Dimension Sends "Saw II" Helmer To "Wichita"

by | March 17, 2006 | Comments

"Saw II" director Darren Lynn Bousman has been tapped to helm new thriller "Wichita" for Dimension Films.

Bousman, who is also attached to direct the sequel to his previous sequel, "Saw III," will direct "Wichita" from a script by newbie writer Scott Milam. The plot details are a bit vague, but the pic will definitely join Dimension’s horror library.

From Variety: "Mark Burg and Oren Koules will produce "Wichita," a thriller about an unthinkable crime that destroys the lives of eight characters.

"What’s terrifying about this story is that it’s based in reality and could happen to anyone," Milam said. "It’s a slice of Americana gone bad and getting worse.""

New-ish director Bousman took over the "Saw" franchise from original director James Wan, and co-scripted the sequel with creator Leigh Whannell. "Saw" became a gory hit despite a score of only 45% on the Tomatometer; the Bousman-infused "Saw II" performed a bit worse, with a Tomatometer of 35%.