Early Buzzings of a "Superman" Sequel

by | October 27, 2006 | Comments

So now that it’s been established that "Superman Returns" was a "hit," but certainly no sort of "mega-hit," we can now start talking about sequels. And it looks like director Bryan Singer might have a smaller budget than previously planned.

From IGN Movies: "The IESB.net website is reporting that a second film in the newly relaunched franchise is now officially "go." The site claims that Singer has just reached an agreement with Warners and that the movie will get underway next fall.

The catch is apparently that Singer’s $260 million budget on the first film has been sliced and diced. The follow-up flick, which will reportedly feature more action than the first, may have a budget in the $140-$175 million range.

The website adds that Superman will have the "battle of his life" in the sequel while facing off with "one of the ultimate baddies" in the DC Comics universe."

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