Happy Feet Director To Helm Justice League of America?

Possible characters and -- gasp! -- a death?

by | August 2, 2007 | Comments

While The Dark Knight works toward its scheduled 2008 release, and the Superman Returns sequel waits in the wings for 2009 (we think), Warner Bros.’ latest potential franchise-in-waiting, Justice League of America, continues to sprint past production hurdles with Flash-like speed. Just over a month after JLA screenwriters Kieran and Michele Mulroney turned in their script, rumors of a director are making the rounds — and this rumor’s intriguing, to say the very least.

Collider and Latino Review are reporting that none other than George Miller — director of Mad Max (as well as, um, Happy Feet and Babe) has been approached by Warners, and is considering taking on the project. Some members of the fan community are bound to find fault with the idea of Miller taking the JLA reins, but even a cursory look at his track record proves he’s equally adept at hard-boiled action and family-friendly fare, a combination that’s bound to come in handy with a film whose commercial success will likely depend on its ability to walk both sides of the PG line.

The first question for any Justice League project is, of course, which heroes will be involved. Collider reports:

I’ve heard…which superheroes might be in the running for the first big budget team-up movie. They would be Superman, Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern.

Superman and Batman? Aren’t they off making their own movies right now? Not to worry, says Collider:

I’ve also heard from sources that the Justice League film is more of a priority for WB than the sequel to Superman, so don’t be surprised if you see Brandon Routh in Justice League first.

Collider also offers yet another tidbit of grave significance:

“One of the superheroes in “Justice League” wouldn’t see a sequel. Yup, WB is planning a death. And while I can go further… I’ll stop there and let you wonder who won’t make it.”

Plenty of things can (and will) change for Justice League of America between now and post-production, so all of this should be taken with a giant grain of salt…but it’s still grist for some interesting conjecture, no?

Source: Collider

Source: Latino Review