WB Grabs Another Hot Frank Miller Title

by | May 2, 2007 | Comments

With "300" in the rear-view mirror, but not before snagging more than $430 million in worldwide box office, Warner Bros. is hungry for another Frank Miller project. And now they have one…

Yep, Miller fans, it looks like the author’s "Ronin" is finally going to become a big-screen action flick sooner than later. The studio has hired Sylvain White to direct the movie, a filmmaker you might remember from "I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer" or, more likely, "Stomp the Yard."

Sources indicate that the project will be similarly budgeted to "300," and also that it will be lensed pretty much the same way: Hyper-stylized with digitally-constructed backgrounds and such. The story’s about a 13th century Samurai who battles all sorts of evil in 21st century New York.

No word yet on who’ll be writing the adaptation (or starring in the flick), but this news should be enough to keep the Miller faithful chatting away for quite some time. (And I’m wondering if WB will want a title change, since there’s already a movie called "Ronin.")

Source: Variety