Your Full List of All Upcoming Marvel Movies — With Key Details!

Check out new trailers for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, due out in February and May, respectively.

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[Updated May 5, 2023]

Since Marvel Studios present Kevin Feige first introduced the notion of Phases to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, their purpose and length have always been mysterious. Sometimes, he even reconsiders where they begin and end after the fact. But with Marvel Studios’ presentation at Comic-Con International: San Diego 2022, the exact length and purpose of Phases Four, Five, and Six were revealed during a presentation notable for just how much information the often evasive Feige was willing to offer. For one thing, the three phases form the next Marvel epic: The Multiverse Saga. And like The Infinity Saga before it, it will build from a phase of character introductions (the recently concluded Phase Four) to something full of war, dynasties, and secrets.

Of course, the introductions are far from ending. Also, on the horizon is the arrival of the anti-hero team known as the Thunderbolts and, of course, Marvel’s first family, the Fantastic Four. And as we have for the last few years, we’re keeping track of it all in this comprehensive guide of every upcoming Marvel Studios film (and television show) with a handy calendar of the studio’s projects through 2026 (and beyond).

As always, we will continue to update this page frequently as new details emerge. And be careful: There are spoilers ahead. (Want to see what the other camp is up to? Check out our full breakdown of upcoming DC movies.)


As Feige revealed at SDCC 2022, Phase 5 opens with an Ant-Man movie and closes with a team-up movie — but not the team you would expect. The phase also features a lot of sequels and the first Season 2 in their Disney+ television series initiative. And considering how it begins, we imagine the purpose of the Phase will be to set up the overall nemesis — Kang the Conqueror (Jonathan Majors) — even as it further re-establishes Daredevil in the MCU proper and sheds light on other corners of the vast Multiverse.

Secret Invasion (series)

Premiere Date: June 21, 2023

What We Know: Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) and Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) will deal with a sect of ill-intentioned Skrulls hiding on Earth and infiltrating “every level of life” on the planet. Word of the series first broke in September of 2020 as an unspecified Nick Fury project, but calling it Secret Invasion leads to something very pointed as Feige ultimately referred to the original Secret Invasion comic book event series as “the biggest” since Civil War. Kyle Bradstreet serves as the program’s head writer. In April of 2021, news broke indicating both The Crown’s Olivia Colman and Game of ThronesEmilia Clarke would be joining the cast. As both played royalty in other prestige series, speculation on their parts immediately centered on Skrull Empress Veranke, the main antagonist of the Secret Invasion comic book storyline. They’ve since been confirmed to be playing an unnamed MI6 agent and Talos’s daughter G’iah, respectively. In May of 2021, Thomas Bezucha and Ali Selim signed on to direct the series. Later in the month, Christopher McDonald joined the series in a role said to be original for the program, but with the potential to cross over into other aspects of the MCU. Production began in November 2021 with the subsequent Disney+ Day video revealing a brief glimpse of a grizzled and visibly older Fury alongside a decidedly more Skrull-like title card. The six-episode series wrapped production in April 2022. Soon after, Martin Freeman confirmed his character, Everett K. Ross, will also appear. Other actors appearing in the series include Kingsley Ben-Adir as Gravik, leader of the Skrull splinter cell, Carmen Ejogo and Killian Scott. During Marvel’s SDCC 2022 presentation, Smulders appeared on stage and referred to the program as “a darker show,” adding, “We’re going to see [Maria Hill and Nick Fury] in new ways.” The teaser screened at the event backed up her words by showing the two characters at odds and Fury unwilling to explain why he is the only person equipped to handle the Skrull threat. The teaser also confirmed reports that Don Cheadle would appear as Colonel James Rhodes. In February 2023, rumors began to surface indicating the series may be one of just two debuting on Disney+ in the coming year, but that it also must precede the release of the next film, The Marvels, for story reasons. In March, Disney confirmed the program will debut in June. Early the next month, the company unveiled a trailer (above) suggesting the program will be the most serious of the Disney+ Marvel shows to date.

