Poll: Who Are Your Favorite Characters from Captain America: Civil War?

by | April 27, 2016 | Comments

Captain America: Civil War is hitting theaters on May 6 with the next chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s saga. This time around, fans will see a number of characters introduced in past movies and also the debut of Black Panther, the Amazing Spider-Man, and the villain Crossbones.

With so many heroes to root for, we at Rotten Tomatoes would like to know who your favorite ones are. Can’t wait to see Tom Holland’s take on everyone’s favorite web-slinger? Maybe you didn’t get enough of Vision on the last Avengers movie? Pick up to three characters in the poll below to let the world know who your favorite heroes are.  And if you need more info about some of these guys, make sure to check out our Captain America: Civil War Character Guide.

  • I’d love to vote for Spider-Man, but what Ant-Man did during the showdown is the most impressive!

    • Fallen Prime

      I’ve A. heard from the Birth Movies Death review and B. seen the merch EVERYWHERE. I can’t wait to see it myself.

      • Chico

        you need help

        • Fallen Prime

          …what did I say to prompt THAT response?

          • Chico

            Troy put me up to it.

        • Troy Saling

          you need help

      • Mike

        I have no idea what you are talking about, but… you need help…
        yeah I’m jumping on the bandwagon, I can be sad like that.

        Hope you enjoyed Cap 3 Civil War.

        • Fallen Prime

          I’ll know if I do in roughly 24 hours, ticket availability willing. I’m going to a Thursday-night one, and my experience with pre-screenings is that they don’t tend to sell out.

    • Hariz Podolski

      you can choose 3 person before click vote button.. LOL mine was spidey, ant & iron.. :3

      • You are right! I didn’t read the instructions, so I thought I could only choose one. 😛

  • Eliza

    Why can I only choose three? That’s not fair! >:[

  • Tim10

    I went with Spider-Man ,Black Widow and Cap.

  • Nina

    I’m just here for Black Panther. 🙂


      Black Panther was adapted very well…thanks for your support….

      • Nina

        Normally, I’d be against Chadwick Boseman covering his face for a role, but if it’s for B.P., I’m cool with it.

        • MICHAEL

          Uh…he looks ok, he hasnt really been in anything else, but he did a good job…I got to see the movie in Asia on the 27th!!!

  • paz paz

    I went with iron man ,black panter and spider man

  • Alexsandro

    I love Black Panther,Spider Man and Ant Man:) and the movie for me was the best Marvel ever do,it’s amazing

    • guybrush3000

      I had the same picks. All 3 were amazing

  • turk504

    Captain america iron man and and ant man

  • Queen_Boudicca

    Sharon Carter at 1%… it’s a crime that they wasted her character so badly in this film. I’m legitimately mad at the screenwriters.

    • Marvel Knight

      Look at who she is going against though. I am surprised she has got 500 votes at the time of this post. I liked her but there is no way I would vote for her over Spider Man, Black Panther, and Iron Man.

    • Mike

      No, she got enough screen-time.

  • Visitor

    I went with Sharon Carter, Black Panther, and Ant-Man.


    Iron Man has my vote!

  • Aroha Dickens

    Three is not enough, there were a couple of MVP’s!. Spider-Man for sure, Ant-Man was great and well Widow because she deserves more of this type of arc rather than the side-track romantic one we got in AOU

  • Lila

    Natasha, always the Widow.

  • Green Jello

    Don’t like Hawkeye. At least in the comics he has a cool costume. In the movies he looks so vanilla. Since he’s just some schmo with a bow and arrow and seems lame amongst his more impressive co-stars, the least they could do was make him look cool. Instead he looks like your Joe Blow out of work uncle who sits on the sofa all-day drinking flat beer and watching Jerry Springer.

  • Loham Rodrigues

    wanda is better than natasha

    • Visitor

      Wanda is superior to Natasha. That’s a no brainer. Better actress, better powers, and better character.

      • dfsfdv

        I don’t know about better actor; have you seen Her or Under the Skin?

        • Michael Crosby

          HER WAS A weird ASS movie couldnt finish once they were having phone sex i turned it off

  • Marvel Knight

    Where is my option for hot ass Aunt May?

