Crank 2 Ratchets Up Style

The producer discusses the upcoming Statham sequel.

by | January 18, 2008 | Comments

Producer Tom
confirmed that
Crank 2: High
will shoot, as the script was finished before the writer’s
strike. The concept of Chev Chelios revived with an electric heart will allow
Mark Neveldine
Brian Taylor
to ramp up their extreme style.

propels Jason
is even more extreme than the drug that he took [in the first
]," said

Rosenberg plans to bring the sequel in under relatively the same budget, except
of course for certain talent. "We had to pay Jason more and the instructors more
and so forth, but we generally don’t do that where the sequel becomes so much
bigger and less likely to be successful. No, the style will be the same, the
shooting schedule is within two to three days of the [first] one."

time, the filmmakers will likely not write themselves into a corner by
re-killing Chev at the end. Rosenberg indicates Crank could also be a
trilogy. "We’ll see. It leaves off where that’s possible. If the public embraces
it, I think it’s going to be bigger than the first one."