How It Fits in the MCU: Picking up from Talos’s appearances in Captain Marvel and Spider-Man: Far From Home, the series will dramatize one of the possible MCU stories we’ve been talking about since the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame. As it turns out, Fury’s armada in Far From Home was meant to help the Skrulls find a world of their own. Sadly, the search has not gone well. Also, we suspect at least one character we’ve seen in a Disney+ series has been replaced with a Skrull.

The Marvels

Release Date: November 10, 2023

What We Know: In January 2020, Marvel reportedly hired WandaVision staff writer Megan McDonnell to begin drafting a sequel to Captain Marvel. Brie Larson soon set her return as Carol. In August of 2020, Candyman director Nia Costa took the director’s chair from the first film’s Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, who were never expected to return. At the 2020 Disney Investor Day presentation, Feige revealed Ms. Marvel star Iman Vellani and WandaVision’s Teyonah Parris (as the grown-up Monica Rambeau) were joining the cast, confirming the film will take place in the modern-day MCU. In a subsequent Phase 4 sizzle reel, it was revealed the film would be called The Marvels. In June of 2021, Park Seo Joon reportedly joined the production, which began that August with Kamala’s family from Ms. Marvel also joining the cast. Zawe Ashton also signed up to play the villainous Dar-Benn, a Kree of some stripe who brandishes some familiar objects. In October of 2021, the film was delayed to February 2023 in light of various scheduling changes and production delays around the whole Marvel operation. In April of 2022, it was once again delayed to July 2023, swapping spots with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Filming finally wrapped that May. In February of 2023, Disney once again moved the film’s release, this time to November. In April of 2023, Disney released the first teaser trailer for the film, giving a hint to some of the plot and Kamala’s newfound tendency to switch places with both Carol and Monica.

How It Fits in the MCU: Considering the continued cosmic emphasis post-Endgame, it is entirely possible The Marvels will follow-up on ideas from Guardians of the Galaxy and Eternals. But with both Kamala Khan and Parris’s grown-up Monica Rambeau joining Carol on this adventure, we know the film will feature Earth in some capacity — indeed, the final moments of Ms. Marvel put Carol planetside.

Echo (series)

Premiere Date: 2023 or 2024

What We Know: In March of 2021, word broke indicating Echo, who debuted in Disney+’s Hawkeye would get her own show. Etan Cohen and Emily Cohen serve as writers and executive producers of the series with Alaqua Cox reprising her role as the deaf assassin with a knack for picking up her opponents’ fighting styles. The story sees her leaving New York to reconnect with the Indigenous parts of her family. Of course, a new crisis interrupts that reunion. Marvel confirmed the series’ existence during the November 2021 Disney+ Day announcements and production began in May of 2022. The cast also includes Chaske Spencer, Tantoo Cardinal, Devery Jacobs, Cody Lightning, Graham Greene ,and Zahn McClarnon. Sydney Freeland and Catriona McKenzie are directing. In July of 2022, reports of Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio joining the program emerged, with a special note of Daredevil’s purpose in the series: looking for an old ally who might turn out to be Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter). The following February, reports surfaced indicating the series may be delayed to 2024 as Marvel and Disney reconsider the pace of the MCU. Alaqua Cox subsequently teased on Twitter the possibility of an October debut.

How It Fits in the MCU: Echo’s story continues on from the events of Hawkeye and, perhaps, straight into the designs of Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus). Echo’s mimicry sure seems like an asset she would want for her team. Also, considering the way she parted ways with her uncle, Wilson Fisk (D’Onofrio), it is a guarantee he will reappear in her life. In the comics, the character has appeared alongside Moon Knight and Daredevil, so her crossover potential is also pretty endless.

Loki Season 2 (series)

Premiere Date: 2023

What We Know: During the Disney Upfront presentation in May of 2022, Feige revealed the cast of Loki would soon reassemble to shoot the program’s second season. Tom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Sophia Di Martino, Eugene Cordero, and Wunmi Mosaku are all back as Loki faces whatever became of the Time Variance Authority after Sylvie (Di Martino) killed He Who Remains (Johnathan Majors). For the moment, we’re going to assume Majors will appear as a variant other than Kang or He Who Remains. One completely new presence in the series: Ke Huy Quan, who joined the series in the Fall of 2022. Eric Martin takes over as head writer from Michael Waldron while directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead (of Moon Knight‘s middle episodes) take the reigns from Kate Herron. In February of 2023, rumors surfaced suggesting the second season will be part of just two Marvel series to stream on Disney+ during the year. And with Secret Invasion debuting in June, it seems Loki‘s return will have to wait a little bit longer.

