Comic-Con Ketchup: What We Do in the Shadows and Mayans M.C. Close Out the Con

News out of the final day of 2022 Comic-Con International: San Diego.

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After the intensity of Saturday, Comic-Con International’s first Sunday since 2019 represented something more laid back: just two panels focused on television shows and a screening of Disney’s Lightyear. It was a shock to some con-goers more accustomed to it being the day of Supernatural and Doctor Who, but with the former finishing its run during the pandemic and Doctor Who on an odd hiatus, the day seemed to signal a rest break until 2023, when Sunday will likely return to something more full-tilt. We certainly hope The Doctor — in any of their manifestations — will be ready to return to San Diego. In the meantime, take a look at what Comic-Con offered on the final day of its 2022 event.

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What We Do in the Shadows Panel Celebrates the Show’s New Season

Following a Saturday night party for the show, What We Do in the Shadows series stars Matt Berry (“Laszlo”), Harvey Guillén (“Guillermo”), Mark Proksch (“Colin Robinson”), and Kristen Schaal (“The Guide”) participated in FX’s Comic-Con panel for the show, revealing that viewers will meet Guillermo’s family this season and there will be a full vampire wedding.

Paul Simms (EP/writer), Stefani Robinson (EP/writer), Yana Gorskaya (Co-EP/director/editor), and Kyle Newacheck (co-EP/director) also appeared.

Mayans M.C. To Return For a Fifth Season

The faithful of Mayans M.C. were treated to a special announcement: The show will return for a fifth year. The FX drama stars JD Pardo as Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes, a member of the Mayans chapter on the California/Mexico border. Almost ready to live the life promised by America, he, his brother Angel (Clayton Cardenas), and the rest of the club continue to face retaliation from other chapters after a failed attempt to align under one leader. Also, EZ and Angel are finding it difficult to forgive their father Felipe (Edward James Olmos) after a stunning betrayal. The series also stars Danny Pino, Carla Baratta, Michael Irby, Raoul Max Trujillo, Emilio Rivera, Sarah Bolger, Frankie Loyal, Joseph Lucero and Vincent Varg.

Mayans‘ fourth season wrapped its run on July 14 with EZ finally making a bid for power even as the origin of the Sons of Anarchy’s conflict with the club seemingly came to light and the heroin EZ promised to move ended up torched by an unidentified arsonist.

Additionally, James has signed a long-term deal with 20th Television to develop and produce other shows. “20th is my home,” he said in a statement. “[They] are family who’ve always championed, supported, and challenged me to get the best out of myself. I’m so incredibly grateful to them and to all of the 20th team. I can’t wait to see what we’re able to create together moving forward. And every single member of the Mayans family, from our top of the call sheet to our set PAs and every single person in between have put their blood and sweat into making Mayans something special on the set and on the screen. I’m deeply indebted to John, Eric, Nick and all of FX (particularly Colette Wilson who’s been in the trenches with us from day one) for allowing us to continue to explore and create.”

Lego Masters Introduces Executive Producer Brad Pitt in Season 3 Trailer

Comic-Con attendees were treated to a first-look at Lego Masters’ season 3 trailer, which featured a somewhat plastic cameo by executive producer Brad Pitt. The new season will include a NASA-themed episode, a treehouse challenge, and a best-in-Lego dog show.

The new season debuts on Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 9/8C on Fox.

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