    • contundente

      Awesome,beautfull,hot aunt may,i am a very marisa tomei fan.

      • Tóin da lua

        Você por aqui kkkk

        • contundente

          Estamos por aí pelo mundo,hehe

      • Bryan Keogh

        shes 51 now. insane. i thought she was the hottest coffee girl the first time i ever saw her in What Women Want. Id still sport her on a date!

  • Corey

    only 3… youre mean. i loved every character. shockingly this is a cap movie completely but somehow EVERY character gets a moment. this movie is special, this is going to blow up at the box office.

  • King4

    For sure Spidey (funny), Ant-man (funny), Black Panther (BOSS)

  • NameNamerson


  • NameNamerson
  • Rox Fau

    Ant man hands down..

  • 白水煮瓜子

    I vote for Bucky, antman, and our friendly neighborhood!!!! actually I want to vote for them all!!

  • contundente

    I vote for spider man,black panther and ant(giant)man.

    • sweaf

      More like giANT man 🙂

  • Sanja

    WHERE IS ZEMO!!!!????? I vote for him!!!!

  • jackthecb

    I want to say I’m surprised that Spider-Man is getting so many votes, because his role was just a glorified cameo, but I guess Spider-Man is Spider-Man. My votes go to Black Panther, who was beautifully adapted, Scarlet Witch, whose arc was fascinating and superbly realised (will she be the only one who can go toe-to-toe with Thanos when the time comes?), and Iron Man, who has developed as a character in leaps and bounds. Sensational film, deserves all the praise it’s getting.

    • Bmore


    • Sabretruthtiger

      As if she could even come close to defeating Thanos lol

      • Bryan Keogh

        didnt scarlet witch pretty much take out the whole marvel universe in the House of M story arc?

      • jackthecb

        She can dismantle objects at a molecular level, and in the comics she literally remade reality to suit her needs. If they keep developing her powers in the MCU, she’ll be the only Avenger who can come close to defeating Thanos. The others don’t stand a chance.

      • Schwinn

        You mean one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe? Totally.

  • ASB

    Iron-Man, Ant-man and Sharon Carter (as she is left in the corner and no one is paying attention to her!)

  • Patrick Star

    I found Capt Americas character annoying in this movie and was rooting for Iron Man’s team all the way.

    • Sabretruthtiger

      Fuck Iron man and his Government should run my life new world order bullshit.

  • Fallen Prime

    Haven’t seen it yet, can’t ’til Thursday, but I went Spidey, Witch and Vision. The fresh meat who’s all still trying to figure out just what they can do and how strong their loyalties are. Certainly sounds like the most engaging type of character arc in there, from everything I’ve seen and heard so far; I may regret the vote upon seeing the film, but he who dares wins, right?

  • William Cole

    I voted for iron man, black panther, and vision.

  • ANNE


  • Nathan Gabiatti

    As much as I’m a hardcore Spidey fan, Paul Rudd stole every scene he was in and was more remarkable than Spider-Man.

  • Liv

    Bucky is the heart of the movie, and his story is so tragic, the level of brutality and dehumanization he endured always breaks my heart, all his scenes were amazing, the Winter Soldier flashbacks wow incredible. He deserves some happiness tho

    • he really does 🙁 that’s why no matter how irrational steve had become i couldn’t blame him. i would save bucky no matter what happens too.

    • TigerNightmare

      Totally agreed. “Steve … I’m not sure I’m worth this.” Him saying that means he is.

    • S khan

      Yep— Bucky it is—–ALWAYS!! Most interesting character in current MCU— others just play the same- but he was in all shades- first White, then Black, then Grey — now again towards white!! Time to own the shield Buck!! BTW, Steve I like you a lot too!

  • Paulo Arós

    Gi-ant man was amazing!

  • Single9

    I’d love to vote for Captin America ,Winter Soldier and Black Widow. And I like Winter Soldier most .

  • Tracy Williams Jr

    Great film, best film adaption of the Spider-man character yet. I just wish it used vision a bit more. Im guessing since he hold an infinity stone that his character will become very important in future installments.

  • Husain Bushehri

    Iron Man stole the show. The best developed character on set, supremely acted, and always there with the sharpest lines.

  • I want to vote for zemo.
    He won against the avengers!

