Director Dahl Out of "Punisher 2"

by | June 13, 2007 | Comments

Looks like "Punisher 2" is in even more turmoil after losing Thomas Jane. Now rumored director John Dahl has revealed that he’s changed his mind about taking over the sequel. "I had talked to them about it but I’m actually not doing it."

The director of "Red Rock West" and "The Last Seduction" might have actually been a good choice, but even he feared he wouldn’t be able to achieve his vision. "I love the idea of a kick ass vigilante that’s got a really black sense of humor, that can throw three people into a trashcan, light them on fire and walk away while they’re screaming. That just sounded funny to me but I wasn’t sure that the script could really get there, that would have the sense of humor."

Add to that the pressures of replacing the actor, comic book fans and an original that wasn’t a massive hit to begin with, and Dahl decided to stay out of trouble. "It also felt like it just had too much baggage, not in a bad way, but I’d be sort of digging myself out of a hole right from the beginning."