How It Fits in the MCU: With Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania adding a new wrinkle to Kang’s involvement in Phase 5, it is possible the variant whose statues now adorn the TVA will appear as a more benevolent being than even He Who Remains. Sure, it’s a long shot, but it is possible. What this would mean for Loki is anyone’s guess. Meanwhile, we still think Loki will discover the problem lurking between all possible realities and, perhaps, recruit his brother for aid.

Ironheart (series)


(Photo by © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, © Marvel Studios)

Premiere Date: 2023 or 2024

What We Know: Based on the character introduced into Marvel comics by Brian Michael Bendis and artist Mike Deodato (with a subsequent redesign by Eve Ewing and Kevin Libranda), Riri Williams (Dominque Thorne) is a robotics genius who builds a suit of armor more advanced than anything Tony Stark devised in his lifetime. She’ll probably need it as Tony left behind plenty of enemies who want control of his style of tech. In April of 2021, word broke indicating poet and Snowpiercer veteran Chinaka Hodge will serve as the program’s head writer and executive producer. The following February, Anthony Ramos joined the cast in a role that is both secret and compared to Jonathan Major’s debut in Loki while Lyric Ross also joined as Riri’s best friend. That April, Ryan Coogler’s Proximity production company signed on to produce while Blindspotting‘s Angela Barnes and Dear White People‘s Sam Bailey climbed aboard to direct. Additional cast members added in the summer of 2022 include Manny Montana, Shea Couleé, and Alden Ehrenreich in a key role. Although already filmed, reports in February of 2023 indicated the series may move to a 2024 release as Disney and Marvel seek to slow the output of both films and television.

How It Fits in the MCU: Riri debuted in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Considering she is one of the younger Marvel characters, we imagine she will cross paths with Kamala and Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) before too long. Also, with her connection to Stark, we imagine she will be part of the upcoming Armor Wars series in some fashion.

Agatha: Coven of Chaos (series)

Premiere Date: TBA

What We Know: The series will see Kathryn Hahn return as lovable witch Agatha Harkness. Presumably, she will have to find her way out of being nosy neighbor Agnes and then restore her powers for another fight with Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) — despite what happened to the Scarlet Witch in Multiverse of Madness. Or, maybe, this will finally be the show to introduce Mephisto. WandaVision’s Jac Schaeffer serves as head writer, so maybe the series will also lean on single-character spinoff shows like Rhoda and Frasier for inspiration. At the 2022 Comic-Con presentation, Feige unveiled the series’ proper title. In subsequent months, Emma Caulfeild, reprising her WandaVision role, Aubrey Plaza, and Joe Locke joined the cast. Other actors set to appear include Debra Jo Rupp (also returning as the character glimpsed in WandaVision), Patti LuPone, Sasheer Zamata, and Trey Sartorius. The latter will reportedly play a character named “Nate Richards” who may be very important to the Multiverse Saga. Directing duties are split between Schaeffer, Gandja Monteiro, and Rachel Goldberg. Production is currently underway.

How It Fits in the MCU: With Blade, Wanda’s experiences in MoM, and Werewolf By Night, the increasing horror elements making their way into the MCU may be best explored by someone cloaked in traditional witchy trappings. Agatha just happens to fit that description perfectly. Of course, the possibility of a Nate Richards appearance also means the series will have Multiversal implications.

Daredevil: Born Again (series)

