Does Clash of the Titans Have a Director?

Perseus to get a boomstick?

by | August 3, 2007 | Comments

Not content to float a rumor about one remake’s possible director, IESB is digging into its bag of anonymous sources for some dish about who might be taking the reins for Warner Bros.’ planned remake of the 1981 cult classic/Harry Hamlin career peak, Clash of the Titans. You want a name director? They don’t get much bigger than this.

So, who’s the lucky candidate for Titandom? According to IESB‘s source, Warner Bros. has been wooing — wait for it — Sam Raimi.

It sounds slightly ridiculous at first blush, and for all we know, there’s no truth to it whatsoever. On the other hand, if Warners really feels like it has to attempt a Titans remake, there’s a rather short list of directors who might be able to make it work — whatever that means — and it would be tough to argue against Raimi being on it. The studio is apparently shooting for a darker (read: not as cheesy) take on the original, and Raimi’s visual flair could help bring it to life. (Also, as the article notes, “he’s worked with skeleton armies before, so who better for the job?”)

Raimi’s production schedule is pretty cluttered for the next couple of years — announced projects include The Grudge 3 — but as a director, the only films he might have on the horizon are an Evil Dead movie, Spider-Man 4, and 2009’s The Hobbit, so in theory, he’s got the time. For anyone who’s ever wanted to know what Bruce Campbell looks like in a loincloth, this just might be your best chance to find out.