Director Signed for a Return to Witch Mountain

From the 'remakes we didn't see coming' file...

by | July 24, 2007 | Comments

Who remembers the old Disney flick Escape from Witch Mountain? OK, and of those people, how many think there should be a remake? OK, everyone else can just leave.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, director Andy Fickman has been signed to helm a remake of the mild 1975 chiller Escape to Witch Mountain. If you’ve seen Who’s Your Daddy?, Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical, or (ugh) She’s the Man, then you’re already familiar with the collected works of Mr. Fickman.

Based on a novel by Alexander Key, the Disney film was popular enough to warrant a sequel (Return from Witch Mountain), a TV movie (Beyond Witch Mountain), and a TV remake (in 1995) — so another remake is only logical, really.

Apparently Disney is ramping this project up for a quick turnaround. Awesome.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter