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What to Watch This Week: Napoleon, Wish, and More

This week's recommendations also include a new season of Fargo, a reality competition series based on Squid Game, and an animated family treat from Adam Sandler.

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Along with an historical epic from Ridley Scott, we’re bringing you a new animated flick from Disney, a new season of the best show named after a North Dakota city, a reality competition show based on a creepy Netflix hit, and Adam Sandler in animated and lizard form.

58% Napoleon (2023)

Taking over the world — err, theaters, that is — this week is Napoleon. This historical epic is inspired by the life of Napoleon Bonaparte, tracking the French leader’s rise to power along with his relationship with Empress Joséphine, give or take some Hollywood embellishments, of course. And the first reason to check it out is its stellar cast, led by Oscar-winner Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon and a scene-stealing Vanessa Kirby as Josephine.

Reason two Napoleon should be on your radar is the star power behind the camera as well, namely Sir Ridley Scott, who serves as producer and director. Let’s just say he knows his way around an epic historical drama (Gladiator, anyone?).

The third reason to visit France from the comfort of your own theater is that the film already premiered in Paris a week or so ago and is currently Fresh on the Tomatometer.

Where to Watch: In theaters

48% Wish (2023)

Also in theaters is the animated musical film Wish. The first reason to dive into this one is that it’s the latest animated offering from Disney — always nice around the holidays — and combines computer animation with Disney’s classic watercolor animation to achieve its look. So the parents might get a few feels, too.

Another reason is the all-star voice cast led by Ariana DeBose and Chris Pine, along with Evan Peters and voice actor extraordinaire Alan Tudyk. Star Wars fans know what we mean. Plus, the premise is rather adorable, centering on a 17-year-old girl who makes a wish so powerful that it’s granted by a cosmic force, as she confronts the ruler of her magical kingdom. You know, as in “when you wish upon a star.” Did we mention this year also Disney’s 100th anniversary?

Where to Watch: In theaters

93% Fargo: Season 5 (2023)

Bundling up for its fifth season is the hit FX series Fargo. Of course, this is an anthology series that follows various characters in different settings and eras, but in one connected and shared universe. This time the story is set in 2019 in Minnesota and North Dakota, and all of that tied together is reason No. 1 to tune in.

Reason two is that the cast for this season features Juno Temple, who fans and critics fell in love with on Ted Lasso, along with Jon Hamm, who’s playing a North Dakota sheriff. And somehow that just feels right.

Reason three to make the visit to Fargo is that the past four seasons are all Certified Fresh, ranging from 84% to 100% on the Tomatometer, not to mention the dozens of Emmy noms and a handful of wins, including Outstanding Mini Series in 2014.

Where to Watch: FX, Hulu

48% Squid Game: The Challenge: Season 1 (2023)

Hitting Netflix this week is Squid Game: The Challenge. Nope, it’s not a new season of the hit series Squid Game, but rather a reality competition show based on that drama series. You read that right, and that’s the first reason to try this one out.

Another is that, just like the series itself, this show will feature 456 players competing to win big money — in this case, $4.56 million as opposed to the series’ 45.6 billion won. Not quite as impressive a sum as that, but still pretty darn impressive, because…

The third reason is that if 456 players playing for 4.5 million sounds like it might be a lot, it is. This is the largest single cash prize and the largest cast in reality TV history, according to the show. The stakes have literally never been higher.

Where to Watch: Netflix

82% Leo (2023)

And finally, another Netflix option this week is the animated film Leo. This one follows a jaded, talking classroom lizard named Leo who’s looking for a change. And when he becomes a take-home assignment for the students, he ends up using his voice and knowledge to help each kid through a growing pain or two. Now, isn’t that sweet? That’s the first reason to check it out.

Another is that kid-friendly Adam Sandler is the voice of Leo the lizard, and he brought along plenty of funny friends too, like Rob Schneider, Kevin James, Bill Burr, and Cecily Strong, just to name a few.

The last reason to let Leo in your home is that it was also written by Sandler along with director Robert Smigel, an SNL vet who’s been involved with most of Sandler’s biggest comedy hits through the years on some level.

Where to Watch: Netflix

Hopefully our recommendations helped you fill up your entertainment calendar this weekend. Be sure to let us know in the comments what you watched, whether it was on this list or not!

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