Producer Talks "Transformers," "G.I. Joe" & "Beverly Hills Cop 4"

by | March 8, 2007 | Comments

Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has been absolutely everywhere these days, hyping his new Mark Wahlberg action flick "Shooter" to everyone with some bandwidth. When he sat down with Latino Review, he doled out a little info on movies like "G.I. Joe," "Transformers" (of course), and even the next "Beverly Hills Cop" sequel.

Regarding this summer’s "Transformers," the shooting is done but there’s still a whole lot of magic yet to be spun in the FX labs. Budget discussions were deftly avoided, and then we learned that the "Bumblebee Camaro" was the only full-size robot created for the flick.

Regarding the long-discussed "G.I. Joe" movie, Lorezno DB mentioned that Skip Woods is presently writing the script, and he’s a screenwriter you might remember from a movie called "Swordfish." (He’s also been doing some work on "Live Free or Die Hard," apparently.) The producer goes into a rather long and geeky rant about Joe this and Alex Mann that before admitting that, yeah, those old Cobra villains sure were stupid. Doesn’t look like "G.I. Joe" is going to get started anytime real soon, but it certainly will be happening.

And then we get to a few words on "Beverly Hills Cop 4." Seems that Eddie Murphy is the one who spoke up this time, and he’ll probably be doing this sequel as soon as he’s finished on his next two projects (which I believe are "Starhip Dave" and a flick he’s doing with Chris Rock). If Lorenzo has his way, actors like Judge Reinhold won’t be back for a fourth visit; he wants this one to be Axel Foley all the way.

Source: Latino Review