Scott Patterson Improvises Saw IV

Patterson talks about Tobin Bell, too.

by | September 1, 2007 | Comments

movies are so
tightly structured to set up all their plot twists, it does not seem like there
would be any room for improvisation. But actor
, who joins the franchise in
Saw IV
, gave the
filmmakers some of his own material to work with.

"You improvise before the
meat of the scene begins and at the end of it," said Patterson. "So if they
don’t like any of it, [they can delete it]. I didn’t mess with the text as
written, but in the beginning if they wanted a little preamble and at the end I
put a button on it."

Patterson plays an FBI agent
on the trail of Jigsaw. After his long stint on television, improvisation was
one of the many freedoms he enjoyed on Saw IV. "Coming from a very
regimented structured environment that

Gilmore Girls
was and walking onto that set and just being able to
stretch your muscles, it was a great experience.”

He had nice things to say
about actor Tobin
too, revealing just how close his agent gets to Jigsaw. "I had one
scene with him. I can’t really tell you about it but he’s a terrific guy. He’s a
really dedicated actor and a terrific human being. And a pretty good

Saw IV will be hitting theaters October 26 — watch the teaser trailer over at Yahoo Movies.