Premiere Date: Spring 2024

What We Know: Although Charlie Cox teased knowing “some things” Marvel had in store for his character during interviews following his Spider-Man: No Way Home cameo, it was unclear if this meant further guest appearances or a return to fulltime duty as the Daredevil of Hell’s Kitchen. It seems it will be the latter with word finally breaking in mid-May 2022 that Marvel Studios is indeeed developing a Daredevil series for Disney+. The Enemy Within‘s Matt Corman and Chris Ord will reportedly serve as executives producers on the program, which is described as both a new iteration of Daredevil and continuing from stories told in the Netflix series. Cox will return as Matt Murdoch, as will Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk. At the moment, though, it is still unclear if Elden Henson, Deborah Ann Woll, or Wilson Bethel will return as their respective characters. One thing we’re pretty sure of, though, D’Onofrio’s Kingpin was Bliped and between the Echo series and Daredevil, he may have ample time to re-establish his empire and his beef with Matt. At the 2022 Comic-Con presentation, Feige also mentioned the series will be Marvel Studios’ first 18-episode production. Michael Gandolfini, Margarita Levieva, and Sandrine Holt joined the cast in December of 2022. The following month, Nikki M. James also joined up while Arrowverse veterans Jill Blakenship and Grainne Godfree became part of the writing staff. Their hiring reinforces comments made by Feige about making some of the Marvel shows more episodic. In March of 2023, reports surfaced indicating Jon Bernthal will return as The Punisher, but both Henson and Woll are not expected to return — it is unclear if their characters will be featured with new actors. One part definitely recast, though, is Fisk’s wife Vanessa; Holt takes over the role from Ayelet Zurer of the Netflix-era series. Additionally, veteran Homeland director Michael Cuesta will helm the first episode and Arty Froushan will appear as Harry, an unconfirmed but reportedly pivotal role.

How It Fits in the MCU: Unlike the other Marvel Studios television projects, Daredevil is unique as it will cannonize stories that, while meant to be part of the MCU, always felt a universe or two away. Will it bring the other Defenders back as well? With 18-episode worth of time to fill, there may be a chance for the other street level heroes to chart their own new status quos in the MCU.

Captain America: New World Order

Poster for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

(Photo by ©Marvel Studios)

Release Date: May 3, 2024

What We Know: Immediately following the final episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, news broke of series writers Malcom Spellman and Dalan Musson beginning work on a script for the fourth Captain America film. It will continue with Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie, who closed his deal to star in August of 2021) as Cap and how he fulfills the role in a world still recovering from the Blip. Perhaps it will also address his connection to the Avengers (or what’s left of them). In July 2022, The Cloverfield Paradox‘s Julius Onah emerged as the film’s director. Feige subsequently revealed the film’s title and release date at the 2022 Comic-Con presentation. At the D23 Expo the following September, Feige confirmed The Incredible Hulk‘s Tim Blake Nelson will return as The Leader and in the proceeding weeks, Disney confirmed a persistent rumor that Harrison Ford would replace the late William Hurt as recurring MCU character Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross. In February of 2023, Marvel revealed Ross will be the President of the United States in the film. The next month, Liv Tyler signed to return as Ross’s daughter, Betty — a role she has not played since 2008’s The Incredible Hulk.

How It Fits in the MCU: With Sam firmly established as the new Captain America and the announced changes in GRC policy going forward, shows like Secret Invasion and Ironheart will presumably pick up the geopolitical threads and establish at least part of the crisis Sam will need to resolve in his first feature film as Cap. Also, is it possible for either of those shows to occur without Sam making an appearance?


Release Date: July 26, 2024

What We Know: In June of 2022, Deadline reported Robot & Frank‘s Jake Schreier will direct a Thunderbolts film — the project itself proving to be something of a surprise. Eric Pearson was writing the script based on the Marvel team of anti-heroes, but Beef creator Lee Sung Jin replaced him in March 2023. In the comic book original premise, Baron Zemo assembled a group of villains to masquerade as a superhero team and supplant the Avengers. But once Zemo’s true plan was revealed, the Thunderbolts became a squad with a more flexible immorality. During the D23 Expo in September of 2023, Feige revealed the team’s roster: Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine, Ghost (Hannah John-Kamen), Red Guardian (David Harbour), Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh), Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), US Agent (Wyatt Russell), and Taskmaster (Olga Kurylenko ). Ford will also appear as Ross. In January of 2023, Ayo Edebiri joined the cast with Steven Yeun signing up a month later.

How It Fits in the MCU: Beyond the possibility of Zemo (Daniel Brühl) secretly organizing an Avengers all his own, the notion of a Thunderbolts in the MCU seems tailor-made to explain the appearances and behavior of the Contessa. Also: will they be called upon to truly replace the Avengers when Kang (or some other Thanos-level antagonist) finally makes good on their threat? Considering the film calendar Feige revealed at Comic-Con, we have to wonder if the Thunderbolts will utterly fail, forcing a new Avengers to form.



