Malin Akerman Says Watchmen Light On Green Screen

The lone Watch-woman talks emotion and psychology

by | October 3, 2007 | Comments

Watchmen has begun filming but Malin Akerman is still on the press rounds for The Heartbreak Kid. She provided a preview of her role as The Silk Spectre before she joins the rest of the cast on the set.

“This is a really cool role,” Akerman said. “She’s sort of the psychology of the film because she’s the only woman in the Watchmen aside from the previous Watchmen. She is a femme fatale. She is a kick ass fighter.”

The film should be action packed, but Akerman will get to inject the conflicts with some heart. “I think she sort of carries the emotion of the film because she is the only woman amongst all of these men. They’re going through sort of not being the Watchmen anymore and dealing with that as well as trying to figure out who is trying to kill them off.”

Unlike director Zack Snyder‘s previous 300, most of Watchmen will be practical location shooting. “There’s not that much green screen because it’s very real. We’re not superheroes or anything like that. We just fight. We fight crime. There’s only one scene on Mars that I think will be a green screen. I’m excited. I’m looking forward to trying new things.”