Read a "Rocky 6" Script Review ... if you want

by | April 17, 2006 | Comments

DarkHorizons has posted a rather extensive analysis of the Rocky Balboa screenplay, one that’s not all that complimentary. Click right here if you don’t mind spoiling the movie. Me, I’m not expecting great things from this sequel, but I’d rather not know the ending before I walk in.

A few snippets from the "script review"…

"This is really the story of what one does with the rest of their life after their soulmate has died. What does one do when your boy’s all grown up, your love is long gone, few friends surround you, and all that’s left are stories of who you once were? And for the first half of the script, it is a heavy-handed stroll down memory lane. It mostly consists of Rocky saying "Remember this from Rocky 1? Remember that from Rocky 1?". A reluctant Paulie placates Rocko’ as he follows him around visiting all the landmarks of Rocky lore. The good thing is Paulie is still Paulie."

"Rocky reapplies for his boxing license, reinvigorated to see that an ESPN computer simulated matchup estimates that Rocky would beat current champ Mason "The Line" Dixon. Holy ****. Mason "the Line" Dixon."

Click here for the full skinny.