Hollywood Adapting Every Comic from Hex to Y

It's the apocalypse for male fantasies.

Warner Bros and New Line are
planning adaptations of two comic books critiquing famous male fantasies:
Jonah Hex
and Y: The Last Man.

Warner Bros has put Crank
writing/directing team

Mark Neveldine

Brian Taylor
on board to adapt DC Comics’ Jonah Hex. An anti-hero
from the Civil War, Hex and his famous facial deformity and confederate uniform
first appeared in 1970’s All Star Western before receiving his own
spin-off comic in 1977. Hex was launched anew in 2005, continuing the
story in the future, with Hex becoming a
Mad Max
-style cowboy
of the apocalypse. No word on the villain of choice (Quentin Turnbull aka “The
Man with the Eagle Topped Cane,” “El Papagayo,” or “The Chameleon”) or on the
possibility of the story going back to the future. Andrew Lazar and Akiva Goldsman will produce under
Production Company Mad Chance.

Meanwhile, New Line is
presenting their own apocalyptic cowboy with an adaptation of Brian Vaughn’s
Y: The Last Man
. A critique of the old “if you were the last man on earth”
fantasy, The Last Man tells the tale of Yorick Brown (or “Y”), amateur
escape artist and sole survivor of a plague that has wiped out the male members
of every mammalian species on earth. Accompanied by his male monkey Ampersand
and wielding his sharp wit, Y navigates the femme future where survivor guilt
and male impersonators reign supreme. Y: The Last Man will be adapted by
D.J. Caruso and
Carl Ellsworth, with
J.C. Spink,

and David S. Goyer producing.

Hollywood Reporter