Best Sci-Fi & Fantasy Series 2023

In 2021, Apple TV+ debuted Foundation — a sprawling, complex sci-fi series based on the eponymous novel series by Isaac Asimov — as an appeal to those in search of smarter science fiction, and while critics generally thought it impressive, they also found it a little unwieldy. Thankfully, season 2 marked a dramatic improvement, so much so that it took home the Golden Tomato for Best Sci-Fi & Fantasy Series of the year.

Foundation: Season 2 (2023)

Adjusted Score: 101882%
Critics Consensus: With its complicated bedrock now established, Foundation spreads its wings in an improved sophomore season that rewards viewers' patience with a brainy sci-fi epic of genuine grandeur.

Adjusted Score: 101994%
Critics Consensus: Houston, there's no problem here -- For All Mankind's fourth season hones in on what the series does best and forges ahead with a thought-provoking revisionist history.

Adjusted Score: 101766%
Critics Consensus: Finally getting the band back together, Picard's final season boldly goes where the previous generation had gone before -- and is all the better for it.

Gen V: Season 1 (2023)

Adjusted Score: 105199%
Critics Consensus: Just about as gruesomely subversive as its origin series, Gen V builds on The Boys in occasionally chaotic but overall inspired fashion.

Adjusted Score: 100322%
Critics Consensus: Boldly going where this hallowed franchise has gone before with effervescent execution, Strange New Worlds' superb sophomore season continues to recapture classic Trek with modern verve.

Adjusted Score: 103312%
Critics Consensus: Boots Riley's towering imagination looms as large as his supersized hero in I'm a Virgo, an uproarious satire that's given an enormous heart to match by star Jharrel Jerome.

Adjusted Score: 97871%
Critics Consensus: A faithful adaptation of Rick Riordan's novels, Percy Jackson and the Olympians is a lovingly realized odyssey through adolescence and myth.

Adjusted Score: 98763%
Critics Consensus: Jam-packed with inventive flourishes and grounded by lovable actors, American Born Chinese musters epic elements from Chinese mythology to tell a deeply relatable coming of age story.

Adjusted Score: 97650%
Critics Consensus: Positively bonkers while undergirded by an intelligent design, Mrs. Davis makes Betty Gilpin a hero for modern times in a highly imaginative mixture of spirituality and technology.

Adjusted Score: 95101%
Critics Consensus: Turning a high concept into a grounded good time, The Big Door Prize realizes its full potential thanks to a lovable cast of relatable characters.