  • Mike

    I loved all the Heroes, but Black Panther, Ant-Man and Spider-Man come first… no doubt.

  • Marcos Malavé

    My favorite characters:
    1. Spiderman
    2. Captain América
    3. Ant-man
    4. Winter Soldier
    5. Black Panther
    6. Falcon
    7. Iron Man
    8. War Machine
    9. Scarlet Witch
    10. Visión
    11. Hawkeye
    12. Black Widow
    13. Sharon Carter
    14. Crossbones

  • Yimeon


  • Sylvester

    The Hobitt. What was he doing in a suit?

  • Josephine Hood

    Voted for winter soldier this time. His role definitely stands out to me with his impressive action sequences and actings.

  • omar garcia (berzeck0)

    Black Panther (badass) Iron Man (Iron Man 4 ever) Ant-Man (The Funny Guy/AT AT Walker)

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

    bucky killed Iron Man his parents and Cap broke Iron Man his suit in the last scene to save bucky.. also ant man becomes GIANT MAN

  • Marco

    Ant-Man during the showdown was freaking amazing. Then I really like Scarlet Witch’s powers and her interaction with Vision. Hard to decide though. I think every character was great.

  • realroca

    Ant-man. I just missed the ants but he did a great job.

  • Colin Dunne

    Vision does jackshit in the film

  • Kevin Wong

    Overrated film for people without a brain.

    • You’re an overrated film for people without a brain! Sorry, that was harsh.

    • You suck

    • Murrell Sippy

      Someone spoon feed that to ya? Get over yourself and stop stuffing all movies with super heroes into a box. There was a lot to like for anyone who isn’t “too cool for school”.

  • JR

    Spider-Man very strong and intelligent fighter, especially for being in his first fight (and a kid), Sharon Carter is sexy AF (way hotter than Widow IMO), and Ant-Man has the funniest scenes and still kicks ass. 4th unofficial vote for sexy Aunt May, where aunts “come in all shapes and sizes” lol.

  • Timon D Awesome

    Winter Soldier is leading? That is kinda cool..

    • Queen_Boudicca

      Kind of supplies an interesting snapshot of what the general public responds to (as opposed to the hard core fans).

    • Sabretruthtiger

      Weird..he’s lame.

  • I voted for 1) Winter Soldier 2)Vision 3)Cap u.u

  • Al Keinick

    All about Winter-Soldier, Ant-Man and of course, CAP. Eff the police 😉

  • 白水煮瓜子

    this is of course not an avengers movie, but it’s also not a cap movie, it’s a iron man movie..

  • Ann kuzmenko

    Winter soldier is the best!!!

  • Ricardo

    Spider-Man, Ant-Man and, obviously, Cap!

  • Tim10

    2.Captain America
    3.Black Widow
    4.Black Panther

  • ultrontrain

    I enjoyed ALL the characters here. However, Spider-Man and The Black Panther totally stole the show.

  • Sabretruthtiger

    Why is Bucky popular? He’s lame. Spidey, Cap and Ant-Man all the way.

  • Christopher Garrick Zoller

    I voted Cap, Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch. Wanda’s interactions with Vision were really cool but I didn’t think she would get many votes. But it looks like I’m not the only fan. 🙂

  • Best super hero movie ever and a superb movie in general. Black panther stands out the most, next to spider man and an ever impressive cap.

  • Gloria Jin

    All I want to say is Hail Stucky!

  • Jack

    Can’t beat Tony Stark for the top spot.

  • Tina

    1. Black Panther
    2. Iron Man
    3. Spiderman
    honorable mention: Ant-Man

  • M Silver

    Where’s Redwing?

  • Jessica Koch

    I hope everyone realizes Spider Man is actually in the justice league and he was until they made The Amazing Spider-Man movies. Oh well I still can’t wait to see this movie.

    • otakudbzgt


    • Jon Mammolito

      Wtf are you saying

  • I Love War Machine!!!!!!!!

  • Luke S.

    1) Winter Soldier all the way
    2) Cap
    3) Hawkeye

  • Mylles

    I can’t believe Hawkeye only has 2% of the votes 0_0 . I loved that scene of him VS vision. 😀

  • dfsfdv

    This cast is pretty white-washed. The only black hero who’s had any development is Black Panther.

