Best Docuseries 2023

True crime documentary series are a dime a dozen these days, which makes it all the more impressive that HBO’s Last Call — a disturbing but thoughtful and incisive chronicle of serial killer Richard Rogers and the queer community he terrorized — not only stood out within its genre, but earned the Golden Tomato for Best Docuseries of 2023.

Adjusted Score: 101327%
Critics Consensus: Disturbing and infuriating, Last Call is a raw account of murder and injustice as well as a restorative portrait of a community.

Telemarketers (2023)

Synopsis: The unexpected 20-year journey of two unlikely office buddies, who stumble upon the truth behind the work they've been doing... [More]

Adjusted Score: 89660%
Critics Consensus: Blessed with an affable and charismatic subject, Beckham's intimate access to one of the world's most renowned athletes makes for a delightful binge.

Adjusted Score: 92439%
Critics Consensus: While its marquee stars are plenty welcoming all their own, Wrexham smartly spends its sophomore season focused on the community itself to inspiring effect.

Adjusted Score: 91767%
Critics Consensus: As much an exposé on ugly cultural forces as it is a straightforward presentation of Brooke Shields' life, Pretty Baby is disturbing and triumphant in equal measure.
Starring: Brooke Shields