What is Your Opinion Sucks?

by | June 29, 2017 | Comments

Think you know more than the critics? Join Rotten Tomatoes in San Diego for a face-off against some of your favorite critics, and surprise celebrity guests. Live at the Omnia Nightclub, voice your opinion about a film or TV show you love, hate, or love to hate, then debate your point with the panel. Surprise guests will drop in and prizes will given away through the event.

From superheroes to The Godfather or even ’80s cult classics, no theme is off limits. The audience gets to join in by voting “fresh” or “rotten” with their own Tomatometer signs and share their thoughts live on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #rtyos.

If there’s a movie or TV show you love, hate, or love to hate, send us an email with the movie/TV show title, WHY you love/hate it, and WHY you’re passionate about it!

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