(Photo by © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, © Marvel Studios)

Release Date: September 6, 2024

What We Know: Feige stunned the 2019 Comic-Con crowd by announcing Mahershala Ali will be the MCU’s version of Blade. Although so much about the eventual film is still fluid, some things are starting to come into shape with Stacy Osei-Kuffour signing up to write the project and Feige admitting it will be a PG-13 affair. In July of 2021, word broke indicating Bassam Tariq will direct the picture. In November of 2021, Delroy Lindo emerged as the second person cast for the film. Although it is unclear who he will play, the internet quickly seized on the possibility of Jamal Afari, Blade’s mentor in the comics who was revamped into Whistler for the first Blade film trilogy. The following February, Aaron Pierre joined the cast in an unknown role. The depature of Tariq in the Fall of 2022 not only delayed the film, but several others down the production calendar. In late September that year, Lovecraft Country‘s Yann Demange emerged as the new director with Michael Starrbury writing a new script. In April of 2023, Mia Goth joined the cast and, later that month, True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto took on writing duties with production expected to begin in late May. But with the onset of the Writers’ Guild Strike on May 2, it is unclear if Pizzolatto’s draft was completed or if production can commence without him. Additionally, with directors and actors potentially joining the writers on the picket lines when their work agreements end on June 30, it is possible Blade will once again be delayed.

How It Fits in the MCU: While the MCU is a realm of science, mysticism, cosmic entities, and traditional street crime, it lacks for genuine monsters. Emerging from Marvel Comics’ The Tomb of Dracula, Blade will no doubt be our guide into a darker corner of the MCU where one finds things that go bump in the night. Luckily, he’s pretty good with a sword and can vanquish them with relative ease. Of course, the literal demons of the Marvel Universe may present more of a challenge. In terms of a more concrete connection to the MCU, the character made a disembodied appearance in Eternals, stopping Dane Whitman (Kit Harrington) from embracing his destiny and, seemingly, adding the character to Blade’s corner of the Marvel Universe.

Deadpool 3

Deadpool 3 logo

(Photo by @VancityReynolds)

Release Date: November 8, 2024

What We Know: With the news that former Bob’s Burgers writers Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin and Wendy Molyneux are scripting the third film in the funny X-related franchise, any number of things could happen. But we think the film will serve as the introduction of the X-Men in a roundabout way. Consider Deadpool’s (Ryan Reynolds) fourth-wall–breaking abilities and how they could be used to make him the only person cognizant that a fundamental change occurred around him. His quest to understand what happened and why his life is different could form an interesting story – particularly if it is built around finding the formerly dead Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) or discovering she never existed in his new reality. Although concrete plot details are unknown, Feige admitted in early 2021 that the film was in development and will be R-rated, but production would not begin for some time. In March 2022, Free Guy and The Adam Project director Shawn Levy agreed to direct the picture. Deadpool and Deadpool 2 writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick also returned at that time to further develop the script. Then, in late September of 2022, Reynolds himself took to Twitter to release a brief teaser for the next Deadpool film in which he confesses he has no idea what to do for the character’s third outing… aside from asking Hugh Jackman to return to play Wolverine “one more time.” The teaser ends with the announcement of a September 6, 2024 release date. Disney subsequently pushed that date to November 2024. In February of 2023, The Crown‘s Emma Corrin signed on as the film’s antagonist. The next month, Succession‘s Matthew Macfayden also joined the cast. That May, Rob Delany elected to return in his Deadpool 2 role as Peter, the completely human member of X-Force.

How It Fits in the MCU: As it will be the first R-rated MCU film, it sort of doesn’t. That may be part of the point, though, as we now think most of the Phase 6 films will take place in other realities (provided the film counts as a Phase 6 story). Although, we can’t help but think the incursion Clea (Charlize Theron) and Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) are heading off to fight might be centered around Wade and his sudden appearance in the MCU.


