Your New "Barbarella" is...Halle Berry?

by | July 10, 2007 | Comments

If you’ve been viewing the periodic news burbles about producer Dino de Laurentiis‘ long-planned remake of "Barbarella" with suspicion, you’re in good company. Heck, at one point, Drew Barrymore was supposedly being considered for the role, and that’s just silly. Oh, and speaking of silly? Entertainmentwise is reporting that the new ‘rella will be none other than — wait for it — Halle Berry.

Not only was the 1968 original a cult classic that wasn’t exactly begging for a new coat of paint, but various parties have been threatening to put a new "Barbarella" together for years.

From a certain point of view, this (as-yet unsubstantiated) report is scoff-worthy — Berry is an Oscar-winning actress, not the kind of script-gobbling doofus that would willingly sign up for this kind of project. Then again, the new "Barbarella" has a pretty good pedigree — it’s being written by "Casino Royale" scribes Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, and directed by Robert Rodriguez. We also can’t forget (try as we might) Berry’s post-Oscar involvement in noteworthy turkeys such as "Perfect Stranger," "Gothika," and, of course, "Catwoman."

So, yeah, this piece of news strikes us as a crazy idea, and one that will likely be refuted by the appropriate parties in short order…but it might just be crazy enough to be true, which would totally appeal to our love of the perverse. Not enough to actually see the movie, but still.

Source: Entertainmentwise, JoBlo