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Ed Gibbs

Ed Gibbs has been a film and music critic for over 15 years, both in London and Sydney. A film fanatic since childhood, he studied film in Scotland and the US (while running a cinema club, for good measure). As a magazine editor, events programmer and media consultant, he was instrumental in relaunching leading mastheads for the Australian market, including GQ, having cut his teeth in London across industry titles. Now a popular mainstay on the international festival circuit, he writes and broadcasts for The Sun-Herald and The Sunday Age (as their resident film critic); their daily counterparts The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age; film bible Empire; its musical cousin Rolling Stone; various news outlets in London (The Guardian, The Independent), as well as media in the Middle East and beyond. A regular voice on television and radio, he?s also currently working across a number of original features, shorts and documentary projects for TV and theatrical release.
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