It was revealed at the SDCC 2022 presentation that Phase Six would begin with Fantastic Four and conclude with a two-part Avengers series sprwaling into 2026, although the September release date of Deadpool 3 may have shuffled things around just a bit. Considering it will be the culmination of the Multiverse Saga, we expect some of these films will takes place in other realties than the prime MCU. Also, considering how full the calendar is already, there may only be two additional films — and possibily a fourth Spider-Man — announced, developed, and released before the saga ends.

But beyond the saga are a number of reported television projects that have yet to take any real form. We are listing them below the Avengers films until such time as they become real and join the Phase Six schedule.

Fantastic Four

Fantastic 4

(Photo by )

Release Date: February 14, 2025

What We Know: At the 2019 Comic-Con, Feige merely mentioned he “ran out of time” to discuss the Fantastic Four or mutants. While both concepts will eventually make their way into the MCU, we expected that integrating Marvel’s first family will be the priority. Like many on the internet have suggested, placing them in the 1960s during their first film – but making the world forget about them for decades – is an elegant way to introduce them and acknowledge their absence all this time. In that context, they also serve as a great replacement for the similarly time-lost Steve Rogers (Chris Evans). In December of 2020, Marvel announced Spider-Man: Far From Home director Jon Watts would helm the project, but then announced his departure in April 2022, just a week or so shy of John Kransinski making a cameo as Reed Richards in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Some expected him to direct the movie. The actor did not appear at the 2022 Comic-Con presentation and Feige said little else about the film beyond its release date and place as the Phase 6 opener. At the subsequent D23 Expo, he confirmed WandaVision‘s Matt Shakman would direct the film. Shortly thereafter, Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer signed on to write the script. In March of 2022, Avatar: The Way of Water‘s Josh Friedman signed on to write a new draft of the script.

How It Fits in the MCU: The Fantastic Four bring with them a surprisingly robust rouges gallery. To be honest, we’re a little more excited to see Doctor Doom, Annihilus, and Galactus make their MCU introductions than the Richards clan – although, Kang’s involvement in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania means the family will ultimately be important. And now that we know this is the Multiverse Saga, we have to wonder if the film (and the bulk of the Phase 6 films) will take place outside the MCU.

Armor Wars

Armor Wars

(Photo by © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, © Marvel Studios)

Release Date: TBA

What We Know: According to Feige, Armor Wars will be Tony Stark’s “worst fears come to life” as bad actors get ahold of some Iron Man tech. Only Colonel James Rhodes (Don Cheadle) – a.k.a. War Machine – will be in a position to stop them. In August of 2021, Black Monday’s Yassir Lester emerged as the series’ head writer. Production was expected to start in late 2022 and as the series was not mentioned at all during the SDCC 2022 presentation, Lester took to his Instagram stories to clarify that it is still happening. Marvel and Disney subsequently announced the project would be a film instead with Lester staying on to write the script.

How It Fits in the MCU: Cheadle, of course, has played Rhodey since Iron Man 2 and survived terrible color schemes for his armor, the crushing of his legs, and the Blip. So he’s well-placed to defend Tony’s technology. Also, we can’t help but think Ironheart will show up to offer him some aid.

Shang-Chi 2


(Photo by ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.)

Release Date: TBA

What We Know: Early in December of 2021, reports suggested director Destin Daniel Cretton will return to helm a Shang-Chi sequel and develop other projects for Disney and Marvel. Presumably, Simu Liu and Awkwafina will return as Shang-Chi and Katy with Meng’er Zhang continuing to rebuild the Ten Rings as Xialing. We also imagine Wong (Bendict Wong) will appear in some capacity, as the signal Shang-Chi’s Ten Rings are sending into space will lead something to Earth. Of course, readers of the Gene Luen Yang-written Shang-Chi comic book may wonder if, perhaps, the Five Weapons Society will also be introduced. But with word that Cretton will direct the next Avengers film (more below), it is possible the Shang-Chi sequel will end up on the back burner for some time.

How It Fits in the MCU: The signal broadcasting into space is the big one here. Will it attract a dragon-like alien race to the epicenter of the Blip? Is it the thing Nick Fury has been preparing for? Or is it a huge diversion while the Ten Rings organization returns to prominence in the criminal underworld? And speaking of Xialing’s future as a crime boss, she will no doubt face opponents like Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) and Kingpin in her quest to be more successful than her late father.

