The New "Bond" Villain Speaks!

by | June 15, 2006 | Comments

Mads Mikkelson, the Danish actor who landed a gig as 007’s newest nemesis in "Casino Royale," sat down with a British paper to answer a few questions, and IGN FilmForce was there to get the goods online.

From IGNFF & The Sun: "Le Chiffre is a gambler and banker for international criminals and terrorists. When he loses some of his nefarious clients’ money in a scheme foiled by Bond, he ventures to the titular casino to win back his losses in a high-stakes poker game. The British government sends in Bond, the best cardsharp in the service, to beat him.

"Le Chiffre is not trying to conquer the world, or invent something that’ll make him King of the world," Mikkelsen told the paper. "He’s just like everybody else in the world because he’s trying to get rich. And that makes him a better villain."

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