TCA 2024: Snoop Dogg Previews Olympics Coverage on NBC and Peacock

We also got details on miniseries Apples Never Fall, season 3 of SYFY's Resident Alien, and season 2 of the reality competition series The Traitors.

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Now is the winter of our, well, content.

We’re barely into the second month of 2024, and already we have Certified Fresh shows like the Netflix crime dramedy The Brothers Sun, HBO’s horror-tinged crime drama True Detective: Night Country, and Prime Video’s re-imagined caper Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

But there’s more new (and returning) TV to come. These next few weeks bring us the Television Critics Association winter press tour. Here, networks and streamers will promote their latest and greatest winter and spring programming to journalists. And Rotten Tomatoes is on the ground for it all. We’ll update this list with all the news that’s fit to print from that press tour, which runs Feb. 5 to 15 in Pasadena, Calif. Check back regularly for updates.

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NBC and Peacock

Snoop’s Got the Scoop on Olympics Coverage

snoop dogg summer olympics

(Photo by NBC)

Noted child’s football coach (er, producer, actor, and musician) Snoop Dogg surprised audiences when he joined a panel promoting the upcoming Summer Olympics in Paris.

“I think it’s very special because it’s a time where the whole world can come together and cheer for their countries, cheer for certain athletes,” he said. “And then at the same time, we come together as one as America. And a lot of times in the world, it’s always division and separation, but this is a chance for the world to be on one page, for everybody to be together, to cheer for each other, to root for each other. So it’s actually a peace offering, I feel like. I’m honored to be here because I always represent peace, I love sports, I love the Olympics. And for me to be a part of it is only going to make it more peaceful and more passionate.”

He also revealed that he’ll be a correspondent for these games.

“We’re planning on shaking it up in many different ways, bringing my flavor,” he said. “And then at the same time, just having fun. Because it’s the Olympics, y’all. This is the biggest sporting event every four years. We only get it once every four years, so we’re going to make the most of it.”

No word yet on if any of Snoop’s friends, like say Martha Stewart, will also be at the games.

The Paris 2024 Summer Olympics will run July 26 to Aug. 11. All games will stream live on Peacock while NBC will air at least nine hours of games footage a day.

The Traitors Put Their Trust in a Season 3

Host Alan Cumming’s The Traitors, was recently renewed for a third season. This means Peacock viewers can expect more costume changes and campy takes on reality competition TV as contestants, most of whom are reality TV vets themselves, vie to figure out who among them cannot be trusted and should be voted out of their Scottish castle.

“I think the beauty of the game is that anyone can go at any point, and we, as producers, don’t have any hand in that, which is terrifying but sort of thrilling at the same time,” executive producer Sam Rees-Jones said of the show’s appeal both for the audience and for its producers.

This is because the producers have to both cast regular contestants, called Faithfuls, and people who are infiltrators, or Traitors, tasked with bringing the ecosystem crashing down.

“We’re looking for people who want to be a traitor, and who can pull it off,” executive producer Stephen Lambert said of the latter. “It’s a lot more pressure being a Traitor than it is being a Faithful. And so you’re making an assessment as to who’s got the personality to do it. And then, what’s the right combination?”

While the first season had a mix of celebrity and civilian contestants, the second season was all celebrities.

Rees-Jones notes that they are in the early days of casting the third season and haven’t yet decided which format they’ll take. Although Cummings noted that he’d be game to have Beyoncé in the mix.

Apples Never Fall Lands at Peacock

The Peacock mystery miniseries Apples Never Fall is the latest adaptation of a book written by Big Little Lies author Liane Moriarty.

Another look at the sinister home lives of the rich and powerful, it’s about four grown children investigating the disappearance of their mother Joy (Annette Bening), and whether their father Stan (Sam Neill) could be a suspect. That they are all super competitive tennis players only adds to the tension.

“I think what’s so powerful about it is when you’re a family of deeply competitive people raised by deeply competitive people, it’s in the blood, it’s in the DNA and, to me, that amps up all the mystery,” said showrunner Melanie Marnich. “It amps up what could have been possible, what these people could do to each other in the name of competition, in the name of competing for love.”

Resident Alien Season 3 Less Harmful to Humans

The SYFY comedy Resident Alien follows Alan Tudyk’s Harry, an alien who crash-lands on Earth and disguises himself as a small-town doctor. While Harry was pretty bloodthirsty at first, he’s mellowed in his time here and may actually… care about people in the show’s third season?

“Season 3 is sort of the teenage years of Harry, and he’s… fallen in love with the Blue Avian… that’s played by Edi Patterson this season,” said the actor. He added that “He comes from a species that doesn’t have emotion at all. On their planet, nobody has emotion, so he’s becoming more human and now he’s feeling love.”

Tudyk stressed though, that, this is “not necessarily the best love, but the most intense love, and he’s going through that, and it’s a lot of fun, and it makes for some funny scenes, and some good story.”

Executive producer Chris Sheridan said the goal for the show was never to just be a “fish out of water” story.

“From a storytelling standpoint, he’s the big hook, right? The alien comes down,” Sheridan said. “If you remove the alien for a second and figure out what’s going on in the town without that alien there, it forces you to create more three-dimensional characters and create more storylines and conflict amongst these characters.”

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