Spider-Man 4

Tom Holland in Spider-Man: No Way Home

(Photo by Matt Kennedy/©Sony Pictures Releasing)

Release Date: TBA

What We Know: Mere hours into Spider-Man: No Way Home’s theatrical run, Feige confirmed Marvel Studios and Sony are already developing a fourth MCU Spider-Man film. Indeed, No Way Home producer Amy Pascal indicated in early December of 2021 that a second trilogy was in the works, but Sony Pictures CEO Tom Rothman walked that back at the film’s Los Angeles premiere. And yet, the conclusion of No Way Home makes it clear Peter Parker (Tom Holland) has a part to play in the phases to come. In the meantime, of course, he still needs to clear Spider-Man’s name and get some vestige of his life back. Also, there is that piece of Venom left behind in Mexico … In February of 2023, Feige confirmed Marvel has a story in mind for a fourth film, but offered little else.

How It Fits in the MCU: Bear with us as we speculate wildly. The Venom symbiote may be a long-game thing, waiting in the wings until Avengers: Secret Wars – in honor of the comic book event title of the same name in which Peter first received the black spider-suit – so Spider-Man 4 could concern itself with a hero trying to re-establish his cred in a New York filled with Hawkeyes, Daredevils, and the Fantastic Four. In fact, a cinematic re-creation of The Amazing Spider-Man #1 (in which Peter tries to join the FF) would be an amazing starting point. Also, it is always possible he’ll find organized crime kingpin Wilson Fisk as his new opponent. One other thing to consider: as Sony is in charge of Spider-Man release dates, this project will have to fit in between the other Phase 6 ambitions. Also, it could end up pushed to Phase 7.

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty

Premiere Date: May 2, 2025

What We Know: The fifth Avengers film will presumably set up the endgame of The Multiverse Saga. Also, judging by the name, it will likely see Kang in charge of everything. On July 26, 2022, word broke indicating Destin Daniel Cretton will direct the film. That September, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania writer Jeff Loveness signed on to craft the script. During the press tour for Quantumania, he teased the film will be a “bloodbath” and inspire the next generation of Avengers.

How It Fits in the MCU: Considering the number of times Kang mentioned starting a “dynasty” in Quantumania, the film will likely see him accomplishing that goal. But with the next Avengers film scheduled a year after The Kang Dynasty‘s release, we wonder if some additional Phase 6 stories will be told during his reign.

Avengers: Secret Wars

Premiere Date: May 1, 2026

What We Know: The sixth Avengers film will conclude Phase 6 and The Multiverse Saga. The title also offers a few clues as Marvel Comics has published two epic stories with that name. The first saw heroes and villains transported to Battleworld so the Beyonder could watch them fight. The second saw some heroes remembering how their world was before various incursions collapsed it and plotting against Doctor Doom, the unquestioned master of all reality, to restore the universe they loved. Also, Spider-Man Miles Morales joined the mainstream Marvel Comics Universe in the aftermath. In October 2022, Loki‘s Michael Waldron signed on to write the script, but Marvel has yet to find a director.

How It Fits in the MCU: No matter how Kang’s rule of the universe ends, we expect the MCU will look fairly different afterward. Oh, and the post-credit scene — if one happens — would be the perfect moment to reprise the X-Men animated series theme again.

Wonder Man (series)

Premiere Date: TBA

What We Know: Initially an untitled series tied to Cretton’s overall deal with Disney, news broke in June of 2022 that the project is, indeed, a Disney+ show centering on Wonder Man. At first a villain, the character saw the error of his ways (after dying, of course) and eventually joined the Avengers as a member in good standing. Also of note: his brain patterns were utilized to create Vision in the comics. Andrew Guest will serve as head writer on the program with Cretton acting as an executive producer. He may also direct a few episodes provided it does not conflict with his Avengers commitments. In October of 2022, Aquaman‘s Yahya Abdul-Mateen II emerged as the star of the series with Ben Kingsley also signing on to play in-universe actor Trevor Slattery once again. Additional cast includes MindhuntersLauren Glazier. In February of 2023, The Photograph‘s Stella Meghie emerged as one of the program’s episode directors. That March, Demetrius Grosse joined the series as Eric Williams, Simon’s brother and eventual coma-inducing Marvel villain Grim Reaper.

