The 5 Most Anticipated Movies of March 2023

This month, we've got sequels galore, from boxers and assassins to slashers and more.

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March gives us the first taste of the blockbuster movie season that we’ll get later in the summer, as we get a new, high-profile sequel every week this month. All of the big titles made the final list, though some of them were clearly more hotly anticipated than others, and one surprising entry managed to sneak into the No. 5 slot. Read on for the most anticipated movies of March!

#1 on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube
Release Date: March 24

Fans have been waiting for this film to arrive for a couple of years now, as it was delayed from its original 2021 release date more than once due to the pandemic. Considering the popularity of the series, which boasts breathtaking stunt work and the star power of fan-favorite Keanu Reeves, it’s no wonder it shot right up to the top of all of our social polls.

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Release Date: March 10

Right behind John Wick, the latest installment of the Scream franchise managed to secure the No. 2 spot in all of our polls. Under the assured direction of Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, last year’s Scream proved to be a surprisingly successful revival of Wes Craven’s beloved slasher satire series, so we have a new entry that follows up on the survivors of that film but moves the action from Woodsboro to New York City. It would appear that fans are on board for that trip.

#3 on Facebook and YouTube, #4 on Instagram, #5 on Twitter
Release Date: March 17

After the top two slots, it was a bit of a toss-up between No. 3 and No. 4. First up, we have the latest (and presumably one of the final) movie of the soon-to-be-defunct DC Extended Universe, which finds Zachary Levi’s titular hero battling a trio of powerful sisters played by Helen Mirren, Lucy Liu, and Rachel Zegler. The first Shazam was one of the lighter, better-received entries of the DCEU, so there’s some expectation this film will achieve similar results.

#3 on Instagram and Twitter, #4 on Facebook
Release Date: March 3

Coming in right behind Shazam is the third chapter of the Rocky spin-off Creed saga, which not only stars Michael B. Jordan as Adonis “Donnie” Creed but also serves as his feature directorial debut. Critics so far have praised the film, which follows Creed as he faces off against a formidable adversary from his past, played by Jonathan Majors, who is having something of a moment right now.

#4 on Twitter and YouTube; #5 on Facebook and Instagram
Release Date: March 10

Fresh off his appropriately bizarre Super Bowl ad for Squarespace, Adam Driver stars in this sci-fi action thriller about a man who somehow time travels and crash lands on Earth 65 million years in the past. Sure, that’s an interesting enough premise, but this is Adam Driver vs. dinosaurs. What more do you need?

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