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Loki Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, Cast & More

Marvel just announced an October season 2 premiere date for Loki. Here's what else you should know about the series' return.

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When Marvel Studios first announced its collaboration with Disney+ to produce television shows, the first three projects — WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Loki — were all proposed as limited series. The proposal certainly made sense as each program featured major Marvel Cinematic Universe stars who needed the most flexible commitments. The first two shows stuck to this plan as their stories continued (or will continue) in Marvel films, but Loki surprised viewers when it announced in the closing of moments of what turned out to be season 1 that it would return. And considering where Loki Laufeyson (Tom Hiddleston) ended up, the story definitely needed to continue.

And then, of course, things went quiet for a time. Key creatives moved on, other Marvel films and television shows grabbed fans’ attention, and Loki quietly soldiered on. But with the news in mid-May that the program will be back this October, we thought it was finally time to open our Time Variance Authority files and take a look at everything we know about Loki’s second season and how it ties to the grander MCU tapestry. Join us as we take stock of Loki’s current predicament, the likelihood of his adversary being someone new despite being familiar, and what it means for everyone’s favorite mischief-maker to start again.

Where Did We Leave Off in Loki?

Owen Wilson and Tom Hiddleston in Loki

Owen Wilson and Tom Hiddleston in Loki season 1 (Photo by Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel Studios)

In the first season, the variant Loki from Avengers: Endgame who absconded from the Battle of New York with the Tesseract soon found himself scooped up by the Time Variance Authority, an organization that operated outside of time to make sure such aberrations to the Sacred Timeline were stamped out or, as it turned out, made to work for their cause. But just as Loki became their guest, another variant Loki — known as Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) — was also causing trouble for the TVA. One middle-level caseworker, Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson), decided the best way to catch a Loki was to use another Loki, even one still burdened by his “glorious purpose.”

Jonathan Majors as He Who Remains in Loki season 1

Jonathan Majors as He Who Remains in Loki season 1 (Photo by Marvel Studios)

And then every collapsed as it turned out the TVA was a front for He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors), a supergenius who developed the Sacred Timeline to prevent devastating war between the various realities of the Multiverse. That it left him in charge was merely a by-product, of course. But when Sophie recommitted to her original purpose, He Who Remains lived no longer and the Sacred Timeline reconfigured back into the Multiverse giving characters like Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), Spider-Man (Tom Holland), and She-Hulk (Tatiana Maslany) so many problems.

For Loki, though, it meant a return to a TVA where former friends like Mobius now regarded him as a stranger and the organization was more closely affiliated with someone who looks an awful lot like He Who Remains. Or, at least, the statues strewn about the office sure seemed to suggest that notion.

The second season will see Loki attempting to reignite his friendship with Mobius while also trying to convince him that the TVA’s new boss is both the old boss and something much worse. Both are part of what Hiddleston called a fight for the TVA’s very soul. But then, what does the appearance of a Victorian inventor named Victor Timely — as teased in the final Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania stinger — have to do with Loki’s new battle?

Where Is Loki Season 2 Set?

Jonathan Majors in Loki season 1

Jonathan Majors in Loki season 1 (Photo by Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel Studios)

The main setting of the series will continue to be the TVA, although it is yet to be seen just how different it will be under the stewardship of a different He Who Remains variant. One thing that will stay the same is its cool mid-20th Century aesthetic with partially analogue technology, luxurious seating, and main thoroughfares anyone who has ever visited the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Atlanta will recognize on sight.

And just as the first season visited various time periods and doomed civilizations, it’s safe to assume Loki, Mobius, and the rest of the TVA will enjoy free travel throughout the Multiverse. That possibility could lead to some interesting settings and, perhaps, a few unexpected cameos. But as this is still Loki’s show, expect these locales to have something personal for him. We might even see a universe where he grew up as Laufey’s son in Jotunheim. One place we definitely know Loki is headed: Victorian England to convince Mobius that Victor Timely is the big bad they’ve been looking for.

Meanwhile, one wonders if a newfound opportunity to travel that widely means Loki will finally reveal himself to Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and seek in his aid in the trouble to come. As it turns out, the program is a crucial part of the overall Multiverse Saga and, at some point, Loki needs to share what he knows with the heroes. Whether or not they believe him will be up for debate, though.

Who Stars in Season 2 of Loki?

Sophia Di Martino and Tom Hiddleston in LOKI season 1, episode 6

Sophia Di Martino and Tom Hiddleston in Loki season 1 (Photo by Marvel Studios)

Hiddleston returns as the new favorite Loki. In fact, despite the existence of variants who look different, it would be hard for the show to continue without him. Also returning is Wilson as jet ski enthusiast Mobius. Their dynamic was one of the great surprises of the first season and though circumstances reset their relationship, we expect Loki’s attempts to get his friend back will prove entertaining.

