WonderCon: "Wonder Woman," "Speed Racer," "White Out" Details

by | March 5, 2007 | Comments

While in San Francisco to promote "The Reaping," uber producer Joel Silver revealed details about a couple movies he has in development during the panel. The one furthest along is a thriller called "White Out" starring Kate Beckinsale as Carrie Stetko, a marshal investigating a murder in Antarctica. Silver said "White Out" will be the "coldest thriller of all time."

He also mentioned the Wachowski Brothers’ follow-up to the "Matrix" trilogy, a movie called "Speed Racer." For those too young to remember, this live-action movie is based on the late 60s cartoon show of the same name where a race car driver competed against other racers in his souped-up car, the Mach 5. The movie begins shooting June 5, and will be a "family film."

As for "Wonder Woman," Silver admitted that "the Marvel Company’s characters have been kicking the ass out of the DC Comics characters." No mention of start dates or progress, but he did say, they’ll try to make it work. "…[W]e’re going to make Wonder Woman work. We’ve had problems making it effective for today… work for today. And Joss tried, but we’ll get there. I hope it can be as fantastic a movie as I want it to be."