15 Hot Comic-Con 2011 Collectibles We Want

We profile some of the items we're most looking forward to seeing at this year's Con.

by | July 20, 2011 | Comments

If you’re enough of a comic, movie or TV fan to go to San Diego Comic-Con, you might also be the type of person that buys collectible items to show off your fandom. It’s not just toys, but books, posters, DVDs and statuettes are all for sale at the con (aside from plenty of comics). We’ve made a list of the coolest movie-related items that you’ll only be able to get in San Diego, at least until they show up on eBay.

1. Star Wars Vintage Revenge of the Jedi Special Edition Death Star Collector’s Pack

You read that right — “Revenge” of the Jedi. This collector’s pack has 12 figures, two exclusive minifigures, and it’s all branded with Revenge of the Jedi key art. Amongst the figures included are Luke, Han, Leia, R2-D2 and Admiral Ackbar (It’s a trap!). This is one of the collectibles we’re most excited about at the con this year. Available at the HasbroToyShop.com Booth (#3329).

2. Hot Wheels Back to the Future Vehicle

An essential addition to any Hot Wheels collection, this is Doc Brown’s famous time-travelling Delorean, in nifty display packaging. If you can’t pick one up at the con, it will eventually find its way to mattycollector.com. Available at the Mattel Booth (#3029).

3. Embossed Advance Copy of The Boy Who Loved Batman

Advance copy of The Boy Who Loved Batman memoir by Michael Uslan, executive producer of the Batman films. If it wasn’t for Uslan, we wouldn’t have any Batman movies (except for the campy Adam West version). This is the story of how he brought Batman back to the big screen, and the studio obstacles he had to surmount every step of the way. This book won’t be available until September, so if you want to get it early, now is your chance. Available at the Chronicle Books Booth (#1506).

4. Indiana Jones “Lost Wave” Special Edition Collector’s Pack

When the latest Indiana Jones movie hit theaters, Hasbro took a stab at starting an action figure line based on the franchise. Considering they’ve done very well with Star Wars, Marvel, GI Joe and Transformers lines, this seemed like a gimme, right? It turns out the figures weren’t that well-received, so they canceled the line, including the final wave of Raiders figures. But now you can get them at the con, and be the envy of all your collector friends! Available at the HasbroToyShop.com Booth (#3329).

5. Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

This is another one of the items we’re most excited about… who wouldn’t want a 20″ Stay Puft Marshmallow Man? It’s the largest item ever made by Mattel and sold at SDCC, and is made from soft foam, with articulation at the arms, head and legs. The packaging also includes a city diorama. Nifty! Available at the Mattel Booth (#3029).

6. Neville Longbottom SDCC 2011 Mini Bust

This is something for the Harry Potter superfan — your friends may have Harry, Hermione and Ron busts, but you can only get Neville in San Diego. Wielding his trusty wand and the Sorting Hat, this pure blooded Gryffindor has grown from a shy, introverted boy into a fierce defender of good. Available at the Gentle Giant Studios Booth (#3513).

7. Drew Struzan: Oeuvre Introduction by George Lucas Limited Edition

Struzan is one of the most celebrated poster artists working today, and this book will tempt any serious cinephile. This oversized, numbered, slipcased edition, signed by Struzan himself on a bound-in specially illustrated signature sheet and limited to 1000 copies, also includes an exclusive Drew Struzan Pan’s Labyrinth print (signed by the artist) in a protective envelope, and features a cloth case with a variant dustjacket specific to this edition. Available at the Titan Entertainment Booth (#5537).

8. San Diego Comic-Con Gizmo

From the brand new re-launch of the Gremlins line comes this special edition San Diego Comic-Con Gizmo.

Gizmo comes complete with removable sunglasses to protect himself from the bright lights and the California sun, along with a special lanyard badge for his Comic-Con attendance and a tote bag that Gizmo can be placed inside to hide from the Gremlins or from the crowds of fanboys and fangirls in San Diego. Gizmo is fully poseable, including articulated ears and movable eyes. Available at the NECA Booth (#3145).

9. Transformers: Dark of the Moon Special Edition Ultimate Optimus Prime Figure

OK, the critics don’t like his movies, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have much love for Optimus Prime himself. This SDCC special edition Ultimate Optimus Prime will be the only way to get the figure displayed in vehicle and trailer mode, and we think it’s one of the best Optimus figures that Hasbro has made. Available at the HasbroToyShop.com Booth (#3329).

10. Carol Ferris Barbie Doll

Are you a Barbie collector and a comics geek? Then Mattel has just the toy for you — Barbie as Carol Ferris, sometime sweetheart of Green Lantern hero Hal Jordan. Available at the Mattel Booth (#3029).

11. Empire of Style by Legendary Artist Alex Ross

Alex Ross is one of the finest artists working in comics today, and his watercolor art for books like Marvels, Kingdom Come, and Astro City added an unmatched level of depth and realism to those stories. Now he turns his attention to the Star Wars world, with this fine art lithograph from the popular Star Wars: VISIONS book project. Available at the Acme Archives Booth (#5629).

12. Battle Beyond the Stars Bundle

OK, we’ll admit this isn’t a very good movie, but some of us have a soft spot for this Roger Corman production that’s basically “The Magnificent Seven meets Star Wars.” James Cameron worked on the special effects here, and there are some pretty amusing performances from Robert Vaughn, John Saxon, and George Peppard. But why buy this at the con? Because you’ll get a limited edition Battle Beyond the Stars Iron-on that you can use to boldly proclaim your love of schlock sci-fi movies. Available at the Shout! Factory Booth (#4248).

13. Famous Monsters of Filmland #257 w/Cover by Rick Baker

The legendary film magazine was re-launched last year, and to celebrate the anniversary of the mag’s rebirth, horror icon Rick Baker designed this SDCC exclusive cover. If you’re a horror film fan, you’ll definitely need to get one of these. Available at the Famous Monsters of Filmland Booth (#1509).

14. The Nightmare Before Christmas 2-Piece Bronze Paperweight Sets

It’s not too early to start your Christmas (or Halloween) shopping, and these bronze paperweights will help you start thinking about both holidays. These are pretty nice sculpts, and if you’re looking for some classy Nightmare décor, this would be a nice touch. Available at the Monogram International Booth (#3744).

15. G.I. Joe Sky Striker Vehicle with Starscream Deco and Cobra Commander Special Edition Figure

Yes, we know this isn’t technically a movie toy (although combining G.I. Joe and Transformers on film might result in a better movie than we’ve seen from either franchise so far). What you’re getting here is the classic Sky Striker vehicle made over to look like an old-school Starscream, with Cobra Commander as pilot. And Cobra Commander is armed with a Walther P38 pistol, the 80s alt-mode of Megatron! There’s simply too much nerd appeal here for us to ignore! Available at the HasbroToyShop.com Booth (#3329).