Day of the Dead Remake Mixes Old and New

by | November 7, 2006 | Comments

The "Dawn of the Dead" remake revolutionized George A. Romero’s creation by making the zombies fast running monsters. Now Hollywood has decided to remake "Day of the Dead," but there might be more variety to the zombies, says star Nick Cannon.

“It’s a little of both,” Cannon told Rotten Tomatoes. “There’s a lot of the fast speed zombies but then there’s like the slower ones.”

Though it is a remake of Romero’s third zombie film, this version is a standalone story. “There is no storyline connection but obviously it’s another George A Romero remake. Ving Rhames is in this one as well, as a different character.”

The new "Day of the Dead" will still portray the character Bud, a rehabilitated zombie in a military lab. “There is a Bud character. It’s developed a little differently though but it’s definitely that character of the good zombie is in the film.”

Cannon himself won’t reveal whether he gets to stumble around chomping on flesh. “I can’t tell you. I don’t start off as a zombie.”

"Day of the Dead" is scheduled for 2007.