The 5 Most Anticipated Movies of April

This month, we've got everything from a family-friendly video game adaptation to a historical sports drama and at least one movie that defies categorization.

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Unlike the last couple of months, there were no unanimous winners in our social media polls for April. That could be because we have some very interesting films that look great but span very different genres, from a family-friendly animated video game movie to a historical sports drama and at least one movie that defies easy categorization.  Read on for the most anticipated movies of April 2023!

#1 on Twitter and YouTube, #2 on Facebook and Instagram
Release Date: April 5

The race for No. 1 this week was a bit of a toss-up between three movies, but one in particular just nudged out the other two, and that, unsurprisingly, was Universal and Illumination’s highly anticipated new animated film based on Nintendo’s favorite plumber. Sure, there was some grumbling about Chris Pratt voicing Mario, but the animation looks gorgeous, fans have been waiting for the film for a long time, and there is so much good will built up around this character and the world he inhibits that it could only end up at the top of this month’s list.

#1 on Facebook, #2 on YouTube, #3 on Instagram and Twitter
Release Date: April 21

There was a very small margin between No. 2 and No. 3 on this month’s list, but in the end, this new chapter in the Evil Dead franchise prevailed. The 2013 reboot earned something of a cult following, but no one could have expected the reception this film got when it premiered at SXSW in March. So far, the film, which focuses on a pair of estranged sisters who are terrorized by — you guessed it — a demonic book of the occult, is a hit with critics and hopefully should make for a worthy addition to the series.

#1 on Instagram, #2 on Twitter, #3 on Facebook, #4 on YouTube
Release Date: April 21

Coming in right on the heels of Evil Dead Rise is this curiosity from Ari Aster, a director who, in fact, has himself made his name in horror. We’re not quite sure what to make of Beau Is Afraid, however; it appears to pull from multiple genres, including horror, to deliver its decades-spanning tale of a man named Beau (Joaquin Phoenix) simply making the journey home to see his mother. The combination of Aster and Phoenix alone makes this a must-see, but the trippy visuals and surreal tone of the film make it that much more intriguing.

#4 on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; #5 on YouTube
Release Date: April 5

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon reunite for this based-on-true-events sports drama about the men who worked for Nike back in the early ’80s when the burgeoning shoe company was looking to sign a certain signature athlete to its new line of basketball shoes. This is another film that debuted at South by Southwest and earned massive rave reviews, and the combination of the talent involved and the pop culture cachet of the subject matter have propelled it to No. 4 on our list.

#3 on YouTube, #5 on Instagram
Release Date: April 14

Coming in at the final slot of this month’s list is another genre-bender, though this one leans a bit more into the “comedy” of its horror-comedy. Nicholas Hoult stars as the eponymous Renfield, the assistant to Nicolas Cage’s Count Dracula, who… Let’s be honest: The phrase “Nicolas Cage’s Count Dracula” probably tells you almost everything you need to know to determine whether or not to watch the film. Just be aware that, despite its seemingly fun and silly trappings, you’re going to see some gory stuff. You know, the “horror” part of the horror-comedy.

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