  • F Mellark

    It’s Bucky, Wanda and Scott Lang for me.

  • pachas paisa

    Who are the 3% voting for Vision??? If there was one most boring character – it was him.

  • Ameya Vinayaraj

    Black Panther!
    Ant-man! Would’ve voted for every character cause this movie is just so damn good!!!!!

  • Ada Wong

    “Rotten Marvetoes”

  • rrockman

    Not enough love for Hawkeye and Sharon Carter!

  • Rúbia Rossi Arimura

    I picked the three man.

  • Cassandra Jade

    Vision, Hawkeye & Scarlet Witch

  • RobHiro

    BUCKY is #1. Higher than cap and spidey

  • Lance Johnson

    Can you at least add all the characters. How can you put Crossbones in there and not Zemo?

  • NatashaRomanoff95

    I voted for Bucky, Cap (my two favorite characters in the MCU) and Clint (because I love Jeremy Renner) 🙂 Sebastian Stan is such a wonderful actor ! I am so glad Bucky got more scenes in this one 🙂

  • Queen_Boudicca

    Not only is Bucky #1 in this poll, Sebastian Stan is also currently #1 on the IMDb Starmeter… looks like people LOVE Bucky.

  • Jared

    This is a difficult one, they are all either annoying or uninteresting. I guess crossbones since he isn’t around long enough to annoy me, ant man because he was the only character who was funny without being annoying, and captain america just because he wasn’t as bad as iron man.

  • Keith Gillissie

    How is winter soldier #1. He annoys the hell out of me. Please kill him off.
    Team Spidey for life!!!!

  • Ally Woods

    Yes! Everyone in my house loves Bucky Barnes. His character is so interesting & he’s been through so much. Plus, you literally see three different people show up in CW. Sebastian did a great job. Can’t wait to see more of him. A Netflix series would be nice……

  • Luzzy Olivarez

    Bucky is the best!

  • Siti Azizah Fairuz

    I can’t believe they didn’t include zemo but include crossbones. Btw, I vote Bucky, Cap and BP

  • AL A. Hersi

    Bucky for me. Winter Soldier stole the story for me. Sebastian did such a great job. He deserves more scenes or even a solo film. He deserves the recognition. Black Panther is second place for me!

  • Dona Peppa

    Wow, Winter Soldier is the favorite. That’s amazing!

  • bobby

    no stan lee?

  • Patrick

    Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Bucky

  • Ujjwal Kaushik

    I loved Black Panther’s performance. He was honestly the coolest character in the movie except maybe spiderman whom I liked also. My voter Black Panther, Spiderman and Ant Man.

  • Auntie_C

    Bucky. He is the heart of the story.

  • BKAllmighty

    Spidey, Ant-Man, and Black Panther were my choices. The new characters rocked in this film.

  • Jennie Ts

    Loved that movie.Best marvel movie so far…My favorites Winter soldier(looove Bucky)-Spidey-Black panther(this guy has some serious moves)….

  • Dante

    Zemo ^.^

  • Claire31543

    Sebastian Stan brings life to the such complex character and really impresses on me deeply that I really really expect the solo movie for the Winter Soldier!

    • Sybilla

      Totally agreed I think his performance in the Cap trology has been oustanding, with his body language and his eyes Sebastian Stan says more than words could do. I would love a solo movie but with I really doubt that Marvel makes it. Spiderman got such a praise with this movie that I guess they are thinking about his movie and all the money they are gonna get with toys and stuff.

      • Claire31543

        Sebastian is literally able to act and express emotion with just his eyes and that really makes me go insane. Current voice of solo movie for the winter soldier is getting more and more on internet such as twitter and I sincerely hope our petition can draw Marvel’s attention and consideration. I’m willing to bet the film will be a box-office success!

  • pimnos

    I knew Spidey was among the favourites so I decided to give Ant-Man a thumb up. He was beyond epic and funny.

    “Oh oh oh oh !” lol

  • Bob

    My favorites were Captain America, Bucky, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, and Black Panther. Also really good were Ant-Man, Spider-Man, and Iron Man(RDJ’s acting was great as always, but he was even better in this film).

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