (now affectionately known as Ben ‘n Jen, FYI); the off-screen parents and on-screen superheroes also, unforgivably, gave the world the Marvel comic-adaptation’s sequel, 2005’s "Elektra."

Thankfully, neither Affleck nor Garner have any more superhero roles coming up. Garner’s signature television show, "Alias," has been axed after a disappointing season that saw Garner’s on-screen lover (and off-screen ex) Michael Vartan killed off, with Garner’s pregnancy written in to the show. Hopes that a newer, sexy agent, introduced to ease the focus from Garner’s bulging belly, would take off with viewers seemed to tank as ratings dropped like Hollywood relationships from the pre-marriage Ben ‘n Jen. Garner’s upcoming film roles will test her acting chops, instead of her karate chops, as the loss-and-mourning flicks "Catch and Release," "Sabbatical," and "Be With You" drop in 2006 and beyond.

Meanwhile, Ben "Gigli" Affleck has lined up some projects that don’t co-star someone he’s dating: showbiz dramedy "Man About Town," the George Reeves biopic "Truth, Justice and the American Way," and a mob comedy, "Smokin’ Aces."