And though the star is the favorite Loki, the other favorite Loki, Di Martino’s Sylvie, will also be back. It’s unclear what she’ll be up to this season, though, as she fulfilled her purpose in killing He Who Remains. Will she find a new goal or just flutter around the Multiverse as aimlessly as Loki did for a time in the old Sacred Timeline? Perhaps that ennui will lead her into another alliance with the title character. According to Hiddleston, Loki and Sylvie have had some discussion about her actions in the season 1 finale, but it is currently unclear when or how this transpired.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw Ravonna Renslayer in Loki

Gugu Mbatha-Raw in a poster for Loki season 1 (Photo by Marvel Studios)

Other returning cast include Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Ravonna Renslayer — the TVA judge who fled for parts unknown when her understanding of the universe unraveled — Wunmi Mosaku as Hunter B-15, Tara Strong as the voice of Miss Minutes, and Eugene Cordero as lovable TVA staffer Casey/Hunter K-5E. Richard E. Grant will also reportedly make another appearance as the comic book inspired “Classic Loki.”

Additionally, Majors will also be returning in some capacity. Although, it was unclear for some time which of He Who Remains’ variants or even how many he would play. As season 1 drew to a close, many presumed the statues suddenly adorning the TVA indicated Kang, but as Quantumania revealed, there are many Kangs in the Multiverse and not all of them go by that name. Some other identities include Immortus, Rama-Tut, and Victor Timely.

The last identity, thanks to his brief appearance in the Quantumania stinger pulled directly from Loki’s second season, is the one confirmed variant we know we’ll be seeing. But even in that, there are questions: Is Victor Timely Kang’s original identity? Is it another cover for a different variant? Is it the Kang seemingly killed in Quantumania hiding out? Or is it one of the multitudes glimpsed in the film’s mid-credit stinger? Although embattled with legal troubles that may end his future as Marvel’s current principal antagonist, Majors’ great strength as the Kangs seen so far was his ability to give them different personalities. Presumably, Victor Timely will also differentiate himself until a key moment of revelation or evolution.

A few new people will also join the cast: Ke Huy Quan, Rafael Casal, and Kate Dickie. Quan — who knows a thing or two about Multiverses — plays a TVA archivist. The roles of the latter two are, naturally enough, obscured in the mists of Marvel’s tendency to deny everything until a time they consider the most opportune. Casal’s role is said to be major, while Dickie is rumored to take on a villainous part.

Who’s Producing and Directing Season 2 of Loki?

Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson

Directors Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson at the Hollywood premiere of Moon Knight in March 2022 (Photo by Valerie Macon/AFP via Getty Images)

Leading further credence to Loki’s original purpose as a limited series were the departures of season 1 head writer Michael Waldron and director Kate Herron shortly after the second season was confirmed. Herron stated her intention was to only be involved in the program for one season, while Waldron’s commitments to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, a now-defunct Star Wars project Lucasfilm denies ever existed, and Avengers: Secret Wars (the Avengers film meant to cap off the Multiverse Saga), new writing leadership was needed. Eric Martin, a writer on the first season, soon emerged as Waldron’s replacement.

Taking Herron’s place are the director duo of Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead. The pair helmed the middle chapters of Moon Knight and are also known for The Endless and the VHS: Viral segment called “Bonestorm.” Before shooting the season in the summer and fall of 2022, they were said to be excited to explore another of Marvel’s outcasts.

Executive producers include Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige and Waldron. In other production roles are director of photography Isaac Bauma (a veteran of Channel Zero and Servant), and the first season’s editor Paul Zucker and composer Natalie Holt.

When Does Season 2 of Loki Premiere?

Tom Hiddleston in Loki variant character poster

Tom Hiddleston in Loki variant character poster (Photo by Marvel Studios)

Loki returns on Friday, October 6 for a second six-episode run. It is, of course, unclear if the series will return for a third year, but we expect that to be spelled out in the final moments of the last season 2 episode, scheduled to stream on Friday, November 10. The series finale will be closely followed by the premiere of Hawkeye spin-off Echo on Wednesday, November 29.

What Is the Rotten Tomatoes Score for Loki?

Season 1 of Loki is Certified Fresh at 92% on the Tomatometer. It is currently unknown when the review embargo lifts for season 2 of Loki, but reviews for season 1 did not begin appearing until Tuesday, June 8, 2021, one day before the June 9 series premiere.

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