DC Comics Chief Discusses "Wonder Woman" Delays

by | June 14, 2006 | Comments

When a movie takes three or four years to get off the ground, it’s often seen as a problematic project, but that theory doesn’t always hold true for superhero flicks. DC Comics prez Paul Levitz recently had an illuminating conversation with Canmag.com, and he explained why these super-flicks sometimes take forever to get into production.

From Canmag.com: "I can’t emphasize enough how normal it is for these projects to take forever. The gap between signing the contract for "Superman I" and the film coming out was six years. The gap between signing the contract that led to the first Tim Burton "Batman" movie and the film was nine and a half years. The gap between the last of the first cycle of "Batman" films and "Batman Begins" was nine years I think. It was about 9 or 10 years since we got the Superman film rights back into Warner Brothers before we got this one going. For whatever set of reasons, and it’s not just us, "Spider-Man" was a worse mess than we’ve ever seen in terms of the business maneuvers that it took to get it done. By their nature these are big and complex things to put together. You don’t build them fast."

Mr. Levitz also informs us that Joss Whedon is very nearly finished his "Wonder Woman" script. Obviously we’ll be bringing you a lot more info on this project as word comes in.

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