Will Angelina Jolie Be Returning for "Tomb Raider 3"?

by | December 20, 2006 | Comments

Considering how weak the first two movies were, this news strikes me as kinda disturbing … but apparently someone in MovieLand is hoping to get a "Tomb Raider 3" off the ground! Ack!

It seems that the guys who make the "Tomb Raider" games are the ones pulling for a new "Tomb Raider" movie — and I wish someone would make them stop.

From ComingSoon.net and EuroGamer: ""There’s a possibility – we’ve been talking to Paramount, who’ve agreed to assign a scriptwriter," he told EGTV. "That’s nowhere near the green-light process but it’s a very healthy start to have a scriptwriter which they’re going to pay serious amounts of money to write the first script."

"He" being Ian Livingstone, head of Edios Interactive.

Thoughts from the peanut gallery? Anyone out there think "Tomb Raider 3" would be a good idea? Personally I don’t think Angelina Jolie would even be interested at this point.