In Other News...Bobby Brown, George Lucas, and Macaulay Culkin

by | June 8, 2005 | Comments

If you thought watching ditzy famous couples on television was fun, just wait until you see the newest offering in celeb-reality TV: Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston. In what we can only assume is a bid for positive publicity, the diva singer-actress and her former New Edition band member husband will star in Bravo’s Being Bobby Brown, which airs later this month. Early reviews promise endless scenes of bizarre D-list behavior – not as endearingly moronic as Nick and Jessica, and thankfully not as candid as Mr. and Mrs. Britney Spears. And for those of you who get misty-eyed waxing nostalgic about Bobby Brown’s golden years, just pop in your Ghostbusters II DVD and watch for his cameo.

Fanboy idol and digital film pioneer George Lucas will soon have the ultimate fort to play in when he moves his space production empire into San Francisco’s Presidio this summer. Moving in to the 23-acre section of the park will be Lucas’ main company, Lucasfilm as well as LucasArts, Skywalker Sound, effects giant Industrial Light and Magic, and his licensing and merchandising division. Lucas, formerly headquartered at Skywalker Ranch in neighboring Marin, put in his controversial bid for the land back in 1999 with the promise of a $300 million development. The future techno-base is planned to include a seven-acre garden open to public access, so die-hard fans may one day get to mingle with the digital wizards whipping up the Next Star Wars.

And for those of you who were desperately awaiting the latest court hearing of everyone’s favorite cinematic abandoned child of the ’90s, Macaulay Culkin plead guilty to a misdemeanor drug charge stemming from an arrest last September in Oklahoma. The Party Monster star had been pulled over in a friend’s car with marijuana and prescription drugs present, with nary a doctor’s note or Cannabis Club membership in hand. Mac took home a deferred one-year sentence and a $1000 fine.