"Alias" Actor Talks "Star Trek" Possibilities

by | August 25, 2006 | Comments

Actor Greg Grunberg and TV/movie director J.J. Abrams go back a (very) long way, which explains why you’ll see Grunberg pop up in "Alias," "Lost," "Mission: Impossible 3," and (if Greg has his way) Abrams’ impending "Star Trek" adaptation.

From IGN FilmForce: "Asked if Abrams has directly spoken to him about playing a part in "Star Trek," Grunberg replied, "Yeah, we joked about that," before revealing that Abrams had sarcastically told him, "You’re too old!" Remembering his response to Abrams, Grunberg recounted, "I’m like, ‘Too old? What does that mean?’ And he won’t tell me anything else, and I’m like, ‘No, come on!’"


"When it was suggested to Grunberg that he could play a Klingon, he replied, "Yeah! I wanna be a bad guy. It would be great to have some great role." And while he didn’t get specific on names, Grunberg did say that when it comes to interest in the Abrams Star Trek film, "People are coming out of the woodwork. Amazing actors are coming out from everywhere, calling J.J., saying, ‘I wanna be in this movie.’ So we’ll see."

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