How It Fits in the MCU: Presuming he ends up debuting in Phase 6, Wonder Man could help resolve the mystery of White Vision (Paul Bettany) and, perhaps, aid him in integrating all his memories. But as Wonder Man’s civilian identity is an actor, there may also be another chance to illustrate what movies look like in the MCU.

Ryan Coogler’s Wakanda-Set Television Series (series)

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Premiere Date: TBA

What We Know: As part of an overall deal with Disney, Black Panther director Ryan Coogler will develop and produce a series set in Wakanda. It is unclear if it will tell more tales of the country’s past or expand on ideas and characters seen in the film and its sequel. Beyond its setting, nothing else is known.

How It Fits in the MCU: Presuming it is set after Wakanda Forver, it may be a story about rebuilding after the events of the film.

Untitled Okoye Series

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Premiere Date: TBA

What We Know: In late May of 2021, word broke indicating Danai Gurira will lead a Disney+ spinoff detailing Okoye’s rise through the Dora Milaje ranks. This project appears to be an additional Wakanda concept beyond the one Coogler is developing.

How It Fits in the MCU: A focus on Okoye – and the other Dora Milaje for that matter – offers untold possibilities for story and further exploration of Wakanda. It could also strengthen her ties to characters beyond its borders. Of course, if it tells an ongoing story following the events of Wakanda Forever, it could see the character grappling with becoming more of a traditional superhero.

Untitled Scarlett Johansson Production

Release Date: TBA

What We Know: During a November 2021 American Cinematheque award ceremony in Scarlett Johansson’s honor, Feige let slip that the Black Widow star will be producing a project for Marvel Studios. Characterizing it as “top secret,” the studio chief also said the production will have nothing to do with Black Widow.

Johansson’s involvement with Marvel is somewhat surprising, as she sued Disney over the Disney+ premiere of Black Widow earlier that year. Although such suits are not uncommon, there seemed to be an unusual level of animosity between Disney and Johansson’s team – in the press, at least. But with the matter resolved, it seems Johansson will still take part in Marvel’s future endeavors.

How It Fits in the MCU: Since this is a “top secret” project, anything is on the table – including a film version of A-Force, the all-female Avengers team. Also, although we’re listing this as a movie project, it is also possible this will be a Disney+ series.


Release Date: TBA

What We Know: In March of 2022, Moon Knight‘s Sabir Pirzada was reportedly devloping a project based on Marvel Comics’ Nova, centering on a member of  the Nova Corps, the yellow-clad space cops seen in Guardians of the Galaxy. At the time of the initial report, it was unclear if Nova would be a film or Disney+ series. In either case, it would follow a human who recives enhanced abilities upon joining the corps. Last Fall, reports inidcated the project was evolving into a Marvel Special Presentation like Werewolf by Night, but with Disney and Marvel rethinking its release strategy, it is possible Nova will have to wait for quite some time.

How It Fits in the MCU: Should it become a reality, Nova could take the place of Guardians as the key window into Marvel’s intergalactic happenings.

Vision Quest (series)

Premiere Date: TBA

What We Know: In October of 2022, reports surfaced of a potential series staring Paul Bettany as the White Vision featured in WandaVision and his struggle to regain the memories the Hex Vision imparted to him. WandaVision and Agatha head writer Jac Schaeffer reportedly supervised a writers room last Fall, but it is unclear if the project is still moving forward, particulary with Disney and Marvel looking to slow down development of the slate.

How It Fits in the MCU: If the program goes foward, it really only has one objective: restore Vision in time for the fight against Kang. Then, maybe, it will be time to deal with Wanda, who we believe to be very much alive.


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May 3, 2024 – Captain America: New World Order

July 26, 2024 – Thunderbolts

September 6, 2024 – Blade

November 8, 2024 – Deadpool 3

February 14, 2025 – Fantastic Four

May 2, 2025 – Avengers: The Kang Dynasty

November 7, 2025 — Untitled Marvel Film (Our Guess: Armor Wars)

May 1, 2026 – Avengers: Secret Wars

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