Friday Harvest: Let Me In pics, Devil video and more

The week's best pictures, videos, and posters!

by | September 10, 2010 | Comments

Happy Friday Harvest, a weekly round-up of the

best pictures, posters, and videos that have become available for

viewing/download on Rotten Tomatoes. Each section features the favorite or most

interesting item we’ve

added for the week, along with several other new highlights. Enjoy!


Picture Gallery of the Week:

The Virginity Hit

I’m disappointed by this movie’s rotten Tomatometer since it looks to

have potential. On the other hand, a lot of my favorite writers have given

this a fresh review (A.V. Club, James Berardinelli) and even the infamously

tough Slant Magazine has given it a pass.. 

Browse the gallery.

More New Pictures


Morning Glory

Legend of the Guardians


Me In




Posters of the Week:

Let Me In

As reprehensible as it is to remake an awesome movie that’s not even five

years old, it’s kinda hard to not pay attention to the going-ons of Let

Me In..  View the poster.

More New Posters

Love and

Other Drugs






Next Three Days


Video of the Week:

Devil clips

It’s fun to clown on M. Night Shyamalan, for sure, but what happens when

his next project looks decent? He’s only a producer on Devil so maybe

we’ll see some tightly-plotted horror here.

Watch the video.

More New Videos

Wall Street

Love and Other Drugs


The Illusionist

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